Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sign sign everywhere a sign

I know some of your remember that song. It was by the Five Man Electrical Band. I wonder what ever became of them. But this post isn't about music. It's all about signs.

One of the big no-no’s discussed at that town hall meeting the other night was the use of signs. For some reason the people of our great island are opposed to signs. They of course were directing this complaint toward one person who just happened to be the owner of the winery. It was just one of many complaints that the planning board heard from the good citizens of Wadmalaw.

The person leading the discussion objected to the winery signs because they are “not part of the natural scenery of the island.” However there are lots of other signs on the same road which also are ‘not part of the natural scenery’ and no one complained about them. It was obvious to me that the real complaint isn’t about signs at all. However after giving it some thought, I agree that it would be great not to see any signs at all on our “natural” island. In the letter that I sent to the planning board today, I countered the complaint with a few sign complaints of my own.

So on my way home today I took note of the signs that I saw wondering how these same people would feel if we took them down as well. That is what they were asking for anyway and I aim to please.

The first sign on our island is an advertisement sign for a benefit 5k Run this weekend. No since beating around the bush, let’s get rid of it. Next I came to the speed limit sign. People don’t follow them anyway so take it down. The directional sign at the fork in the road…….Who needs it. Our island is only 40 square miles so anyone could drive the entire island in a few hours.

At the fork there were also business signs, political signs still up after the election and a huge land for sale sign. It has been there for several years and the complainer at the meeting mentioned that one particular winery sign had been up for two weeks. Two years is a lot worse than two weeks. Take them down I say. Now we are getting natural aren’t we? Up around the corner was a happy 40th birthday sign which is totally unnecessary. I wasn’t invited anyway. Watch out here comes the intersection where the stop sign is. It is going to be dangerous without that sign.

I counted over two hundred signs on our street alone. It is 7 miles long though. Now that all the signs are gone, everyone should be happy. Only one more block to go and I think we will have them all, Oh I see one more and yes it has to go too. A sign is a sign and according the planning board all signs are bad.

Hey I don’t make the rules. I just abide by them. There is everyone happy now? The truth is there were only 4 very small signs that said “winery” and had a small arrow showing which direction to go. There are thousands of other signs on the island so what is the big deal about the winery signs? We are back to “they have and I want.” No one complained when they weren’t making any money. Now that they are, everyone wants a piece of the pie. But what’s wrong with that anyway. It’s ok to want what your neighbor has isn’t it?

“You shall not covet your neighbor's house. You shall not covet your neighbor's wife, or his manservant or maidservant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor” I mean 9 out of 10 isn’t bad…….

Be careful what you ask for or wish for. You just may get it.

Have a great day,


Patrice said...

Wow, how true!! I can not wait to see how the sign deal turns out!!

I would love to just once sit in on a town hall meeting with you....your a hoot!

Chatty Kelly said...

Hey - I did a post titled "sign, signs" a while back too! Kindred spirits I tell you.

Your post reminded me of my small, not so rural anymore, community. Everyone moves here to get away from the city, and as soon as they get in they scream "NO MORE GROWTH." They all want in from the city, but don't want it to be a city. Yet, we now have dozens of lights and signs and the farmers make way more $$ subdividing their land and selling it for housing than they ever did on crops.

Enjoying your blog. And say you had a pastorial comment last post. Paving your way to heaven for sure. LOL!! That is totally a joke. :D

Jeannie said...

I could perhaps understand if the winery signs were large and unsightly but who is this person that complained? Do they have some other touristy attraction less attractive than the winery?

While I generally dislike advertising billboards, I greatly appreciate directional signs especially when I don't know an area.

Katherine Aucoin said...

I couldn't agree more. You should see the parkway in Pigeon Forge these days, it looks like the strip in Vegas - very tacky. Signs need to be kept to a minimum, but I'm sure the winery signs are more tasteful than the 200+ you saw on your way home.

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Now that songs gonna be in my head all-day-long! haha

Sharon said...

This is so true. Signs are just everywhere. I agree with patrice though I would like to go with you to a meeting, I bet it would be a blast!
Have a terrific day

My ADHD Me said...

I really like this post, (I really like that song too).

We had a similar thing happen in our county. People complained about a banner in front of the fire house asking for volunteers. It was a professionally made banner, didn't obstruct vision and was far enough off the road so it wasn't an "eyesore".

Of course "the people" got their way, and the sign was removed.

It would be a shame if there was a fire somewhere and not enough firefighters to put it out, but at least the sign is gone....

Fitts said...

Amen and Amen again! Great post brother.


cheesewhiz said...

Greg, great post? When and where are the Wadmalaw town council meetings?

cheesewhiz said...

Oops! I meant to say "great post!" I didn't mean to question it :)

Patience said...

If they ban signs then they have to ban all of them! Otherwise, they're playing favorites!!

Houston is trying to ban big signs on top of buildings, especially the blowup kind. Like the giant purple gorilla on the car dealership.

Suits me. I'd just as soon they got rid of all the billboards.

Becky said...

After attempting to navigate the airport last night with signs I can safely say that I would surely be lost with out them.

Dorothy Champagne said...

Funny stuff. . . funny stuff.

Lori said...

That so funny! I'm sure your letter to the planning board was a good one. I guess they'll have to bring out the sign police.

Daisy said...

Very well said.

This reminds me of something that happened near me. Wal-Mart wanted to put a store in a township near me. Wal-Mart bought land. The township people griped enough that the township told Wal-Mart no. Wal-Mart eventually won their there will be 2 stores in the township. My boyfriend's aunt was one of the loudest protesters. But yet she was the one of the first in line at the opening of one of the stores. I think anybody that griped and complained should not be allowed anywhere near the stores.

Daisy said...

PS. You'll have to keep us posted as to the outcome of the signs. I say what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

Scarlet said...

I say keep the winery and Jesus signs and THAT'S IT...because they're biblical. Jesus did turn the water into wine, didn't he? :)

Seriously, let us know what happens. Now I'm curious.

Great post, btw! ;)

Wanda said...

Being busy at the assembly line, I've missed a few of your posts.

Sorry, because when you miss a Greg post.... you really miss something.

I agree with Scarlet...The Wine Sign and the Jesus Sign....they should stay! I'll drink to that!!


Marla said...

Another great post and I really like the song! You will have to let us know if the winery signs have to go!

Kim said...

Greg, I'm so awful about keeping up on my reading lately, so I'm just now getting to this one....

GREAT post! You're exactly right and hilarious too! ;)


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