Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I thought that went well.

I was really impressed with both candidates last night. They both did a super job of dodging the questions and changing the subject. I also thought they both displayed a childish attitude that I have to say has been missing in my life since I left grade school. The only thing missing was some "na ne na na’s" and some “Your father is a doo doo head” comments. Let’s face it. We are in a world of trouble.

But you know the thing that impressed me the most is the way Americans are blaming everything on the government. In my humble opinion the questions should have been combined into one simple statement; “I got myself into a terrible mess and I want the government to get me out. What are you going to do to save me?” And here is why I say this.

Just a few short years ago most people in America were happy. We had great jobs and were making lots of money. We were living the good life. But we wanted more. We wanted to have things like Winnebago’s, Lexus’, 3000 sq ft houses on golf courses, Ipods, cell phones big screen TV’s etc etc. And we got them even though we didn’t need them or have the money to pay for them.
But no one made us buy those things. No one forced us to spend money we didn’t have. Yes our financial situation is bad. But just think, if we didn’t have all those luxuries, we wouldn’t be in debt and we would be doing just fine.

Now I know there are some people out there that are struggling and aren’t squandering their money or what little they have. They are the ones who are really feeling the heat from this fire. I really feel bad for them. The rest of us will just have to learn to live more modestly and do without a little. I actually think it will be a good thing for most of us. I think slowing down and living a more simple life is what this country needs.

I hated the format of this debate to tell the truth. All that high tech stuff that showed the mood of the people in attendance is just another example of American waste. I have a solution that will make it more interesting and will keep the candidates on track. Instead of letting the audience have “mood meter” controls, give them “shock” controls. Then make each candidate wear a shock collar and when the audience thinks the candidate is lying or off topic, they simply give him a harmless but effective 200 volt shock. Worst case is we shock some sense into these two politicians. Would someone please answer the question that was asked!!!!

And finally I leave you with this interesting comment made by our wonderful senator Lindsey Graham.

“I know most of my constituents want me to vote against this bailout bill but I am going to vote for it anyway.” Whatever happened to a government for the people and by the people? Sounds to me like Lindsey needs to rejoin the masses.

Have a great day,


Katherine Aucoin said...

You hit that nail on the head and slammed it Greg. I got so disgusted in the first few minutes oif the debate, I turned it to another channel. The "town hall" format wasn't quite as it was advertised and that really aggravated me. Great post!

just me said...

I totally agree with what you said.

Chatty Kelly said...

Well said. But I will say the folks that did invest there money in the stock market (instead of buying houses, ipods, et al) are the ones who were really screwed over. My stock portfolio has lost over 15% of its value. That isn't my fault.

I'm for the shock collars. :D

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Good thing I've been hoarding my money! haha Na, I'm just cheap :o)

It was the most boring debate ever, I don't know how I got through......even Cody fell asleep, and he loves that political satire.

Monogram Queen said...

You sure made me laugh and I am LOVING The idea of a shock collar! Oh that would make for some fun!

Beth said...

I hated the town hall format too....didn't work. and I couldn't care what the mood of the people or women.

Becky said...

Great points you make about Americans living above their means. I do have a ipod (a gift)but our minivan barely makes it to the end of the driveway. I have always felt that simpler is better.

I am going to steer My Love (Husband) over to your blog. I think he would enjoy your political sarcasm. I do! I have not watched the debate... I hope My Love taped it for me.

I'll fork over the cash for those shock collars ;-)

Kim S in SC said...

I am laughing at your post! I sure needed to laugh too! I happen to love the collar idea! Think the media pundits would agree to wear them too? And I want to be in that audience with the control. Thanks! :)

Jeannie said...

I caught a bit of the debate although I don't get a vote. I got bored and went to bed.

I didn't get help with school projects and mine sucked. I only helped my kids by being an assistant and the getter of stuff. We never had any of those huge science projects like what we see on TV though.

Re: fund raisers - why don't they give you the option of just donating the percentage of the sale that the school would get anyway - save us some money and the school some hassle. They could use last years catalogues because the company won't be getting any orders anyway. Maybe tax receipts could be given out then too.

beachgirl said...

The shock collar is a great idea.
I watched the debate for an hour. I couldn't handle any more of it.
John McCain walks like he has a rod up his ass. He's so stiff.

When is this stuff finally over?

Scarlet said...

That's it, I'm voting for the shock collar! ;)

Lori said...

I couldn't stand to watch the debate either. Those politicians make me squirm. (I live in a one room apartment that I rent, so you can't blame me!) You made some great points here Greg!

Cheryl Wray said...

I LOVE how you described both candidates at the debates. Perfect!!

I wish that a candidate would just be honest and say something like, "We're screwed up and I don't really have all the answers. But I'll go to Washington and do my best amongst all the fighting and fussing, because I really am concerned more about all of you than I am about whether I have power or not. And, yes, I've made mistakes in my past. But, who hasn't?"

Thanks for popping by my blog... come visit anytime!!

somebody said...