Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Welcome to Charleston, The UN-Holy City????

Charleston was nicknamed The Holy City because of the numerous Churches in the area. It is hard to travel more than a mile anywhere in the area without passing a Church. In some areas, you will find a Church on every street corner much like gas stations in other cities. You will find any Denomination you want too so if you are planning a trip here, it won’t be hard to find a place to worship. However, you also need to know that there is an Anti-God movement on the rise here as well and that only stands to reason.

Newton’s law states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This not only applies to mass it also applies to religious beliefs. It seems that the stronger the religious society gets the more opposition there is to it. As some people try to move toward God, others try to move in the opposite direction. This has been happening since the beginning of time and will continue to the end.

Since 9/11, there has been an increase in the attendance at Churches in our area. I have heard that it is the same in other areas. Along with this rise in attendance there has been a rise in the atheist population. I don’t think there are more of either group. I think some people who started going to Church after that event only became aware of their own mortality similar to how some people react just before they die. In response to this, some atheist felt threatened so they became much more vocal.

What brought this to my attention was a recent Billboard that was placed in Charleston. It says. “If you don’t believe in God, you are not alone.” Ok I will give them that. So what’s the point? We want you to not believe like we do? Are they wanting other atheists to feel more comfortable? I just don’t know.

So I have been doing a little research and I did discover that this movement has been going on for some time in other cities. These billboards are all over the United States but this is the first one in Charleston. I must live under a rock. Anyway, I can find no explanation for these billboards by anyone who placed them however they do give a website that you can go to if you are interested. It’s kind of like the dollar bill billboard that was up here in Charleston a short time ago. It was a lead in to a future billboard. It was just to grab your attention. I am sure this billboard will draw a lot of attention here as well.

So I went to a couple of web sites where they were discussing these billboards and the reason for them. Apparently, people who don’t believe in God feel threatened by God. Ok that makes no sense but I will play along. Next some of these atheists go into a long explanation of why they don’t believe in God. The most common reason is that they have no proof and it is beyond their comprehension so they can’t possibly believe in something that they don’t understand. Ok I will give them that one too if that makes them happy. I really don’t understand how the sun can just sit there burning in space without spontaneously going pop and exploding but it does and I don’t argue because it feels nice and warm and I like it that way.

My point is this. Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t negate its existence. I admit that I don’t know everything especially when it comes to God but I know he exists. Oh and this was rich: One person compared God to the Tooth fairy, saying that neither one existed. Then they went on to curse Christians for trying to convince them that there was a God when they didn’t want to believe. I wonder if he attacked his parents with the same anger for telling him that there was a Tooth Fairy. Maybe he should give that money back since it is all a lie. And don’t get me started about returning those Christmas presents.

And that’s my take on the situation. And no I am not trying to cram God down someone’s throat as some of them put it but I am available to discuss Him if you are interested. And Charleston is still a great place to visit and really is the Holy City so come on down.

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Sandy said...

I think anymore, people just have to express their cynicism and I do think they feel threatened. Their mere argument against God implies that God exists and is something to be argued against. I've always been the type that says whatever works for you go ahead...and believe that.

I can't look around me, at my kids, grandkids, the mountains, streams, bugs, bees, and not know that there was a divine intelligence behind it.

I feel closest to God when I'm hiking in all the granduer.

Edie said...

The spiritual battle is increasing and everyone is taking up their positions.

Sometimes it's hard to remember that the Bible says that the worldly cannot discern spiritual things. That's why their arguements are so dumb. They just don't realize how dumb those arguements really are.

I love when you go on a rant. lol!

Melissa said...

I had to stop by after seeing your comment about 70 degrees and snow on 2nd cup of coffee.
After reading your post though I have to say I find it incredible how intimidated atheists feel by our God. How they can look around this world in all its grandeur and not see His hand in all of it. I am vocal about my faith when asked but I never force my beliefs on anyone, I truly believe I can plant a seed but it will take the Holy Spirit to water it.

Marjie said...

I don't think it's my business to tell you what you should or should not believe, and I always decline to discuss the subject. I also decline to discuss politics; why should I want to make someone hate me if my strongly held opinions or beliefs are polar opposite to theirs? I would be offended by the non-belief billboards, just as I would be offended by a pro-belief billboard which was not attached to a church!

Sharon said...

Greg this was awesome what you wrote, But I do know there are some that do try to push God down there throats, I maybe one of them every now and then, but it's only because I am so excited about him, the Love he has the blessings he pours down on us. But ususally when I see someone is not interested or it bothers them I will back off. And then whisper as I go away, "you don't know what your missingggg" and "I surely don't wanna be in your shoes"

But I see the beauty and I know how it got here.
I Thank him everyday!!
I agree with Edie!!
I was in a Car Accident yesterday and walked away, Praise God his hands were upon me.

Edwina at The Picket Fence said...

People may be synical now of God, but one day they will bow before him and then they will know that he reigns supreme. I pray that their souls will find him before it is too late for them. Our world is getting worst everyday.

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

There was an article last week, I think it was last week, about the billboard in the P&C...apparently these are the Secular Humanists and I'm not quite clear on the difference between a Secular Humanist and a flat out athiest or agnostic.

skoots1mom said...

wonder how many of them have been in foxholes...

My ADHD Me said...

It's amazing how "threatened" some people can feel over something that they think is "non-existant".

I also find it interesting that the loudest peoples #1 complaint is being preached to. (something about a pot and a kettle, I'm thinking)

Your letter is H.
Thanks for playing.

Monogram Queen said...

Oh BOY you would have just loved my religion class at Winthrop - and the blind guy who was an atheist who was in it.

good times... good times.....

The Teacher said...
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The Teacher said...

see my Comment on my Blog

for New atheist billboard goes up in Charleston, SC

The Teacher said...

see my Comment on my Blog

for New atheist billboard goes up in Charleston, SC

Anonymous said...

Wow, Greg, I waited to read this post until I actually had time to sit down and really read it, so it's been sitting "marked unread" in my reader for a few days. :)

It is very sad how militant the atheist movement has become. It's not just about freedom of religion to them; it's about no religion at all. How is that tolerance?

"Apparently, people who don’t believe in God feel threatened by God. Ok that makes no sense but I will play along."

I don't get it either. Why do they feel threatened by something they don't believe in? I don't believe in the Easter Bunny, but he sure doesn't keep me up worrying at night.

And as for their argument that they won't believe in God because we can't prove He exists? Well, THEY can't prove He DOESN'T exist. It takes a degree of faith either way. So that's a weak argument.

Perhaps they are threatened by something they claim they don't believe in because somewhere deep down they do question their own mortality and, on an even deeper level, eternity. Choosing to ignore God might just be easier than coming face-to-face with humbling yourself and reconciling to Him in the here and now.

What scares me is the effect this moving toward a Godless society will have on our children. It seems to get worse each day. Either we need a true Spirit-led revival or Jesus needs to come back soon!

Marla said...

I would like to visit your fine city someday. Christians have and always will have a battle on their hands. The non believers will one day wish that they would have believed.

The Teacher said...

It is written..
EVERY Knee SHALL Bow and
EVERY Tounge SHALL Confess
that Jesus is Lord.....

That's enough for me...


Anonymous said...

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