Friday, December 19, 2008

What's wrong with this picture?

Remember those old picture puzzles in “Highlights” magazine where you had to find things that were hidden in a picture. No, you say? Well click here to remind yourself. They always had them in my doctor’s office and I would concentrate on the picture puzzle to try and forget where I was. I hated going to the doctor. I was never a big fan of shots and once it took 4 nurses to hold me down to give me a shot but that’s a whole different post.

Anyway, that’s how I felt last night at my son’s Christmas Band Concert. As I looked around the room, there were so many things that to me were just wrong. Don’t get ME wrong, the Concert was outstanding and I hope to put a short clip on my son’s blog later today but some things just seemed inappropriate.

First off, we got there a half hour early just to get a good seat. (like that is possible in a gymnasium) After we were seated, two women showed up with numerous children and the entire group proceeded to cough and hack like they were one step away from death. Ok I understand that perhaps they really wanted to see their child perform so much that they risked spreading their fungi to the entire population of Charleston but that wasn’t the case. I know this because they didn’t watch the concert. The two women talked the entire time and not only that, one was texting while talking and the other was braiding a child’s hair while talking. I didn’t’ see them look up one time to watch the concert. One of the younger children broke the seat behind them and made a loud noise and her mother glared at me like I did it. So I guess they only came to be seen.

There were 4 different bands performing last night and I really wanted to see and hear them all. Of course I had a hard time hearing them with the ladies talking but at least I could see them…..NOT. All during the concert, people (adults) kept standing up and taking smoke breaks and going to the bathroom. I mean for heaven’s sake, I have the world’s smallest bladder but I can hold it for 45 minutes. These people sat quietly while their little Johnny or Judy was playing but had no problem getting up while the other bands played. Some people just don’t get it. It was hard to concentrate too because one lady just let her son run back and forth through the entire concert just to keep him quiet.

Ok now here is the part that seemed odd to me and I am not sure how you all feel about this but I want to get our opinion. Right next to us was a family from India. It was obvious by the way the looked and dressed. I am not stereotyping here but not many Americans wear Saris. They had a little girl in the band and I think that is great. However the part that got to me was when they started the concert out by saying the Pledge of Allegiance. These people didn’t say it or even put their hand over their heart. So I thought it was odd that we would have a family who comes all the way here from India to be a part of this great country and then either doesn’t know or just won’t say the Pledge. Am I the only one who thinks this is odd?

Now I am not complaining here although I am starting to get a sore throat and if it turns into a full blown nasty cold you can expect to hear me complain. That’s just what I need… be sick for Christmas.

Anyhoo, have a great weekend. Tomorrow is the last day of the Arelston-cha, Armers-fa, Arket-ma. Let’s see if the director gets a message from me printing that. (She gets a message whenever someone writes those three words in one sentence.) But, if you do get it, have a Merry Christmas Sarah. See you tomorrow.



Jeannie said...

First off, I'd have asked politely and progressively not so politely for the women to stop talking or leave so you could hear the concert you came to listen to.

As for children running around - I hate that too - just simply bad parenting - phone the school and ask that they institute a rule - written into the program or posted - whatever - that all people should remain seated AND quiet while performances are underway. Just like in a real theatre venue. Out of consideration to both performers and audience. - Ushers should be there to maintain order.

I would have been very annoyed as well - this happens at church and I complain all the time.

As for the newcomers...perhaps they are not citizens and do not feel it necessary to pledge allegiance to a country they don't belong to...yet. Patriotism may not be big on their list anyway, having left one country. The U.S.A. is considerably more demonstrably patriotic than most countries - we have no such pledge in Canada other than what is proclaimed in our national anthem which is not sung at every event that goes down such as a school concert. Give them a break. They may not be politically correct but that doesn't make them enemies of the state.

Chatty Kelly said...

oveLa the odeCa! aha-aha. (Ha-ha).

Unfortunately some people are rude. Men that don't remove their baseball caps inside bug me. (I don't mean 12 yr olds, who don't know better - I mean MEN - grown ups!)

Some religions don't believe in saying a pledge...would be worth it to research if the Bible says anythign abotu that. I read that it does say not to call anyone Father but God...and catholics call their pastors Father - and we call our own dads father, so it's confusing.

Lori said...

Our manners today are definitely going down the drain. I notice it especially at concerts. It's too bad they missed out on hearing a great concert. Maybe the principal could have started out by making an announcement asking for everyone to be quiet, turn off cell phones, etc.

Perhaps the people you mentioned at the end are new to this country and don't know the words to the pledge yet. Anyway, I'm glad you heard some good music!

Scarlet said...

What a shame that a few clueless people had to ruin your good time although sometimes complaining about something like that oftentimes makes the situation worse.

As for the Indian family, sounds like they, too, were just clueless. I don't think they were purposely trying to be disrespectful.

Have a great weekend, Greg and enjoy the rest of the season!!

Sharon said...

Yep there always has to be a bad one or in your case a talking person to spoil the whole bunch!!
You catch my drift I know, But I would of turned and said please I want to hear this.
On the other ones sitting next to you, lets just pray they didn't know the words. Otherwise it's ok, at least they weren't disrespecting like the american women.

Wanda said...

The only things as interesting as your post, are the interesting comments.

I thought it nice at Cowboy Christmas Craft Fair...every day when the national anthem was sang from the dummy roping arena, men and boys took off thier cowboy hats and held them over their hearts..... I loved that!!!

Sorry you didn't get to enjoy the concert.... I would have hit those ladies up side the head !!!! just kidding (I'm a coward)


Belle (from Life of a...) said...

I used to be a choral director and let me tell you, I would stop right in the middle of a song and give rude people like that my TEACHER look...I didn't have to do that but a time or two and never had another problem.

Edie said...

I would have been annoyed as well Greg. At everything. The parents who let their kids run around, the people who made too much noise for me to hear, the ones who kept standing in front of me, and the ones who didn't say the pledge of allegiance or at least place their hand over their heart.

I don't care what country someone is from, this one or another, if they are a US citizen they should pledge their allegiance to this country. That is what it means to become a citizen of the USA. If they were not a citizen of the US then why is taxpayers money being used to put their children through our schools. I know that a lot of people think that sounds harsh or even un-Christian but expecting people to show respect is not wrong. Letting things slide is what has brought this country to the very bad place it is in now.

But hey, if the President elect doesn't have to show that kind of respect why should anyone else.

I'll get off my soapbox now. Geez, you really shouldn't get me started. I have opinions!! LOL!
Have a great weekend!

Hi Sarah! Have a Merry Christmas! :)

My ADHD Me said...

I am with you 100%!
First of all, you must have been at the same concert that I was at for my son. I especially hate when they are so quiet for their own child's part but not the others.

NOW, as for the people sitting next to you. First of all, if they had a child in school and that child has been here long enough to know the routine to be in the concert, then they have been here long enough to know the custom.
Second-Yes, this is America and we "welcome" diversity and freedom of anything but SHOW SOME RESPECT!! After all, if you are here and attending our schools, then SOMETHING must have been appealing to you.
THIRD- Aren't there some countries that would drag you away and make you "disappear" if you don't follow their customs? Well, we don't do that , so again, SHOW SOME RESPECT!!

And finally, We ARE One Nation Under God. We ARE proud. We ARE loyal. And, our country is WONDERFUL.

I'll loan you a soap box any time you need one!!!

Merry Christmas. Another thing...don't you (that is a anyone you...not a YOU you) DARE get offended when I say Merry Christmas! I'm not offended if you say Happy (insert other holiday here). I would just say Thank You. Please show me the same respect.

Great Post. Hope you were able to enjoy the concert!

Sharon said...

Hi Greg,
I agree with Jeannie, I would have kindly requested some peace and quiet to enjoy the concert.

My daughter use to sing when she was attending public schools, she attended all county chorus. She came home prior to their concert and verbally listed the rules for the students as well as the parents. These kids were told to go home and tell their parents how to behave publicly. They even said, "If your parents plan to take off after you perform and do not plan to sit and watch the rest of the grades, just stay home."

It's sad when the parents have to be given a set of rules before they can attend a school function. When I was growing up, the rules were "understood" where parents were concerned.

Most of the families that come here from other countries only have one adult with knowledge of the English Language (usually the husband) so they probably didn't even know the words :)

It was nice visiting your blog today, you always have a really good read waiting here,
Have a Merry Christmas Greg!

Lori said...

Goodness, can I relate to this post. I am so thankful that everything is over and the kids are out of school for Christmas break (or should I say Winter).

Thanks for the Christmas card! I have been so crazy busy I haven't gotten mine out yet.

Rev. Brad Hurley said...

Brother this is funny! But sooo true. But we have to have patience and be an example to those that have not learned yet to be giving to others and to be considerate, maybe they will get it oneday, until then I suggest you tote a mask with you.
Merry Christmas

Sister Angie said...

Have mercy. I have seen this in church too. Seems like a downward spiral.

The pig latin cracked me up. Took me a while, but then I remembered the comment a while back.

Sister Angie said...

p.s. HOpe you get feeling better soon!

Jamie Dawn said...

I used to love doing those Highlights games.

It bothers me when anyone refuses to do the pledge.
I'm very patriotic.

I sure hope you are not getting sick!!

I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year!!!!

Beverly Lewis said...

People can be so rude. I think your annoyance was totally justified. I would be the person who cheered the person who was bold enough to address the issue. If I was the principal, I would have escorted the noisy rude people out!

Monogram Queen said...

Ha I love the way you foiled that director! Clever!

Anonymous said...