Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It’s all about timing.

I tried smiling again this morning. This time at 5 am at the gym. (I always smile at the gym but this morning I smiled more than usual) Do you know that everyone, without exception, smiled back and most said; good morning. Even though it was 5 am, everyone was happy and in a great mood. Maybe it was just a better group of people. I doubt if it was timing. I think if you ask the right group of people a question, you can get the answer you want. It really is all about timing and strategy.

Now allow me to get on my soapbox for just a brief moment. I promise not to dwell on this but sometimes something gets said and it just hits me the wrong way. And instead of letting it fester like a bad sore, I am going to just clear the air and get it off my chest so that it doesn’t affect my blogging. I know you were all concerned.

Ok last evening on the news, a reporter was raving about what a great speaker President Obama is. She cited three reasons for this. First he uses two Teleprompters when he gives a speech. Second, he gives “from the heart” speeches. And lastly, he really gets the crowd behind him when he speaks. Please hear me out, I will be brief.

How does using two Teleprompters make you a great “Speaker”? It doesn’t. It means you are a great reader so I will give him that. President Obama is a great reader. See I am kind even to people I don’t particularly like.

If these speeches were from the heart, then he wouldn’t have to read them. He would be able to stand there and tell it like it is. By having to write the speech in advance, it is saying just the opposite. A good speaker only needs an outline or notes. Also, I bet he gets help with writing the speeches. Not that there is anything wrong with that it’s just that if the speeches are from the heart I would have to ask: Who’s heart?

Ok about the crowd being behind him. If he gave the same speech over and over, I would be impressed but he didn’t. He went to a location where the home foreclosure rate was the highest in the nation and spoke about home owner bailouts. He went to a place where there was the highest population of gays in the nation and spoke about gay rights. He went to Detroit and spoke about the need for stronger Unions. Of course the crowd was behind him. He picked the crowd.

Now just for a moment, let’s imagine that he switched the locations by mistake. Suppose he talked with Union leaders about gay rights and how they would have to make sure the unions protected gays. Suppose he talked with gays rights activists about how he would bail out the home owners when they came to hear about gay rights. And suppose he went to the third location, which is predominantly non union and spoke about how we need to strengthen the unions. Do you think the crowd would have cheered or booed? You know the answer. He didn't pick the crowd last night. Did he get 100% support?

I think he is smarter than I originally gave him credit for. What about that ploy to get the Senators, Congressmen and Governors involved in the save the USA project. Focus groups? "You have until the end of the day to come up with solutions?" And to ask Senator McCain to go first was priceless. Put your ex-opponent on the spot to make him look bad. Outstanding Mr. President. Way to show your true side. Of course he was taking a slight chance when asking Senator McCain what he came up with to help the economy. Wouldn’t it have been a hoot if he said; "Step down and let me take over."

Ok I am done. We now return to our regularly scheduled blogging. I am in a good mood today by the way. But then that is usually the case. I hope this post didn't offend anyone. But then the truth should never offend anyone.

Have a great day,


grandmama said...
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Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

I'm with you there, buddy. Except I'm not sure if he's that smart, or if those around him who have been practicing deception and utter bias for so long are the ones who are so smart. He's got so much padding protecting him by his administration and the media that I'm not 100% sure if he's not just a face.

Just my thought.

Chatty Kelly said...

I do think Obama is very smart. He has virtually no experience and has convinced the media and general public to love him, and was elected president. That is no dummy!

I was definitely against Obama. I do not agree with his policies AT ALL. however, he is now our commander in chief, whether we like it or not. We are Americans. He is our president. As such, we have to deal with it...for at least 4 years.

Debbie said...

So is this the post you were worried about offending people with?
I love the part about mixing up the speeches and the audiences. Wouldn't that be a riot? And of course you are right - if the crowd is handpicked to like the material, you have an easy job.

B His Girl said...

Just stopped by to smile this morning. The timing is not good to comment on this post. Oops, I was supposed to say, "It's all about timing." That telepromter messed up, not me. b

Patrice said...

Yep, Obama is a great speaker, I was ready to watch him last night, and as soon as he started speaking I feel hard and fast alseep and did not wake up until midnight!! Great speaker indeed!! Trust me, not in the least upset and got a really nice nap!

Monogram Queen said...

Nope the truth never offends me even though I like Obama!
I still like the way you put/look at things!

Carmen Gamble said...

Bold post indeed about the "leader of the free-world"...and, your observations, in my humble opinion, are correct.

I also agree with "Chel's Leaving a Legacy" comment. Who is really pulling those strings? It's an interesting world we live in!

Katherine Aucoin said...

He's got a great speech writer and he is a great orator. He says absolutely nothing. I'm offended by people who get offended over what I consider idiotic things

Here's a smile for you = )

Jenny said...

O.k. about the smiling at the gym, endorphins might have played a role in all the pleasant smiles reciprocated since they are supposed to increase with exercise and give you a better sense of wellbeing. So they may have been smiling from being on an endorphin high, so you picked a good crew to smile at this morning:)

I agree on all the above about the president. What bothers me is why does everyone have to clap after everything he says. It should be a rule that you can not clap til the end and then his speech would only last 30 minutes and we would all be greatful:)

Edie said...

I'm not offended, not at all. You got this *crowd* behind you. Hey maybe you should run for President. :)

Gee I missed his speech last night. I wonder what I was doing that was more important... :o

Chel has some good thoughts there too.

Becky said...


Yes, I would have to agree.

:-) (I'm smiling back)

skoots1mom said...

bravo, we had almost this same discussion at dinner. time is really going to tell a different story than what is expected from the democrats, i believe.
i just have a problem with a president doing things that AREN'T HIS JOB!

Wanda said...

I'll say it again, Greg...

Run for office and I will vote for you~~~

I like your style, and I could tell it came from your heart!!!


ChrisJ said...

You're so right Greg -- and I am right there with you about the speech writer. I have to admit that he seems smarter and sharper than I gave him credit for at first, but my skeptical mind says I wonder who is behind pulling the strings -- is he his own man? Can any president be 'his own man'? Can he really do all that he says he will do without getting us further into a mess? I'm not fond of politicians of any stripe, though some may start out with integrity and noble convictions, I doubt in our world of politics that they can get very far.
Well, cynic that I am, I'd better say no more.

But you are very brave to stand up for what you believe, on your blog. Go for it! I have a passion about honesty.

Sandy said...

You are one heck of an astute guy... I hear ya... loud and clear and you know what, you are spot on.

Marla said...

I think Obama is smart, but I don't agree with him. I will have to pray for him because he is our president, wether I like it or not!

Anonymous said...