Monday, November 17, 2008

Road Trip

Well I am back. I bet you didn't even miss me. Sunday morning my oldest son and I went on a road trip.

We went to visit a college that his is interested in. Here is a hint as to which one it was.

The weather was great for traveling. It was cool and clear and traffic was light. There was however a lot of traffic going the other way on Sunday. Saturday night was a big game for the Tigers and they beat Duke in Football. My son isn't interested in going there for the football but he does like the team. We stayed in a nice hotel in Anderson which was on Clemson Blvd. The same road goes by the college so it made it easy to get there this morning. Not much else happened. We did have a nice dinner last night at Applebees and then got a good night sleep.

This morning, we had a great free continental breakfast at the hotel and then we had an interview at the college. My son is still a junior in high school and they were impressed at how motivated he is. The counselor said that she doesn't get a lot of juniors who actually come to visit and speak with them. After we spoke with her, we visited with the head of the agricultural department and he also was impressed. This afternoon we simply drove home. This is the view from our hotel room. The leaves were still changing there but with 20's expected tonight they should all be gone by the end of the week.

Sorry there isn't more to report on but that about did it for the weekend. I hope everyone else had a good one. I am tired so I will visit all your blogs in the morning.

Have a great week,


Angie said...

Sounds like such a nice weekend. Glad you had some good father/son time.

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm glad you and your son had a productive trip.
He sounds like he's got a good head on his shoulders and is being smart about his future.
You are obviously a good dad, and I'm sure your son appreciates the time you spend with him.
Those leaves are so pretty!
I hate for the fall colors to go away.

Wanda said...

Greg, I think it's great you son is alreay looking for college. I think he must have had some good "Up-bringing"

Good job, Dad...!!

The picture is lovely.

Sandy said...

ahh beautiful photos, sounds like a good time. Need to catch up later when I have time, ...just waving hi at ya.

Leslie said...

Boo Clemson!! GO GAMECOCKS!! :)
lol...Okay...had to add my two cents of rivarly in. (yeah, yeah...don't even mention how bad we lost to the gators on Saturday...i know)
The leaves here are all gone. The grass is brown. And snowflakes dot the ground in spots. It is so much prettier there!!! Wanna trade?

Patrice said...

Another thing is common.....This is getting weird!!

We, with our junior in highschool, visited Belmont this past Saturday!

Wow, our kids rock!

Sharon said...

Wow Greg those colors are beautiful, we don't get colors like this in florida. That is so great that your Son is looking into his future. He sounds smart!
Thanks for sharing those pictures :)

Shellmo said...

The fall colors certainly looked nice on your trip!

Kim said...

GORGEOUS fall colors! Ours are all gone now, but I don't think any of ours were that vibrant this year!

What a great dad/son time! I remember when we first started making college all passes too quickly. :( But one week from today I'll get to see my Peanut for 6 whole days! :) Thank God for Thanksgiving break! LOL!


Katherine Aucoin said...

I'm amazed the colors were still so vibrant there. How exciting taking your son to visit a potential college and how proud you must be that he is this serious and grounded already. I know I won't be able to take mine to do that; I still cry when they leave for the first day of school.

Daisy said...

The leaves here are all gone. Enjoy your search for a college to meet your son's needs.

Fitts said...

Welcome back my brother, I love road trips. My family and I took a twenty day road trip this year.

Glad to have you back,


Sharon said...

Hi Greg,
I found you over on Edie's blog. I thought I'd stop by and take a peek at your blog here.

I like fishing too but from the looks of your picture up there, you have a bigger fish tale than I have lol!

I'm also impressed that your son is already searching for the right college. What a huge decision but also what a wonderful time to spend with you on the road.

Well, Nice meeting ya :)

Monogram Queen said...

Wow I am really impressed with your son! He sounds like he's got a GREAT head on his shoulders.
Not a Tiger Fan per se but you should never choose your college just because you root for the football team ;)
I'm a Winthrop Eagle!

Lori said...

Your son does sound ambitious. Applying for college is a difficult process these days (and expensive!) I hope he finds the perfect school. What beautiful leaves you saw on your trip!

Marjie said...

My eldest is an alumnus of the "unnamed" school. It was really a wonderful atmosphere, and my son very much enjoyed it. What I liked best is that virtually all students live on campus, or in on-campus apartments as seniors, so there's no social pressure to move to an apartment somewhere (and the fraternities occupy entire dorm floors). In my experience with my other sons, moving off campus is a very bad way to continue the education; it's too easy to develop bad habits. Glad you had a nice road trip. Our leaves are gone, and the ones on the ground got snowed on today....sad.

Chatty Kelly said...

Hope you had some good "male bonding" time. I hear that's important. You must be proud to have son already thinking of and visiting colleges. Clearly, great parenting involved.

The Blonde Duck said...

It sounds like a fun time!

Marla said...

It surely sounds like you had a good father and son weekend! The view from your hotel room, the leaves are awesome in that photo! Hope you have a good week Greg!

Daphine said...

Hi Greg,

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Nice to meet you!

What a nice time to spend with your son. I am sure that the trip is something that he will look back on years later.

Love the pic! It's beautiful!

Edie said...

Hi Greg! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sound like it was a good trip for multiple reasons. :) So your son is interested in agriculture? What career path is he planning for?

Love those fall colors outside your hotel.

Susan Skitt said...

Hi, reading backwards again. I'm going to be a bit more scare blog-wise these days - lots going on - I'll be updating my blog friends soon!

Anyhow, it sounds like you had a nice trip with your son - that's great!!! My oldest is also a junior and checking out colleges. He flew to Florida to see Clearwater Christian College (two of his cousins are there) and he's also interested in two in S.C. - North Greenville (I think) and Anderson.

Take care!

somebody said...