Monday, March 2, 2009

Spring has sprung

Well almost. It is supposed to be in the high twenties here tonight and then in the mid thirties tomorrow night but after that spring is officially here. It's just like the old saying goes about March; In like a lion, out like a lamb. And here is the lion to back it up.

OK Tigger Tiger only thinks he is a lion but that is close enough as far as I am concerned.

The plants know it is spring. This is the pear tree that I brutally cut back this past year. It has lots of new leaves on it but we aren't going to get any pears this year.

My Maple tree is blooming too. I need to take a full size photo of this tree. It is about thirty feet high. I pulled it up by hand out of our back yard about 25 years ago and planted it in the front yard. Wow has time flown.

The Camellias are in full bloom. They don't seem to mind the cold weather.

And sun is forecast for the next week here. Yea, bring on the sun. Come on, wake up sun. Apparently, the sun is asleep.

And finally here is the new flag that we got for our son. Can you tell which college he wants to go to?

I Hope you enjoyed the photos,
Have a wonderful day,


AirmanMom said...

Were you able to enjoy any of the snow which made its way up the east coast? Spring is coming, soon!

Jenny said...

I can't wait for spring, this hot one day cold the next is driving me crazy:) What no scarf;)

Chatty Kelly said...

Visit my blog tomorrow (tuesday) to see what our spring is looking like! Hint - nothing like yours!

But supposed to be 70 here by the weekend. And that's a good thing.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

The first year we lived here, I "pruned" our hydrangea.

I'd never cared for one before.

I'm sorry to say that I was brutal, too. I came back, but I don't think we saw any blooms for two more years.

Is that a Japanese maple? I love those. The gorgeous red is like candy to my eyes!

Great pictures!

Edie said...

Would you send some of your spring this way please? I'm tired of being cold!!

You are welcome to come and do my gardening if you want. You do such a great job!

ChrisJ said...

Nice photos, Greg. Spring can't be too far away! We had our spring/summer in January! Now it's too cool for us, even if it is in the low sixties.

Dorothy Champagne said...

Your photos are amazing. Professional photographer? May be your new calling.

skoots1mom said...

gr8 pics
beautiful camilias

TheWritersPorch said...

Great Photos Greg...lots of signs here too and I am so ready!

Lori said...

I want spring!

Katherine Aucoin said...

Nice photos your big show off!! LOL =)

Some of our bulbs have come up and started to bloom, so I know all the dogwoods and bradford pears will be in full bloom real soon. I can't wait!

The Dental Maven said...

No spring here, but can I have the cat?

Debbie said...

I am ready for spring. But it sure doesn't look like that here.

Scarlet said...

I'd love to see a full-size shot of your maple tree!

Btw, you must have the greenest thumb on the planet! Your pictures are amazing!!

B His Girl said...

I'm sorry it wasn't a dream but maybe next time. The other B did like your captions. I did too. We hit 75 this week. Summer is fast approaching. Love the photos. Hey, my azalea is looking lots better. More blooms. B

Beverlydru said...

Very pretty photos. I especially love camellias. Quite a southern thing. I chose this one to comment on because I like taxes about as much as I like to got to the dentist. NOT.AT.ALL.

Terri Tiffany said...

Thank you for visiting my blog today! And yes it sounds like we have a lot in common! We spent 6 weeks living in N Charleston there in 2007 and loved Charleston but missed the FL warmth!
You have a nice style of writing! Hope you do much with it!

Monogram Queen said...

Well i'm still waiting for in like a Lion (as in the snowstorm-that-wasn't) but who's complaining?
Love the pics, especially Tigger. So cute!

Sandy said...

that is a gorgeous cat!!

Anonymous said...