Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Preparation H

Oops, I meant to write H Preparations. Those are two distinctly different things. The H stands for Hanna or Hurricane or the ever popular "Hunker down". Since many of you have never been through a Hurricane, I thought I would do a series of posts as a public service to my fellow Bloggers. I did a video last night with my new camera but since I am still learning how to use it, I totally messed up. The video came out great but I had it on the highest quality setting and Blogger wouldn't let me load a 125M video. I will try again this evening and try to get the settings right.

Well here we sit waiting on Hurricane or Tropical whatever Hanna to arrive. Right now the skys are clear and the air is cool and no one would suspect that a storm was bearing down on us. The last advisory that I saw put Charleston right in the center of the projected path. Our company is already making preparations and I am ready at my house. I still have to pick up some light things from my yard and porch but in general, I am ready to face the storm.

They are predicting that Hanna will be a category 1 Hurricane when it hits. For those who have never been through a Hurricane, that means no big deal. The worst thing that will happen is a lot of rain and maybe some minor damage. Hey that's what I have insurance for. And to tell the truth, I am ready to stick it to the insurance company. Now some people are planning on leaving no matter how minor the storm is but there is a bigger chance of getting killed on the highway, escaping the storm than staying. My cutoff point is category 3. Anything below that, I am staying and anything above, I am leaving.

I remember living through Hurricane Donna back in 1960. It was a category 4 and we lived. I went outside in the eye and got to play for about an hour. Then Mom made us come back inside to get ready for the other half of the storm. And there were lots of other storms that hit us growing up in Florida. So what does that make me? The REAL Hurricane Authority. Move over Weather Channel.

Have a great day, and stand by to Hunker Down


USAincognito said...

The only major ones I can remember living thru were Hugo, George, and Francis (in FL for that one). I am the one who drives toward the beach to watch the hurricane hit land. haha!! Although, Hugo was the one I definitely took shelter inside and prayed we would make it. The house had been raised 1 foot of brick the previous year. If it had not been for that, the house would be have been destroyed and us with it probably.
I would much rather take a hurrican over snow anyday! (people up here think i am nuts when i say that but that is just because they have never been thru one before)
But I shall pray as Hanna heads for Charleston.

Kristen said...

I'll be praying that Hanna is kind to you all.

The biggest ones I've lived through up here in New England were Bob and Gloria. We lost power for a few days with Gloria, and I remember the fun of my dad cooking everything outside on our Coleman stove and getting time off from school. Bob walloped Cape Cod, and my dad and I drove around to check out the damage. We even drove to the beach to watch it roll in. All the things you're not supposed to do, but it was amazing watching nature at work.

Scarlet said...

I'll stay tuned to you then. ;)

Btw, I made it through Hurricane Andrew back in August 92 and those were the scariest four hours of my life!

I know Hanna won't be very strong, but we're keeping our eye out for Ike and Josephine. They're tagging along.

Best of look to you Greg. I know you won't need it though, not now that you have your Preparation H. ;)

Kati said...

Be safe, Greg!!! Best wishes to you & yours.

Marjie said...

I remember Gloria in Connecticut. The eye went right over our house, and I was mad as anything because the power was out for 2 days. We lived in a rather prominent house, and the state representative's wife decided to bring some tourists up my driveway while the power was out; I called the cops and had her arrested, which led him to have an absolute fit. Hey, pal, trespass is trespass, and during the aftermath of a hurricane, if your wife is going to trespass, have her do it in a car without state legislature plates on it!

I hope Hanna goes lightly on you. Try your video again; we'll look forward to it!

Brooke said...

Hi Greg,
I went through Andrew in August of 1992. I could not believe the power of Mother Nature. We are all keeping an eye out on Ike...my gut tells me Ike is going to be trouble.

Btw, I read that Prep H is great for a whole bunch of other things, I'll find the link and send it to you.

Celticspirit said...

I think we got the tail end of the hurricane that hit New Orleans. We got some rain, cloudy all day and very cool, only in the 60's. I love it! It's a nice break from the 100 degree weather.

Janice Thomson said...

Well hopefully the damage will be slight. Do take care Greg.

Wanda said...

I can't even imagine being anywhere near the "H" of hurricane.... However there have been times I was glad I was close the the "other" H!! ((smile))

Stay safe Greg, and keep these wonderful posts coming.

Sandy said...

Stick it to the insurance company.


yeah, if we're in an earthquake you can bet, they are gonna have to pay!! God knows we've paid them enough.

H preparation, indeed!

somebody said...