Monday, February 23, 2009


TMI (Too Much Information.)

I have had writers block before but this is different. I think this would be called Writers Overload or TMI. Sometimes I get Writers Block where I can’t think of anything to write about on here but right now my head is full of topics and I just can’t decide which topic to write about. (I am trying to stick to my only positive post policy) Is that crazy or what? I guess I could always just get started and see where it ends. Ok let me try that.

Yellow Spandex pants, Size triple X; 10.00
Spiked heels; 20.00
Red see-thru blouse; 15.00
Putting it all together at the Flea Market; Priceless

Oscar night….I can’t believe that the best movie of the year was something called “Slumdog Millionaire” Someone at the Oscars made the comment (in all seriousness): “It’s all about money”. Not in my book. Did anyone out there actually see this movie?

Some reports:

Deer report; There everywhere, there everywhere. Calling all hunters. Report to Wadmalaw ASAP.
Diet report; Stalled. I am still working out though and that is good but the pounds refuse to leave.
Weather report; Warm weather is on the way. Time to plant. Free veggies for Bloggers. I don’t deliver.
Blog report; Something strange is happening and I haven’t figured it out yet. Sometimes it isn’t all there. Sounds like me.
Income tax report; If anyone has a child that they aren’t reporting, I could use another deduction. I will take good care of them and will return them after I get my deduction.
Bible report; I am still reading daily. I am up to Colossians. Moving along.

Final thought for the day;

Philippians 2: 14 Do everything without complaining or arguing, 15 so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe.

Funny how good advice is timeless.

Have a great day,


Sandy said...

Enjoyed this and the clothes, at the flea market, I would have liked to see that one!

The only movie I saw this year was Slumdog Millionaire. I have loved everything about India, and will watch or read whatever I can get my hands on ever since I was a teenager. So I went to see the movie and I really enjoyed it. I was surprised it won, but not having seen the other movies, I couldn't give a genuine report on why it did over the others. The first movie that was set over there I ever saw was City of Joy back in the 80's I think.

I visit many blogs with our Indian friends... I am intrigued by their caste system, their religion... etc.

I think their people especially the women are the most beautiful in the world. I don't know, call me India-struck...

Angie said...

Love the randomness of this post. You've purged now and should be able to come back into focus. Have a good day/week, Greg.

Chatty Kelly said...

Thanks for writing even when your overloaded. I like reading!

Suzanne Casamento said...

I really enjoyed this post. It was like "A Minute in Greg's Brain." We got to experience all your random thoughts.

You've got a lot going on! Fortunately, it's all good.

Katherine Aucoin said...

No picture from the flea market???? GREGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!! You're a big tease!

I did enjoy the catch up!

Beverlydru said...

I emjoyed this post too. Sometimes random is a good thing. I am delighted you'll be looking for Everyday Epiphanies.

B His Girl said...

I missed the Slumdog movie too. Random thoughts. I'm full of them today. B

Jamie Dawn said...

You jumped around from topic to topic, so I hope your mind is now less overloaded.
Maybe that octuplet mom will let you claim one or two of her kids for tax purposes.
My daughter is a film making major, so she saw Slumdog Millionaire and loved it. She thought it would win for sure.
I kept the Oscar on, but on mute. I read a book and then took it off of mute now and then. For the most part it was boring, boring, boring. The magic of Old Hollywood is gone, and is not being replicated.
I'm still in CA and leaving this Thursday for AR. I was about a half hour drive from where the Oscars were held. I'm sure it was a madhouse around there!!
Keep up with your exercise and watching your diet. Weight loss stalls are common... and frustrating.
Your body, especially your heart, is loving you for working out.
The flea market lady sounds like an eye sore. I guess that depends on the shape and age of the woman, but she sounds like quite a sight.

Scarlet said...

I love watching the AA every year, but it was surprising to see that movie sweep up eight Oscars! OMG!

I only saw Vicky Cristina Barcelona, which I loved. Penelope Cruz was fantastic in it.

I love your Bible quote; it reminds me of a VHS tape I used to put on for my daughter when she was 2. She'd sing the verse along with the children on the tape. I think it was either The Donut Man and the Donut Repair Club or The Cedarmont Kids tape.

Anyway, this post had a little bit of this and that, like "tapas" (the Spanish word for appetizers). I liked it! :)

Patrice said...

Never seen or heard of the movie until today! I guess I'm a nerd living under a rock or something!

I have an extra child for your tax deductions, but you have to keep him until after college is paid for!! I'm in.......

He he!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

My diet report is FAR worse than yours if that's any help!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Wow, it was like speed dating only speed posting.

GutsyWriter said...

I get just like you sometimes, when I have so many ideas and am not sure what I want to blog about. I kind of leave things to settle for a while and then it happens. I get a feeling that today I should blog about this idea. "Slumdog Millionaire," I didn't like it. Sorry to be different, but I actually liked Doubt and Revolutionary Road a lot better. Didn't see Benjamin Button nor Milk. Did you?

Edie said...

The clothing at the flea market was almost TMI. LOL!

I love your random stuff. I get overloaded too but all the thoughts want to get tangled together. Am going through a bit of that too.

I watched a couple of minutes of the Oscars but when it turned into a political push for g*y rights I left the scene.

Marla said...

I haven't seen a movie for yeats, so I didn't see Slumdog Millianaire. Oh Greg you never seem to be at lost for words!!

Dorothy Champagne said...

I am totally never going to a flea market where you live. It's bad enough hitting the beach down here - but I think it has found its rival!

Monogram Queen said...

Now that was a great update Greg! I haven't read my blogs in days and you got me up to speed!

Anonymous said...