Monday, November 10, 2008

So many options so little time.

Ok so I got these hotdogs and don’t know what to do with them. First off, they are frozen and have never been thawed so they are still good. Eventually my 11 year old would eat them or his kids would eat them once he grows up and has some so they won’t go to waste. I just hate taking up all that room in my freezer for hotdogs. So I have come up with a few ideas of what to do. Let me just toss them out and let you decide what to do.

First off Thanksgiving is just around the corner and since we are cutting back just like everyone else is (or should be hint hint) I could always serve them for Thanksgiving dinner. At first I had this great idea of blending them up and trying to form them into something that resembled a turkey but after I got that image in my head I got sick to my stomach.

Then I thought about serving them just like they are but the best part of the Thanksgiving dinner is in my opinion the stuffing and I don’t know how to stuff a hot dog. I could always get one of those turkey basters and blend the stuffing into a mush and try to force it inside the dogs. Again this didn’t sound too appealing.

How about something like a standing rib roast but instead of ribs I line the dogs up around a pan and make something creative like that. I can just imagine serving a lovely dish like that to my guests and hearing the applaud as I presented the masterpiece. But what would go with a special entree like this? Perhaps tater tots, Doctor Pepper and Moon Pies. Just another great idea floating around in my head.

Of course there is always po mans surf and turf. You know; fish sticks and hot dogs. Two great treats that go great together. The best thing about this dish is you just have to put one big glob of ketchup in the middle of the plate and you can use it for both dishes. The second great thing about this dish is that you can use your fingers to eat it. No after dinner cleanup if you use paper plates. And rounding out the reasons this dish is so good is you can serve it with French fries and use the ketchup for all three. This is truly finger licking good.

Then I got this crazy idea but it really way out there. I could sell hot dogs at work. No, it’s not for my own profit but to raise money for GNF. That’s Good Neighbor Fund which incidentally I am taking over as of this morning. Last night it dawned on me that the woman who used to head the GNF up at our plant transferred about two months ago. Since she left, no one has stepped up to the plate to take over so I decided to do it myself. And to kick things off, this Friday I will be selling hotdogs to raise money for the charity. What the fund does is raise money and collect toys during the holidays. It is similar to Toys for Tots. Then we include them with Christmas baskets that are handed out in our community.

So which of the above ideas do you all like? If anyone picks the formed turkey you will be obligated to have Thanksgiving dinner at our house and enjoy the meal with us. And yes you WILL have seconds because there won’t be any leftovers.

Have a wonderful day,


Brooke said...

This was such a funny post...I needed to laugh! Do what a Cuban Mom would do. Make "Arroz con Salchichas" Yellow Rice with Hot Dogs. You slice the hot dogs in little wheels and stir fry them in some olive oil with diced onions and green peppers. You add that mixture to the rice after the saffron as been added to give it color. Then cook the rice accordingly. Can you just smell it? If not prepare it like Scarlet and I ate it for years… boil the hot dogs and make mashed potatoes...mmmmmm

Great Post! ;)

Patrice said...

I like the idea of boiling those bad babies up and making mashed potatoes, or I guess mashed hot dogs, either way, ICK!!

Actually I think the best bet is the Good Neighbor Fund, you will get a much better outcome and still have friends and family that will actually come over for Thanksgiving!!

Lori said...

Ha ha! I like the idea of a standing rib roast with the hot dogs. I can just picture it! But seriously, your idea to sell them to raise money for the GNF is a terrific one. Who could pass up one of them! You'll make lots of money!!

Jeannie said...

I like your charity idea. But wienies and beanies are a pretty good way to eat hotdogs too.

Scarlet said...

Brooke stole my idea! I was going to suggest hot dogs and mashed potatoes. We ate this combo for lunch every day for two years...and look how healthy we turned out. ;)

Btw, what time would you like us over for Thanksgiving? Two helpings of a formed turkey sounds delicious!

Chatty Kelly said...

My two ideas. Either go to:

and do an receipe ingredient search with "Hot dog" as the ingredient, and you will find 89 recipes there. 89 different dishes with hot dogs in them, your sure to find some to your liking.

2) Cut out the middle man. Instead of selling them and giving the money to the GNF, check with your local food bank and see if you can just give them the hotdogs.

Or you could leave them in the freezer until the Summer Festival.

Bon Appetit!

Becky said...

As a mother of four I am all for the idea of getting toys to kids for the holidays. I think for them it makes it a little easier to believe. And when they are little they really WANT to believe.

LOL about the formed turkey... that was my first thought too. :-p Maybe you could invent a recipe for hotdog stuffing to put in the turkey.

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Oh man, I never know what I'm going to read over here - lol! I was actually getting physically sick to my stomach reading about your crazy recipes! Too funny!

As for Thanksgiving, I think I'll stick w/the traditional turkey myself. Hey, I saved up my "bonus points" from my grocery store and have a coupon for a free one! Now that's savings :)

Oh and as for what to do w/the goods - Good Neighbor Fund, of course :)

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Yeah, it's a toss up for me: the standing rib roast/ketchup trifecta sounds great to me.

If not, then I guess the GNF sale would be my second choice.


Leslie said...

Heh, this is usaincognito. I shut down my old site and started up a new site:

Too funny!! My vote would be to slice them up, coat them in bbq sauce, and throw them in a crockpot for little appetizers. :)

Monogram Queen said...

I was having all kinds of visualizations there dude!

I think that is wonderful that you do that! Does Debi Chard still oversee the Toys for Tots in your area?

somebody said...