Friday, September 12, 2008

What can I do?

A Day of Caring

Yesterday I participated in a Day of Caring. For those who have never heard of it, It’s a United Way sponsored event where companies or other groups of people get together and make a positive difference in their community. These events happen throughout the year but many of them have zeroed in on 9/11 due to the significance of that day. We can never make the events of that day go away but at least we can do something positive in the world. About 100 people participated in our event and approximately 5000 people in the Charleston area participated at various other locations.

We worked at Catholic Charities of Charleston. They are a Catholic organization dedicated to spreading the word of God by helping meet the basic needs of individuals. It’s hard to convince a starving child that God loves them. They provide food and other support to needy people in our community. They also help out with other worldwide events like disaster relief. Yesterday we made repairs and improvements to their building and grounds. I manly worked clearing brush that had grown over their fence and was overtaking their playground. We also pulled weeds, planted some new bushes and reset benches and picnic tables. We had a construction crew that put down tile and built some new walls to make their building more usable. In addition to all that, we brought in food which they are using for disaster relief efforts.

We had a great turnout and we got a lot done. Lunch was donated by our company and several people did the cooking. The weather was great too and helped us get so much done. I wish I knew how many people worldwide helped out with this event. Just think how much we could get accomplished if everyone participated. Here are some pictures I took yesterday. I didn't get many working shots because when they were working so was I. I didn't want to stop and take photo's while the others were working

This is the Church where the Charity building is located.

I think she is saying: Bless these people for helping out.

We trimmed this tree and put down mulch to make a nice area for this picnic table. The mulch was donated by the way.

This little building is the office for Catholic Charities. The entire building got a makeover.

We put down new mulch in the play area and cleaned all the brush away from that fence.

Here we weeded and put down mulch for the picnic area.

Now here is a hard working man. I was cleaning up the mess I made weeding all those shrubs. Notice the saying on the shirt: Live United. That's this years slogan.

Have a Great Day,


Scarlet said...

You're inspiring me to get involved. You all accomplished so much in one day and I love how you captured the day in pics. Beautiful!

Katherine Aucoin said...

Greg, I can't say you've surprised me because I could tell you are a caring individual. Ya'll did a great job for a wonderful cause. You're an inspiration to us all.

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

What a great cause :o)

Beth said...

you inspire me too Greg....what a wonderful thing to do.

We've doen stuff like that at our in the community, fixing up older folks homes and stuff...but we haven't done it in a while. HHmmm....

about the "follow blogs" thingie....I DON'T KNOW!!! I just saw it on other people's blogs, and signed up to "follow" but I don't know how to put it on my own blog. I'm useless with that kind fo stuff!!!


Gnightgirl said...

Nice, feel-good post. Any time that people come together to make something nicer...well, I just love that.

Lori said...

Good for you Greg! That's wonderful that you and all of those other people did something so nice for others yesterday. You are an inspiration! I'm sure it meant a lot to the people you helped. Thanks for sharing the day with us.

Real Live Lesbian said...

I've been seeing the ad campaign on TV for the last two weeks! What an awesome job you all did!

Brooke said...

The reward for coming together and spreading the love is: That nice, warm fuzzy feeling you get inside.

I participates in the Casserole Project. Every month, St. Louis Church (our parish) gives out tin casserole trays with lids along with the recipe and the freezing instructions. I make the meal the night before and freeze it. The next day, I drop it off at church and it gets placed in a big freezer. Then a refrigerated truck comes and takes it to the Camillus House and feeds the homeless.

Thanks for sharing the pictures! I loved the t-shirt!

Wanda said...

What a wonderful thing to do and on 9/11 even made it more special.

The pictures made me think I was there with you.

BTW the bulbs you sent me are about 12 inches high now. Thanks again.

Sandy said...

Very cool and inspiring. People helping people, you can't get any better than that Greg...


Janice Thomson said...

What a neat idea Greg. How wonderful people can come together to help in the community!

Prin said...

I love that t-shirt. "Live United"- we should.

somebody said...