Tuesday, November 18, 2008

15 Random things I'm not afraid to admit

Hey I stole this from My ADHD Me but don't tell her. Here are 15 random things about me that I am not afraid to admit. Actually if I were afraid to admit them then I just wouldn't list them. So you will never see a post that says 15 random things I am afraid to admit. If I did, it would just be a blank page. Enough already, let me get to them.

1. I took two years of German in high school but I can only say two or three things. I am however available to accompany you to Germany and when asked I can tell the waiter that you don't like bratwurst and that we aren't from here. I had to take a foreign language and the only other language open was Spanish. I didn't think it would be of any use to speak Spanish. Who knew.

2. My father was one of the first lifeguards on Daytona beach. When he was a lifeguard, on a good day he would have 15 or 20 people on the beach. Now they have 15 or 20 thousand. When I was young, we would go to the lifeguard parties on the beach. Talk about wild parties. They would initiate the new lifeguards and after seeing what they went through I decided not to become one.

3.Our highschool band went all the way from Florida to California just to be in the Rose Bowl Parade. I got sick the morning of the parade and had to stay behind. Just my luck, so close and yet so far away. We were staying in the UCLA dormitories and after the band and band parents left, the place got wild. Even though I missed that parade, I did get to play at an Atlanta Falcons football game and I played in the parade at both Disney World and Disney Land. Not many people can say that.

4. I once went skinny dipping in Barbados. We were at a club right on the water and it was late. There were just Navy guys at the bar and we knew everyone there. A couple of us decided to go for a swim. The water looked great, it was dark and we had been out to sea for two months. So we got just outside the club,undressed and ran the 25 ft to the ocean and dove in. When we turned around guess what we discovered? There was a second floor to the club and it wasn't full of Navy men. It was full of women and couples. The other thing we discovered was that the light from the club was still bright enough to see once you got away from the club. Oops. We were young and foolish.

5. I originally wanted to be a forest ranger when I grew up. I found out that there was no money in it so I changed occupations. Then I was going to be an architect but I thought there was no money in that either so I went in the Navy. I saw those commercials that said, Go Navy, see the world. I did get to see some places like Barbados but mostly I saw grey machinery. Actually I went to Italy, Scotland, Canada, the Bahamas and I saw the lights of Cuba.

6. One of my ancestors came over on the Mayflower. That's the good news. The bad news is he was an indentured servant. We were slaves when slavery wasn't cool. Sorry that was bad. But the truth is we were. What can I say.

7. As I said I was born and raised in Florida. I am actually a third generation Floridian. We were referred to as Florida Crackers. Back then it was ok to be called a cracker. I guess you could say I was cracker when cracker was cool.

Ok insert seventh inning stretch here. Everyone stand up and sing "Take me out to the ballgame."

8. My parents were Democrats. There I said it, now hate me. My father and I used to cook fish-Fry's for various fund raisers. Once we cooked for the Florida Democratic party and Governor Burns showed up. I cooked for a Democratic Governor. OH the shame of it all. We cooked for Jimmy Carter too but he didn't show up. I bet he wanted to come but the secret service diverted him.

9. I saw Gary Lewis and the Playboys in concert. And yes they sang "This Diamond Ring" and "Everybody Loves a Clown." Talk about a rock concert......Not. But the price was right. Free. That was in Wisconsin. On the same trip I also tried my hand at ice skating on Lake Geneva. I guess I should say I sprained my hand instead of tried it. Who knew ice could be so hard. I didn't mind falling. The embarrassing part was when little kids began skating circles around me while I tried to get up.

10. When I was in Italy, they were offering us a free trip to some place called Pompeii. I passed on that trip. Who wants to see some place that makes pom poms anyway? I never was good at geography or history.

11. I love California. I spent some time there when I was in the Navy. The first time I went to San Fransisco I was 19. I was walking down the street by Fisherman's Wharf and there was a woman walking in front of me. I thought; wow these California Girls are tall. About that time the girl stopped and turned and I thought.... And she could use a shave too. I lived a sheltered life growing up in Florida.

12. I have a hair phobia. I am not sure why that is. I can sympathize with cats who get those fur balls in their throat and then get sick. If I get a hair in my mouth, I do the same thing. If I see a hair in my food I won't eat it. I don't care if it is mine. One hair, the food goes in the trash. The same goes for bugs. Bug + food= trash. Enough said, I am getting sick here.

13. Speaking of food, my most favorite dish is lasagna. Who am I kidding, I love food. I love to eat. I live to eat. I need to diet.

14. I sometimes bite off more than I can chew. Take this post for instance. I thought it would be easy but I have started it several times and each time I run out of steam and have to quit. Am I that dull that I can't find 15 things to talk about? Hello is anyone still with me? Wake up people.

15. Yea I made it. Ok for those who are still here, I have a confession. I have a deep dark family secret that one day I will shock the world with. Well at least my blog readers may be shocked. No one else will probably care. Well maybe some people would but it won't be earth shattering. It is something that I have kept to myself for many years. A few other family members know about it but the outside the family world is clueless. It is based on fact with a few theories thrown in but I know that my hunch is right on the money.

Well that is about all I have to say for now. It sure is cold here today considering we are in global warming mode.

Have a great day,


Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

You're so funny. And cruel. What kind of teaser was that at the end? Cruel, I tell ya.

Your German lesson cracked me up. I took two years French, and I can count to ten and say that I don't know. Pitiful.

As far as your parents, Democrats were totally different back then than they are now. I remember my dad telling me even when I was a kid that Republicans were for big government and Democrats were for the people. Boy, have things changed.

Speaking of change...I saw a bumper sticker yesterday. It said, "You can keep 'the change.' Palin 2012" I laughed out loud...gotta get me one of those.

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

You've always got the most interesting personal stories.....I loved reading your list and am now jealous of how well traveled you are :o)

My ADHD Me said...

Actually you didn't steal this from me. It was originally from Edie at Rich Gifts.

#2-Lifeguard initiation sounds like firefighter initiation.

#3-Chatty Kelly and I were supposed to be in the annual local parade here but it got cancelled because of the DC sniper. She was going to be wearing an evening gown sitting on a convertible and waving (she was the Ambassador for Easter Seals). I was going to be on the fire engine in full gear. We're just a wee bit different.

#4-So that was YOU!!

#5-I heart the military.

#6 & #7-You're cool.

#8- So is my dad...sshhhh.

#10 & #11- WAHAHAHAHA!!

#14- See. I told you it was harder than it looks!

#15-Tell! Tell!!

Dorothy Champagne said...

I love lasagna too! You kept me reading all 15!

Debbie said...

#15) do tell?
#11) my first trip to California was a real eye opener for this Indiana girl.
#8)oh, the shame of it all (keep in mind who's commenting here).
#4) too funny...
#2) too cool!
#1) took Spanish-remember very little that's useful but I can sing Ten Little Indians to my grandbabies in Spanish!

Rachel said...

You are hilarious! And my grandfather is still a Democrat to this day, so I feel your pain. :)

Monogram Queen said...

Hey I hung with you to the bitter end! Do I get a prize?
LMAO at you were a cracker when cracker was cool. I love being a cracker!

Beverly Lewis said...

I'd say number 15 is a very smart way to assure return traffic. I
am totally curious.

Nice to meet another Florida cracker... didn't know that about you. I'm sure you know they called our ancestors that because of the sound of the whips cracking as they drove their cattle. Wierd to think of Florida as cattle country.

Chatty Kelly said...

Next you'll be telling us you were country when country wasn't cool. (like Barbara Mandrell).

15. What a tease. I'll bet there really isn't a 15 at all...you just ran out of random things that you weren't afraid to admit.

As for your question about my sis, every morning! LOL!

Scarlet said...

Well, what is #15??? Inquiring minds want to (need to) know!

What do you mean you didn't think you'd need Spanish?! Ayayay...si hubiera estudiado español pudieras entender lo que estoy escribiendo aquí. Skinny dipping in Barbados...qué cómico!

Becky said...

Too funny! That was so well written and entertaining that I read it to the bitter cliff hanger end. I took two years of German AND two years of Spanish... I still learn more from watching Dora the Explorer. Your skinny dip story wasn't so bad ... at least they were adults. I did it in front of boyscouts :-0

Edie said...

1) I can say "I don't know" in Armenian. LOL.

4) WAHAHAHA! That'll teach ya! Won't it? :)

6) Very cool.

Take me out to the ballgame.
Take me out to the stands.
Stick me with needles but I don't care, for I'm in love with Dr Kildaire....
Isn't that the way it goes? :)

8) We were too. With age comes wisdom.

9) Kids can be so cruel. LOL!!!

11) I'm originally from California. Born at Kaiser Hosp on Sunset Bl in Hollywood. Went to Candlestick Park in SF once with my dad. Went to see the Giants vs the Padres. Double Header. Both games went into extra innings. Very exciting games. It was the first baseball game I ever saw and it took me years to figure out why I never enjoyed a baseball game after that. We didn't see that he/she you mentioned but you should read my most ill-suited job post. :o

14) Enjoying this!

15) Now that's just not right!

Katherine Aucoin said...

It's fun learning random facts about people. What's wierd is, quite a few things that are random about you sound just like random facts about my brother. The German in high school, he has a degree in forestry form LA Tech and couldn't use his degree because of the governmental hiring freeze when he graduated.

Daisy said...

I liked your list.

Angie said...

That was rich. Interesting, hilarious, clever...You really make me laugh. You could make money with your humor.

Wish I could comment on each point, but I will at least take the time to say that you would love my lasagna which has a secret ingredient in it (shhh...it's cream cheese).

Have a great day, Greg.

Julie Gillies said...

Hi Greg,
Thanks for visiting my blog...it's nice to meet you, sir.

Your list is hilarious. I love lasagna, too. And I hate bugs OR hair in my food. Crazy, huh?

Blessings to you.

Wanda said...

Oh Greg ~~ you are a hoot!!!
What a gift of writing and humor!

I will have to go back and read them again they were so good.

And that cliff hanger...come on Greg...spill the beans.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Fabulous post, Greg! Your number 10 about pom poms cracked me up. Most of this post seems to be "I was almost there but wasn't." I am exactly like you with the hair, friend. No way will I finish the dish if there's anything like that, esp. hair, in my food. So it took me a long time to acclimate to having a dog IN THE HOUSE. Even though she's tiny and can't get up on furniture and doesn't shed much. It was a big leap for me that only few people understand. Anyway, you asked about the linky problem--what is going wrong?

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Also, # 15? Does it have anything to do with a "grassy knoll?"

ChrisJ said...

And you didn't tell us what your deep dark secret is...? How fair is that? I thought your 15 things were very interesting. I did two years of German in High School and I took to it like a duck takes to water! I know more German than French and I did seven years of French!!! We have some German blood in us so it must be genetic!

somebody said...