Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring has come to the Low country

For those who aren't from Charleston, it is frequently referred to as the Low country. I think that is because parts of it, including much of the City are actually below sea level. And they wonder why it floods when we get a little rain. But as I said, Spring is here, and I have the photos to prove it. My son and I with a little help from DW and my youngest son have been busy getting the plants ready. So without further ado, here are the photos I took today:

Can you tell we like azaleas? The climate here is perfect for them and almost every yard has some.

Here is our forsythia. It is growing on a gazebo that I made.

Although my big pear tree didn't bear this year, my little one did.

Scarlet asked to see the full size of this maple tree. I pulled it up by hand many years ago and replanted it where it is.

The redbuds in the area are the best I have ever seen. Ours included.

The Dogwoods were looking good until that last cold snap. Oh well you can't have everything.

Ok you have to look closely to see whats in this picture. A friend of mine gave me some iris' a few years ago. They were supposed to be purple but a few turned out to be show white. I will have some photos of them blooming in a few days. These are the only two that are about to bloom and I think these are white.

I started about 200 tomato plants this year. What was I thinking?

And who could forget Lucy. She is still with us and has survived two dog attacks and one raccoon attack. Her two friends weren't so lucky.

The loquats were in full bloom during that last freeze. Looks like we will only have a few to eat this year.

Here is another photo of the forsythia.

Well that about does it for now. I hope you enjoyed the spring photos.

EDIT Alert:

Ok I have a confession to make. I had to start taking Benedryl at night so that I could get some relief from my allergies and get some sleep. Because of that, I am in a state of confusion most of the time. Those yellow flowers aren't Forsythia they are yellow Jasmine. We do have a yellow forsythia but it is a bush, in our back yard and has already finished blooming. Well it sounded good at the time. I also forgot to post a link to my son's blog who also has some photos of our plants. Sorry for any confusion.

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ChrisJ said...

I never saw azaleas so beautiful as they are in the east. First time I saw them was in Philadelphia. They were gorgeous. We were there for a friend's wedding. They are still together and we are still in touch, forty years later.

The Gyrovague said...


I am a casual drop in on your blog. I just read a book called the 64 Dollar tomatoe. You should read it. I think of you and your garden a lot when reading it.

I think you might have a twin in New York.

skoots1mom said...

my front yard azaleas are blooming but my backyard is dragging its feet. your pics are gorgeous, i know u'r loving the color.
i've got to spend some time tomorrow scratching around in my island...we're expecting rain tomorrow night. my trumpet bush should be putting a shoot out soon, and i notice my clematis vine is grabbing my mailbox already.
beautifully done...bravo! I need to call you GreenGreg, you're talented in planting and growing!!thx 4 sharing

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, Greg. Our azaleas bloomed about 3 1/2 weeks ago and are already gone. :( Teaches you to appreciate things as they come; such beautiful flowers but they only stay a short time!

Monogram Queen said...

I enjoyed them very much! I am in awe of your green thumb!
I'll have to back-read to find out Lucy's story!
Spring has Sprung! My friend

Dorothy Champagne said...

How can one look at these pictures and not know there is a God in Heaven!?!

My ADHD Me said...

I LOVE spring.
We used to live in a neighborhood that was famous for its azalea gardens. In one place they were all red with a white cross in the middle.

200 tomato plants!! Last year we had 5. I think we even got a tomato or 2.

Your pictures are beautiful!

Katherine Aucoin said...

I miss the azaleas. I remember how pretty N.O. looked at this time of year. I don't see any of them here. Your photos are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

I would love to have some jasmine to grow on our pergala, but I don't think it would do well in this climate.

Hope your allergies let up on you soon!

The Dental Maven said...

Well, now maybe all those forsythia's I've seen in my life were actually yellow jasmine's! How distressing. ;)

Chatty Kelly said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Debbie @Like a Rose said...

The flowers are beautiful. We are finally starting to see the first signs of Spring with some crocus blooming.
200 tomato plants - seriously, what were you thinking?

Bristol is awesome, you really should try to get there sometime. It is my favorite track. There are more photos today on my WW.

Carmen Gamble said...

You have flowers already? I'm so jealous! The photos are beautiful! Your garden must be so wonderful to look at when it's all in full bloom. 100 tomato plants? Even I know that's excessive (which is amazing since my thumb is, well, not green). Thanks for sharing!
PS: I have a great stewed tomato recipe for canning...

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

We DO live in the most wonderful place in the world!!

Sandy said...

Wow, spring is right! You took some realy nice photos. I enjoyed seeing all that color. I sure hope your allergies aren't too bad this spring.

We have lots of color out here too.

I use to read an author...Anne River Sidons I think, and she would talk about low country and high country out there..

Edie said...

Your flowers are so beautiful. Great photography too!

Why would you want any tomatos? Blech. :)

Jenny said...

Nice photos, your azaleas look great.

Daisy said...

Your pictures are gorgeous!!! I can't wait for spring to actually spring here.

Anonymous said...