Saturday, September 6, 2008

The calm after the storm

Well we made it. We had a lot of rain last night but the highest winds topped out around 15 MPH. Not much of a storm if you ask me. The weather this morning is cool and clear. I do appreciate everyone's concern though. The next one may not be so kind. So this morning the only evidence that we had a storm was a few extra leaves on the deck and the pool level being high. The goggled weather man is back in hiding until the next storm appears. But here is a short video I took this morning. The birds sure like this cooler weather. I need a blind so that I can get in really close. Can you identify the true kinds of birds in this video?

Have a great day,



Scarlet said...

Cute bird and bird house. I can't tell what kind of bird it is though, so please do tell...eventually. :)

We're just waiting on Ike and hoping he doesn't turn into Andrew.

Stay tuned.

Jamie Dawn said...

Look at all those birdies and birdhouse and feeders.
You got me a bit dizzy when you spun that camera around a couple of times.
So glad the storm was kind to you.
We're watching out for Ike now.
Gustav came up and REALLY packed a punch here in AR. We were without power for three full days!!!
Hitonious guy, that Gustav.
I posted pics and videos at my place if you care to see Gustav's wrath upon us.
Have a nice weekend.

Brooke said...

Can you believe I have been thinking of you wearing those goggles all weekend? I am so happy that you guys made it through. We were blessed again to dodge another one, but I am keeping those that are in Ike's path in prayer.

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