Monday, October 13, 2008

Not again!!!!

I just finished my last tag and got that behind me and now I have been tagged again. This one is a doosey though. My parents always used that word “doosey” but you know this is the first time I have tried to spell it so let’s hope spell check can work some magic and fix it if it is wrong. This one came from Patrice. Patrice by the way is the one who redesigned my blog and I think she did a great job although I kind of wanted to see a mermaid in the water. :) She offered a blog make over in her blog as a prize and I won.

The challenge is to list 4 things that you hate to admit about yourself. Well here goes nothing

1. I prefer the company of women over men. I hate sports for the most part unless it is a team that I like. Going to a bar with a bunch of guys and talking sports is boring to me (fishing excluded of course). When I was young and my parents would take me to picnics or parties, I would hang close to the women instead of the men. I had a crush on one of my mom's best friends. She was much younger than my mother though so it wasn't one of those Mrs. Robinson kind of things. And no it never went further than infatuation. I also enjoy spending time with my family over drinking with the boys.

2. I am afraid of spiders. I know I have said this before but I have never expounded on this issue. I am not just a little afraid of spiders, I would scream like a little girl if one got on me. This stems from when I was a small boy playing in the Florida woods. I was running through the woods one day and ran into a spider web. It was a banana spider and it got right on my face. It was about 4 inches across and I screamed and freaked out until I got it off. Ever since then I have hated spiders and go out of my way to pick on them or worse, kill them. Spiders are the devil.

3. I am not always right. There honey, I said it. BUT if I am not right I am darn near it and close enough that I can bluff my way through the situation. I am a good bluffer. I would have to say that I am right though about 95% of the time though. I also have this knack for telling when the other person is bluffing so I will go out on a limb when I know that is happening. I like to feel other people out and expose the other bluffers. I am one bad dude when it comes to this.

4. I kissed a nun and I liked it. Afterward I had this sick feeling that I was going to burn in hell for doing it. It was back in high school and in the back seat of a car. Ok she wasn’t a real nun but she was dressed like one for a costume party. I have no idea where she got that habit. I also thought Sally Fields made a cute flying nun. I wonder if I have a nun complex? I better get off this subject before I get into trouble.

Ok now that you all know this how many readers did I lose?

Have a great day


Angie said...

Oh you totally crack me up. LOL!!

I LOVE your new look. It suits you perfectly! The header is great.

grandmama said...

I do not comment often, but I enjoy reading 'Greg's General Store' everyday. Your new look is so cute!

Sandy said...

HAHAHAH. Greg, I ALWAYS get a laugh over here.

I LOVE LOVE the new look and the banner is fabulous.

hahaha, you crack me up.

Chatty Kelly said...

Hey - love your new layout. It's great.

Loved your things. I agree on all of them!

1. I prefer company of women (of course I am one) and don't enjoy sports. My husband excluded from this statement.
2. Yup hate the Orkin man.
3. I am usually right too. Ask my husband.
4. Okay you lost me on this one. I haven't kissed a nun (or priest). Although actually my husband played a priest as an extra in a movie and I did kiss him.

So there - you and I are just alike. LOL! Fun tag.

BJ said...

Hi Greg! I linked from Sandy....and I had forgotten about your great sense of humor!

Loved your answers on the tag. An honest man your are!!!!!

Brooke said...

Nice Tag! You look great on the boat. Very nice.

I hate spiders, but HATE Snakes more than anything in this world. Just thinking about it gives me chills! NO wonder the Lord cursed them to forever slither! Ugh!!! Regarding the nun...well, you had me going there for a moment. Good thing it was just a costume.

Sandi McBride said...

This is to funny, lol...very good meme and really well done...I especially like the "I'm not always right" one...though, "sometimes I'm wrong" would have been a winner, too!
Great new design...someone does good work

Monogram Queen said...

I love it! Also love your new header!

Becky said...

LOL, I love your sense of humor... and I ain't bluffin' ;-)

I prefer the company of men, spiders don't phase me but I can completely empathize with your fear, I don't bluff much and I have never kissed a nun :-p You had me going on that last one though.

Great fun!

Scarlet said...

First of all, I love the new look. I love the fishing theme and colors and your pic is just perfect; however, if you still want a mermaid, I'll send my friend Carmen from San Diego over. She's a REAL mermaid! ;)

Let me get this right, you like the company of women and nuns but not spiders...and you're not ALWAYS right. What's wrong with that?? You're just right in my book! :)

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

You are a hoot. I love the new design. I think it's interesting that you prefer the company of women (platonically) because blogging is typicall a female pursuit, not that there aren't thousands of guy bloggers out there. But I'll bet most of them have to do with sports and politics and not much else. So, it's natural that you find blogging an interesting pasttime. You're very refreshing.

Patrice said...

Oh my GOOOOOODNESS, a big Whoo to the Hoo on your new blog design! Love it!

I could just imagine you screaming like a girl, laughing while I type this! You are a hoot!

Shellmo said...

Came over here after Sandy mentioned you on her blog. She's right - you're pretty darn funny!

Celticspirit said...

I love the new look of your blog! Much more hip. ;) Am I still allowed to use that word?

Wanda said...

I'm with Angie.... You are a total Crack Up ~~ What would we do without YOU!

I loved all your answers, and about kissing the nun....too funny...Did you also like "Sister Act"

Love the new Header....its great, it YOU!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

You're too funny. I thoroughly enjoy coming over here...and what a surprise to see your new look! You always struck me as the type that wouldn't really like change much! ;-)

But I do like your new does suit you...outdoorsey and humorous!

OH, and you reminded me of one of my hubby's favorite sayings: "I'm not always right, but I'm never wrong." He lives by that statement. Seriously.

Beverly Lewis said...

Your new look suits you well! Fun look- fun blog.

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

What a fun new page. Looks good.

Katherine Aucoin said...

Your new blog look is fantastic. I didn't know you were such a ladies man ;-)

Your posts always put a smile on my face.

Lori said...

We've learned a lot about you today! I like the new look of your blog. The picture of you in the boat is great!

Marjie said...

This is funny. When I was 12, I woke up in the middle of the night knowing that there was a big-ass spider on my bed. So I rolled the blankets tight around it and moved to the nice, comfy, safe kitchen floor for the night. Of course, it was gone in the morning, but I still know it was there. I am with you on spider torture and kill detail, sir!

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

What interesting facts :) Hey, I'm familiar with that word "doosey" too! I heard that a lot growing up, especially when I'd tell a made-up story as a kid... (smile)

Anyhow - LOVE your blog. I've bookmarked your designer's site and hope to contact her in the months ahead as time allows. I have to get a new picture first and I'm thinking of buying a domain name too and make it one big website/blog so I only have to maintain one thing. I can hardly keep up! But I do so enjoy the blogging part. When it stops being fun, I'll stop, but I don't see that happening any time soon. It looks like you have fun posting too!

Take care!

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