Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Answers, Riddles and more Answers.

Here is the answer to the riddle I told this past Sunday. It really is quite simple. The problem is that no matter what you ask, each girl will give you the same answer and there is no way to tell who is telling the truth and who is lying. So you have to essentially ask both girls at the same time and then you know the answer is a lie. But remember you can only ask one question so here it is;

“If I asked your sister if you were the liar what would she say?

No matter which answer you get it will always be false so just invert it and you have the right answer. For instance if you ask the liar that question she will say that the sister would say NO. The sister (the truthful one) would actually say YES but remember you are asking the question to the liar so she will lie and say NO. Confusing isn’t it? The opposite would happen if you were talking with the sister who told the truth.

Now if you wanted to figure this out mathematically you could use the formula

A(–A) = -(A(squared)). Where A is the truth and –A is a lie.

In other words the answer will always be false no matter what value you put into the equation. Or once you insert a lie into a situation, no matter how many truths you have, you still have a lie.
King Solomon was faced with a similar situation where he was asked to make a decision based on what two women were telling him. One was telling the truth and the other one was lying. These two women came before Solomon both claiming that one baby was theirs. Solomon had to decide which woman the baby actually belonged to. It was impossible to make a determination based solely on what the two women were saying because he didn’t know which was telling the truth. So he made a decision to cut the baby in half and give half to each woman. I don’t even like to think about that decision. One woman agreed to Solomon’s decision to cut the baby in half. The real mother however quickly spoke up, putting the baby’s life ahead of her possession of her child and said to give the baby to the other woman. Solomon knew from both responses who the real mother was and awarded the baby to its’ rightful mother. If you want to read more about this story go to 1Kings 3 verses 16 through 28.

Very soon we will be required to make a decision based on what we have heard and what we know. It will be an important decision and will change the course of history. Unfortunately I am not wise like Solomon was and I don’t have the ability to even ask one question or make a statement to see how the candidates respond. I can only make my decision based on what I have heard and what I know. Both candidates say that they are the best choice for America so one of them is lying or at least stretching the truth. There are so many lies out there that no one really knows who is telling the truth.

Next I looked at endorsements but you know just because a celebrity is behind a candidate doesn’t make them right for me. When I see someone whose values are questionable get behind a candidate then that says something to me. (see the above equation) Also when I look back at past presidents, very few of them did what they said they would do during the election. So I am throwing all that out and simply looking at candidates actual history and whose values fall closest to my own.

This makes my decision easier and pretty firm. ( just do as I did and toss out all the name calling and the he said she said and see how it comes out) So I am going with the one who I agree with most. And that is why I am voting for…….. (darn, I ran out of time)

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Anonymous said...

That riddle makes my head hurt. I've heard a similar version before.

I'll be glad when next Tuesday is over, though I do hope my candidate is elected!

Chatty Kelly said...

Well, you almost lost me at the algebratic equation.

Math x Kelly = confusion

But you got me back with the rest of it. Although what a cliff hanger at the end!!!

Here is a math problem I saw the other day, that I really liked....

Good - God = 0

i.e. being good won't get you to heaven - it's a zero. You have to have God in your good or it's just "0".

*SMILE* Have a great day.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

I believe you have set forth some excellent standards, Greg. If we get caught up in the "drama" of it all, it will start to look muddled and confusing.

Morals have more weight than policy in my book too.

Patrice said...

I hate riddles that actually make me think....

I am ready to done with the election, less than a week away and your a smart man, love the cliff hanger at the end. Of course I could just not keep it in any longer. Just a few days ago I still had not voiced my concerens, but by golly I think I just had enough!!

God's girl said...

Wow! That is all very mind-boggling. I, too, feel a headache coming on. I love that story of Solomon. What a wise king! I pray God's mercy over this election because there are many people who are being deceived. God is in control no matter who gets elected. It'll either be God's mercy or God's judgment on this country. But, loved the mind-boggler!

Beth said...


Wanda said...

Wish I was a math wiz... I might understand your equation but on the other hand, I have always stood in awe at Solomon's wisdom.. But I shouldn't since that is what he ask for and that's what God gave him. In fact in the NT we are told to do the same thing...
Ask for wisdom.

Love your take on the election, and I plan to vote for ...opps I just ran out of time too.

Barb said...

Thanks for visiting my new blog!! Tough riddle, great easy-to-comprehend-thoughts following!

Katherine Aucoin said...

Ok it's too early in the AM to twist my brain up, but I do understand what you're getting at.

Sweat in the kitchen bothers your but not blood and tears??? LOL

Brooke said...

I was all over this blog. Great post! What was correct and moral 2,000 years ago, should still be correct and moral today. I voted with a clear conscious last Saturday. God is so GOOD!

Scarlet said...

Greg, you tease! lol

I totally agree with what you've written and the Solomon analogy was perfect. That's why I'm voting for...

YOU! ;)

The Blonde Duck said...

I'm confused.

Chatty Kelly said...

Hey Greg - I notice that mainly women are following your blog - and all of them (INCLUDING ME) are like "Duh?" on the math.

Just proves women & men think differently. We are emotional, and men are logical. Usually.

As for me, I'm just glad I wasn't the only one left puzzled over your math!

Lori said...

Greg, you lost me with that riddle! I guess I need to go back and read it again. This is the only blog I've seen with equations!!

Kim said...

wow Dude! My head hurts! ;) I think most of us concur.

And....add me to the list who will be happy when next Tuesday is over and done with. I actually have already voted, so I'm REALLY done with it all!

BUT....great read Greg! Once I got past the whole math stuff. ;)


Anonymous said...