Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday morning

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday. It is cool and rainy here in Charleston this morning but the birds and plants are happy so I am too. For those of you just getting up, you missed breakfast. I made bacon and cheese omelet sandwiches and a special omelet for myself which had bacon, cheese tomatoes and bell peppers. We also had orange juice and your choice of coffee or tea. See what you missed by sleeping in.

I had planned on doing a video post this morning but we experienced technical difficulties as they say on TV. The video actually came out ok with a few exceptions. The light was behind me so you got a great view out my window, however I looked like one of those people being interviewed that wanted to remain anonymous. You could tell it was a person but not who it was. And to make matters worse, the camera slipped when I hit the record button so all you got was from my nose down. It wasn't supposed to be a humerus video so I deleted it.

I will try to do another sometime this week and cover the same material. I am still reading the Bible daily and am now in the book of Daniel. As some of you know my New Years resolution was to read the Bible cover to cover this year. Looks like I am not going to make it. So I adjusted my goal and now plan on reading the Old Testament this year and the New Testament next year. It actually makes more sense because I will be starting on the New Testament around Christmas time which works out great. I am behind in my reading for two reasons. First I am just a slow reader. I can read faster but I will miss a lot so I have to read slow. Secondly, I am going back and reading some parts again trying to understand what I am reading.

Here is something interesting that I will pass along. I knew most of this before but understand it better now. I find the story of the Israelites very interesting. They were slaves and God got them released and led them to a new world. There were many troubles along the way but they persevered and turned into a great nation. After a while they became haughty and forgot how God saved them so they began worshiping shiny idols made of gold and silver. Over many years, God gave them chance after chance to change their ways but the Israelites wouldn't listen. Finally he had no choice but to take away their shiny idols and punish them. He took away their money and their homes and they were attacked by their neighbors. The good thing is he returned them to their land after a while so the story does have a happy ending. Now where I have I heard about something similar to this happening today? I'm sure it is just coincidence.

Have a great Sunday,


Jeannie said...

I missed your breaky but hubby's making an Irish fry and I'm rather fond of them over omelets. He even made me my choice of tea.

Interesting correlation...think anyone would heed the warnings this go around?

Chatty Kelly said...

Loved your analogy between biblical times and now. Isn't God the same yesterday, today & tomorrow? Correct!

Sorry I missed breakfast. I was at church. But I did hear a great sermon. :)

Patrice said...

Breakfast sounds good, house about you coming over and fixin the same breakfast next week at my house???

I did manage to get up an fix steak biscuits this morning for my family. They just had a choice of coffee though.

Funny how we do not seem to learn from past people just not get it?

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Breakfast sounds wonderful! I think I'll have to make that for my family this week!

I got up and made a Mexican Coffee Cake for my Sunday School class this morning, but it didn't bake all the way through! I didn't know it until it cooled and I tried to cut it. So I didn't end up taking it after all. :-(

I do love the correlation you made regarding the Israelites and today. It seems that same pattern has been repeated by many in this old world.

Sure hope our country wakes up.

Becky said...

Oh how I wish I could sleep in :-p We had eggs too but I bet they weren't as good as all that. I loooove omelets. Happy Sunday!

Kim said...

Hmmm..yes, very interesting indeed. God never changes, and we don't learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of our ancestors. UGH!

I almost didn't even make it up for lunch! LOL! I was SO exhausted, that I suppose my body just needed the sleep. It was wonderful though, and it's been a fabulous day of relaxation and football. We don't have church today until the evening, so it's something to look forward to all day.


Cherdecor said...

We always arise early on Sunday morning and cook up those same wonderful omelets with the bacon, green peppers, tomatoes, cheese and onion - it is a western omelet without the potatoes! YUM!

I loved your analogy. The book of Daniel just keeps getting more and more interesting. I am in a video Bible Class on Wednesday nights at church that is lead by Beth Moore, and it is on the book of Daniel. I have never been in a study quite as interesting as this one.

Enjoy your reading through the Bible!

Sandy said...

I always enjoy reading you and you always come up with interesting things.

I come to my blog and my mind goes blank!

Katherine Aucoin said...

I can always count on you to make me think. A very true and interesting analogy.

somebody said...