Monday, April 6, 2009


Thank goodness it’s Monday. I really need some rest after that long weekend. Yes I took some time off to get a few things done around my house. Sorry I didn’t allow much time for blogging. I wanted to make some bluebird houses but after taking most of the day Friday making them, I am thinking I like Carolina Wrens better. They aren’t particular where they nest and one of them has already decided to make his next in my shed. If you sit down and compare the two birds you will have to agree that even though they are both birds, they are very much different. They remind me of a lot of people I know.

Bluebirds are showy and very pretty. Yes they eat bugs but they aren’t very friendly. They are very particular about their houses and expect you to clean it out after they are done with it. If you don’t clean out the birdhouses after they are done nesting, chances are, you will get a different type of bird in them next year. Right now we have one pair of bluebirds in one of our houses, and a pair of chickadees in the other one. I forgot to clean it out.

Carolina Wrens however are brown and not very colorful at all. They too eat bugs but because they aren’t flashy you may not notice them going about their work. They will build a nest almost anywhere. I have seen them build nests in shoes, hanging planters, boxes, lights and yes they will go in to bird houses. Right now we have a pair in a small ceramic birdhouse and another in my shed. I don’t know exactly where they nest is but I do see them coming and going so I know it is in there somewhere. Carolina Wrens have a very loud voice too and if you didn’t see them singing you probably wouldn’t believe it was them making that sound.

So Saturday rolls around and my son and I go to the flea market. Yes it was the bad one again. I don’t want to bore you with all the details so let me just give you a quick list;

Totally naked man in the bathroom, XXXL Clown pants, red and pink hair, goth boy with cat eyes, Greek lady who wouldn’t shut up, 60 year old woman with t-shirt with the word ta-tas on it, cursing man returns (thankfully not next to us), expired candy and feminine hygiene products for sale (ewwwww), and sooooooooo much more.
I should write a book about that place. I am so glad the other market opens next week. I know things will be more normal down there. Well unless the man in the dress returns. Let’s hope not.

Sunday afternoon we went out in the boats. Yes I said boats as in plural. We took both boats out just to give them some runtime. The Island was really nice and we were all alone on the side we were on. We got in a nice walk, picked up some shells and flew a kite. The water was full of sand dollars but most of them were alive. We only found two that were dead so that is all we brought home. The live ones really amaze me.

What amazes me about them is how slow they move. We had put some that we found stranded back in the water. After about an hour, I came back by them and they had moved about 6 inches. So that means that they probably can only move less than 15feet on a good day. Well since they were everywhere on this beach, I wonder why they were all there and where they all go when they aren’t there. Perhaps they have sand dollar hangouts where they all get together and do whatever sand dollars do. They are very interesting creatures. Here is a video I found of one moving. I think it is going in a circle trying to pick up speed before taking off. Maybe that is what I need to do to get moving today.I didn't even take any photos this weekend which is why I stole these photos off the internet. :)

Have a great day,


Patrice said...

Wow, you needed a day of work to recover from your busy weekend! Me, all I did this weekend was sleep, take a pain pill, and nap some!! HA!

The Dental Maven said...

Whatever kinda birds you got there are a whole lot better than turkey vultures! Recently a deer died in my neighbors yard. I pulled into my driveway and my house and trees were covered with them. And those SUCKERS ARE BIG! Very Hitchcock-esque!

Katherine Aucoin said...

I guess you do need some rest after that busy weekend. But you have to admit, the flea market, the bad one, is just pure entertainement. You just can't make up stuff like that.

I had no idea that sand dollars moved so slow...amazing.

Debbie said...

Good grief. Do you go to a flea market for the criminally insane, or what? I've never heard of such a variety of loons.

Terri Tiffany said...

OK so moving sand dollars are really creepy. First off, I didn't really know you could find them alive.
Sounds like you really do need to find a new flea market. That sounds too scary too:)
And did you write an article yet????

Monogram Queen said...

I am dying to get my hands on some sand dollars. I may have to have you show me your secret place :)

The bad flea market. Oy vey I know of what you speak. It's... it's.... different is all I can say. I really would rather come see you at the other one. I think i've got my sister talked into coming with me.

Chatty Kelly said...

Just so you know...the "Ta-tas" shirt is a breast cancer awareness shirt. Yes, it's crude and No, I would NEVER EVER wear one, or let my daughter wear one, but it is for breast cancer awareness and fundraising.

Sounds like you had an exciting weekend. We live on a lake, and have a 16' John boat. We'll probably put it in next month, after all the rain stops. Bailing is not fun.

Sandy said...

Enjoyed reading this and I first thought these were your photos but regardless, I love them. Especially the blue bird....I may have to try painting that one!

You're always fun to read. I enjoyed catching up here.

Anonymous said...