Monday, August 4, 2008

Weekend happenings

The weather word for the weekend was Hot. It was really HOT at the market and sales were really slow. There were very few people there and most of them were just looking. It makes for a long day when the heat index is over 105 degrees and we aren’t making any money. The good news though is that we are into August already so it won’t be too long before it starts to get cooler again. Maybe some cooler weather will get people wanting to spend money again. And what about those cheap gas prices. Whoooo Hoooooo. Gas is down to 3.75 a gallon. Happy days are here again. Don’t put away that “Will work for Gas” sign quite yet.

In case anyone is wondering, I am available for hire. I am not currently looking for a job, at least not aggressively but if the right job comes along I will take it. I am looking for something in the 8 am to noon range that pays over 100K a year. Of course I will need about 30 days paid vacation a year and a healthy bonus for showing up to work when I feel like it. A nice computer with internet access goes without saying. Oh and a great view would be nice too. Something that overlooks a park, a lake or a nice swimming pool would be a nice touch. Please let me know if you have something like that available. It never hurts to ask does it? Resume available upon request.

Have you heard the slogan “no child left behind” I think we already left a few behind here in SC but that is water under the bridge. I think it is time for a Southern English lesson. These aren’t the exact phrases I heard but I did hear the actual use of these forms of the word SEE. Let’s start with the basics: (I see, I saw, I have seen)

Good example:

I see a kitten. Yesterday I saw a kitten. I have seen a kitten before. Have you?

Bubba example:

I seed you ain’t ate all your taters. Mind if I have em? I seent you kissing Bubba yesterday. I know I learnt you better n to kiss in public even if he is your cousin. The preacher said you was seed smokin at the church picnic last week. Bobbie Sue, don’t you know smoking is bad for you when you is pregnant? I jest don’t know what they is teaching people in the 10th grade these days. Let me know if anyone needs a translation.

Breaking news story:

“Woman gets fined 1250.00 for letting her dog get stolen.”

Here is the story. I will leave out names and descriptions because the jury is still out on this case.

This friend of mine has this really nice dog that she intends to breed one day. Because of this, the dog isn’t neutered. She lives out in the country like we do. The dog turned up missing. Someone reported seeing it at a neighbor’s house where some construction was in progress. A day later she finds the dog at the local pound. They said they picked the dog up about 15 miles from where we live and on a totally different island. Coincidently some of the construction workers live in this same neighborhood. This was not a dog that had strayed before. So the people at the pound tell her that she either has to have the dog neutered or pay 250.00. She wasn’t planning on raising puppies for profit. She only wanted to have one litter. Then they slap a 1000.00 fine on her for letting the dog escape in the first place. Had she reported to the police that the dog was stolen, she wouldn’t have had to pay the fine.

And finally, I need your opinion on something.

A while back I mentioned that I wrote some nice emails about some great workers that I dealt with. Well I also wrote another email, reporting someone who in my opinion wasn’t doing his job. Well to make a long story short. They did speak with this person about his attitude. Now here is the bad part. They showed the email to this individual. I wouldn’t mind that except that my name and address were on the email. Now a co-worker of his told us that this guy now knows who I am and is mad about the letter. She also said the he has had numerous complaints about his performance and they are considering firing him. I really don’t feel safe being around him. Wasn’t that an invasion of privacy to show the letter to him? Tell me what you think.

Have a wonderful day,



Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Wow....there's a lot going on in this post........but YES, that is totally an invasion of privacy, especially since your private information was a part of the letter......I think that it's time to write another one, but about the manager this time!! If they have a corporate office......I'd send one there too!

That's really rotten about the whole dog thing......what a bunch of jerks! Dogs runaway all the time?!?!

happyone said...

I don't think that he should have been shown the email with your name and address on it.
Though I think he had a right to see what was written about him, but not who wrote it.

Lori said...

That was very poor judgement on their part for showing the guy your email when your name and address were on it. They should have taken that part out. I'd be mad if I were you. (I have a Nikon Coolpix P5100, to answer your question. I like it very much!)

Katherine Aucoin said...

So much to comment on here. If you find that dream job, tell them I would make a great assistant...same deal as yours. Your personal information should have been cut from the letter prior to showing to the person you complained about. Hope business at the market picks up...try selling those re-usable grocery bags ;-)

Kristen said...

Yikes! I think they are supposed to get your permission before sharing your e-mail or your personal information with anyone.

That is awful about your friend and her dog. I don't understand how people come up with such ridiculous laws and fines that absolutely defy all logic.

Sandy said...

Enjoyed your humorous post and if I hear of a job with your requirements, I'll let you know!!, ha.

Yes I agree, total invasion and should have never given out that information.

And about that dog thing, wow!! Unreal.


Scarlet said...

They should not have shown the e-mail to your coworker. I'm shocked they wouldn't have asked for your OK on this before they did it. Not good. I wouldn't feel safe either.

As for your job by the swimming pool, send me your resume. :)

Celticspirit said...

I do agree with the others who say that your privacy was invaded. I don't they they should have shown your email to your co-worker.

If you find one of those 8 to noon jobs for over 100,000 a year just let me know. I'll be working right there along side ya. :)

Having lived in SC I can actually read your Bubba *talk*. And it makes perfect sense. How scary!

Lori said...

It sounds like it is hot indeed. When we visit Charleston two years ago, August. Oh my, was it hot. I sure understand were you are coming from.

I have never heard of a person getting into that much trouble over their dog running away. Really crazy.

I can't believe your boss showed this fellow your email. Makes for a very bad situation for sure.

Marie Reed said...

You have a writing style that draws you in and makes you want more! Bravo Greg!

Greg C said...

I guess the first test is seeing if I can leave myself a comment. :)

Angie said...

I understand Bubba speak much better than ebonics. I am an English major, but have no problem with someone complimenting me on my taters.

As for that situation at work, surely that is ethically and morally improper. Praying that guy doesn't go postal on you.

Oh, and I'm looking for my dream job. Today, as I sat in an employment agency with blue carpet and other clients with their Spanish translators, I wondered what in the world I had gotten myself into. Let's start getting paid for blogging, whadya say?

Hoping this comment doesn't get lost like the others were.

Greg C said...

Lets see if this thing works today.

Greg C said...

Let me try it again.

Greg C said...

and again

somebody said...