Friday, May 29, 2009

Finally Friday

Here are some friday bits and pieces:

For a short week this one sure seemed long. Even though I only had to work 4 days this week it seemed more like 10. But we made it to Friday and today is starting out well. I got another good workout at the gym and I did weights today just to “mix-it-up”. See my Tuesday post for details.
Last night the sky was a beautiful color. My father used to call it “sky blue pink” but I don’t know if that was something he made up or heard somewhere. The color is more like blue-orange than blue-pink. No matter what you call it, it is amazing.

This morning I saw the most amazing creature. I think it was an albino raccoon. It took me by surprise and I started to turn around just to make sure I wasn’t seeing things but I was running late so I had to press on. I saw lots of other things this morning too including a large red fox and a deer in my neighbor’s yard. I blame it on the moon.

I found another use for the grass catcher on my lawnmower. For those of you with children you know that lawnmowers are famous for picking up things like toys that are left in the yard. But who knew this could happen…..

Ok truth is he climbed in on his own right up the shoot. Please don’t try this at home. This is a trained cat. Please don’t try to pick your cat up with the lawnmower. No cats were harmed in the making of this photo.

Cucumbers are in. I am finally realizing the fruits of my labor in the garden. I picked these last night in my garden. I should have more ready tonight as well as squash. I also noticed that my tomato plants are loaded. Thank you God for giving me a green thumb.

Well that about wraps it up. Have a great Weekend everyone,


Jenny wren's nest said...

Cats are so funny, its like living with a two year old clown some times,
My kids wish I didn't have a green thumb or a garden they groan when I harvest anything healthy.

Chatty Kelly said...

We always say "Pink at night, sailors delight. Pink in the morning, sailors take warning." I don't know if there is any truth to that, and none of us are sailors anyway. LOL!

Cute kitty. :-)

Your cucs look great! Can't wait to see more of your harvest.

skoots1mom said...

i figured it was going to be a lizard...what a hoot, i didn't expect a cat, for sure!! sure glad it wasn't the albino raccoon :)

hope you get a picture of the raccoon

i love to be out in the early morning to see creatures roaming and welcoming the onset of day

the sky was fantabulous!

we had beautiful, humongous thundercloud skies as the sun was setting last night...i should have taken some shots...maybe i'll get some tonight

mmmmmmmm, love me some home-made pickles, "ya gonna eat that pickle?" of my favorite commercials from the past

have a great weekend

My ADHD Me said...

Cat picture- SO Funny. Sorry, but I can't stand cats. Of course I am glad he was ok, (I don't like cats but I'm not a psycho-killer or anything like that!).

I wish I had a green thumb. Almost everything I plant dies. I think it has something to do with the water in our area....ok, perhaps it has something to do with said water not being applied to said plants. We do have a few tomato plants and so far I have kept them well hydrated.

So Tired- HAHA! Madeline Kahn is HILARIOUS! She reminds me of Gilda Radner....but darker humor. I said posting that song would be in bad taste....I didn't say I didn't think it was great. lol. OK, so sometimes I can be a bit uncouth. Bet you knew that :-)

2Thinks said...

Wow! I was worried about the cat at first, then I laughed. I would say I am jealous of you for the fact that you worked out this week at the gym and because you have cucumbers already, but I am working on my pride issues. So, in truth, what I am is: happy for you. I am. I am happy for you that you worked out, thus staying in step with the 30x5 weekly challenge, which I did not actually do this week. As for the cukes- I live in Michigan. It will be many weeks before I see any of those little pickles on my vines. Yours look wonderful! Enjoy!

I love your pics of the sky and moon, two of my favorite things to gaze at. Also, thanks for visiting my blog. Tag free t-shirts rock!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Hey buddy, just makin' the rounds for the first time in like...forever!

Sounds like life is moving along for you. :-) The cat picture cracked me up. I'm outside, so I didn't see him in there at first.

And the cucumbers look should get on your knees and thank God again, right now, for giving you a green thumb. :-) What a blessing!

sara said...

that cat looks like it is saying "what is the big deal?"

I will be starting phase 4 tonight....mixing it up with abs...yikes!

wish we lived closer so you could "share" your harvest!! :)

Debbie @Like a Rose said...

You encounter more "critters"!

Glad you included all the disclaimers about the cat. Otherwise the SPCA would be after you for sure.

That is one beautiful sky.

Katherine Aucoin said...

Have a great weekend Greg! The cat in the grass catcher really cracked me up!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Great pics, as usual. That sky reminds me of the stained glass windows in my childhood church.

Edie said...

Hahaha! Love the cat photos. Animals are so amusing sometimes.

Would love to have your green thumb, but alas...
Enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Kim said...

Love your "cat catcher"!

Beautiful pics of the sky! I love taking pics of clouds..I have a very large file on my computer...I'll probably never do anything with them. LOL!

Congrats on the harvest! I swear I have a brown thumb and I hate it!! I got a beautiful fushia for Mother's Day and I can't figure out what I've done wrong! I've watered it faithfully and it's hanging on my front porch, but it's dying a slow death. :(

Enjoy your weekend!!!

(off to the Farmer's Market!)

The Dental Maven said...

Have a great weekend Greg! Love your new Lawn Meower.

B His Girl said...

Thank God. Who knows what you will see today. Going to the flea market? Be sure to take your camera on the road. Enjoy the weekend Greg. B

Lori said...

Love all the pics! I agree with you on the length of the week. : )

Patrice said...

There is something about you and animals....can't quite put my finger on it...

Those cucumbers look yummy! Homemade pickle time!! You have such a green thumb!!

Susan Skitt said...

Always a smile when I visit here. God sure did give you a green thumb, He didn't for me, but I sure appreciate those like you :)

Loved the cat in the bag pic :)

Hope you're having a nice weekend!

Sandy said...

albino raccoon...didn't know there was such a thing. Loved the cat in the grass catcher, ha.

Terri Tiffany said...

I love love love cats so seeing yours like that made me want to reach out and pick him up! ANd your pictures are so crystal clear...what kind of camera must you have?? Enjoy the weekend what is left of it and let's hope we have an awesome week!

Jenny said...

I love the pic of the orange,pink, blue sky:) Your cat is so cute.

I still don't know how you eat cucumbers for breakfast?? But they do look yummy.

Carmen Gamble said... cats were harmed in the making of this're SO funny! I hope you get a photo of that albino raccoon one day. That's something people don't see everyday! You have cukes already? I haven't even planted mine yet. Still waiting on the planting boxes to get assembled...

Monogram Queen said...

That is one funny cat! Sometimes I think they will jump "in" anything!

Jamie Dawn said...

I got some cucumbers from our farmer's market on Tuesday and they were tasty! I made a terrific salad using produce from the market. It was tomatoes, sweet onions, and cucumbers with Sweet Vidalia Onion dressing and some seasonings. Yummy!!

I'm glad that kitty did not get mowed over. The Reverend actually mowed over one of our cats years ago. He was on the riding mower and heard a clunk. It was hideous!

An albino raccoon huh? Had you been drinking??
Just kidding.

Anonymous said...