Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cutbacks, Layoffs and getting back to basics.

It’s a jungle out there. I know that some companies are already doing cutbacks and layoffs but so far not my company. Thank God for that. However my wife and I decided that before we were forced to make some cutbacks, why not make a few on our own. We are cutting back on some things, laying off others and getting back to basics.

There is a new Sprint commercial where the CEO of the company holds up a cell phone and says; “I can’t believe they still call these cell phones” Well I have to agree. I can think of a few adjectives to go along with the description. How about: complicated, overpriced, difficult, extravagant and not necessary. Yes I said it, “not necessary.” I lived for 40 years without a cell phone and I can do it again.

Yes we have decided that we can live without cell phones. It will take some getting used to but we think we can manage. It’s not a bad thing though. There are some advantages though to not having a cell phone.

For starters, how about and extra $60.00 a month. That doesn’t sound like a lot but that is $720.00 a year. These little things add up.

Then I will be less likely to have an accident by not using a cell phone while driving. It’s a fact that people talking on cell phones causes accidents.

How about having less worries by not having to frantically search for the missing cell phone on a daily basis.

I will have more privacy and more time to myself. Do I really want to be bothered all the time? Just think about all the times you have to turn your cell phone off these days in places like church, meetings, libraries etc.

I don’t see the fascination with texting and. I don’t play games on my cell phone so I won’t miss those. I also don’t use it as a calculator, a message reminder, a storage device or an alarm clock. Never have and now I never will. And I am not even going to mention the use of the more adult functions.

Ok now don’t take offense here but this will mean that I no longer have to talk with someone in Argentina when I have phone problems. That always aggravated me.

The truth is that if they had kept them simple I may have stayed connected. At one time I considered giving up my land line and going straight cellular. That thought quickly left me though when they started coming out with a new phone daily and not supporting the old stuff. So Mr. CEO of Sprint, you did this to yourself by not keeping it simple. You tried to wrap everything into one little bundle and now you lost my business. So from now on, if anyone wants to “reach out and touch us” call us at home. If we don’t answer please call back. Now how hard was that?

As far as layoffs, I am still laying off the gas pedal and getting over 40 MPG. Now with the new low gas prices, cough cough, it is only costing me around 30 dollars a week. I will be paying for half of my gas with the money I save by not having a cell phone. We are also laying off unnecessary trips to town and combining trips when we can.

Now as for getting back to basics, have you noticed that we have run out of ideas for games, movies and books? Everything hitting the market these days is simply a remake of an old idea. I have been thinking about going out and getting some original board games for the family to play. You know that a family that plays together stays together. I refuse to pay money to see most of the movies being made these days. How many times can you see a person being cut in half with a chainsaw and still be entertained? I don’t really read many books but frankly I haven’t seen any recently that even interested me. I guess I need to start writing that book I promised everyone. I assure you it will be an original. I am also still reading the one book that is still an original….The Bible. It has something for everyone so why not give it a try.

Have a great day,


Beth said...

these are some good ideas Greg, but I can't live without my cell phone! It's my only like to Rae in NC. They don't even have a land line. But I don't rent movies like I used to and I go to the library every week....and I haven't used my debit card in I don't know HOW long!!!! it was so easy to do...just whip it out. It's not like you're actually using money!

Janice Thomson said...

I agree completely and while there are a few justifiable cases like the comment above I think a regular land-line meets just about everyone's needs.

Shellmo said...

Kudos to you! I think we can all find something to cut back in our lives. The cell phone I need to keep as I drive long distances - just in case I break down. But we have cancelled our newspaper (I can read it free online), only buy food at the grocery store that we have coupons for or are on sale and dialing back our thermastat this winter.

ChrisJ said...

I'm with you about the cell phones, Greg. It is against the law in California to talk on the phone while driving. I do have one but I only keep it with me in case of emergencies. When my husband is away, which is quite frequently, I wear it all the time in case I should fall or something. But other than that it sits in my purse and I never use it.

Chatty Kelly said...

These are great ideas!It is amaizng how "spoiled' we are in the USA and even with cutbacks, we have so much more than most other countries.

We're eating out less(from 3 times a week, to once). I'm cutting back on my "fun" shopping (clothes/shoes) and now am only buying needs (like my kids need shoes, their feet grow...mine don't).

As for reading the bible...I was doing that before. But I tend to be applying what I've learnd more lately. That is a good thing.

Wanda said...

Great post Greg... Yes there are many ways to cut back. My grandchilden love coming to my house because my hall closet has Bingo, Monopoly, dominoes, Skaticories, Sequence, and of course the rubber band gun.
The other day, our little Jon (7 yrs old) dug a hole in my back yard (with my permission) and had a great hour's worth of fun.


B His Girl said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I like your stories from Oz. That movie is full of symbolism. I used to garden. John 15 is one of the reasons I am B His Girl. Remain in me...Just B who God has called us to B. He can flow thru us if we will be a branch. As for the cell phones....most of us, including me, focus on wants vs needs. That may change soon though!

Scarlet said...

Simplifying is a great way to go. It's funny how dependent we've become on our cell phones when just a few years back, we didn't have a worry. Now I see couples on a date in a restaurant talking on their cell phones. It's hilarious!

I love your ideas...and I want to add one more: 500-750 piece puzzles. We love doing puzzles as a family and the kids are thrilled when I come home with a new one. We put it on the breakfast bar and even friends that drop by can't help but add a piece or two while visiting.

LAUREN at Faith Fuel said...

Ah, this was straight shooting common sense speaking here, and I loved it!

Sandy said...

You could write a great book! Are you thinking fiction or nonfiction and personally I would vote nonfiction, with you just talking about your life.

YOu always make sense in a comical way. I have owned a cell phone in the past and rarely use it, maybe one or two times a month. I gave my last one to my husband.

I don't like to talk on the phone so being able to get calls while I'm out is not something I want. I only had one for emergencies with the kids.

somebody said...