Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Plants plants and more plants.

One of the things we have been doing lately is weeding our plants. It takes a really long time to do it by hand. Of course we could use weed killer but are trying to stay as natural as possible so we don't. It is back breaking work but well worth it as our plants are really healthy. After I finished weeding tonight I decided to take a few more photos to share.

These are sunflowers just getting started. The plants in the background are zinnias.

We planted gourds to make bird houses but also just because we like them.

My tomato plants are starting to get big and should have buds on them very soon.

A little squash plant.

And we have cucumbers on the vine already.

This is called a society garlic. It smells like garlic when you brush against it so it helps keep animals out of the garden.

And here are some of the potted day lilies that we have been weeding. Those are loquat trees in the background.

As you know there is only one thing that really scares me and they love to live in the garden. Growing up in the South like I did, I know what the web looks and feels like. And these eggs were a dead giveaway.

Most of the time, they are timid and not at all aggressive but when they have eggs watch out.

When I poked the eggs with a stick, she came out and stood her ground to protect them.

Ok does anyone not know what kind of spider this is? In case you don't know it is a black widow and capable of killing you. And did you know that they eat the males which is how I knew this was a female.

The first three day lily varieties are blooming. These are called #1 Pink, Apricot Cream and Plum Crazy.

I thought it was best to end on a positive note.

Have a wonderful day,


Kati said...

*shudder* Did you kill the black widow, Greg??? Spiders are something I have a hard time allowing to live at all, but Black Widows (and Brown Recluses) are an absolute around here. If I find them, I kill them. (And, only in the last couple of years have Black Widows been found around here.)

Some great pics otherwise, Greg!!! I know you're much warmer down there than it is here at my place, but man.... to see those cucumbers and tomatoes so big already!!!! Just astonishing!!! Thanks for sharing!

Kim said...

Enjoyed seeing all your plants. The spider, not so much :-) One of the bloggers I read, her son was bitten by a black widow and had to be hospitalized. Pretty scary!

Just thinking of vine ripened tomatoes makes my mouth water. We're heading into winter here so none for me for a while.

Wanda said...

You plants are so beautiful.

Now that Black Widow......Oh, we had those back in our wood shed when I was young.... we were very careful when we would go out to get firewood.

You did get a fabulous picture of her....with her red violin...


Chatty Kelly said...

I hope you squashed her & her egg sacks. GROSS! BLAH! UGH! I wish I didn't check this until the morning, cause I will have a hard time sleeping tonight.

Jenny said...

Love the plants, Black Widow not so much. We have them here, they like to hide in the fence. We also have them at my sons school I have a hard time killing God's creatures so I always make someone else kill it.

Scarlet said...

Yikes! That spider looks creepy! (Don't they all??) I'd worry, too, if I found a deadly creature hanging around my plants...or anywhere near my home!

The lilies are beautiful, and you have an enormous yard! Lucky you.

Edie said...

Oh my goodness that was one large widow. So did you kill it and burn the egg sacs?

Great pics of the plants and flowers. Looks like you have your work cut out for you.

The Dental Maven said...

Beautiful photo's as usual Greg. I'm not big on arachnids, but you got some good shots of her too!

Katherine Aucoin said...

I have never seen a black widow until we moved to TN. We usually find them when we hook the pump and filter back up on the pool. They scare the heck out of me.

Beautiful flowers, Greg.

Jenny wren's nest said...

wow your garden is so far ahead of Indiana, I cant wait to actually get to plant, Its been nothing but rain and cool temps.
I have never seen a black widow that was not in a cadge, My son would want to keep it to observe it and,scare his sister with.

B His Girl said...

Hey Greg

My hubbie has 3 tomato plants and we have had a few in our salad. He is so proud : ) LOVE your day lilies. You make me want to get back to more gardening. Keep planting. B

Kristen said...

Ack!!! A black widow?!?!! Great pictures. Now I know exactly what they look like - and their eggs. (And, I'll have creepy crawlies all day....)

I really enjoy hearing about your plants and seeing the pics of your lilies. You inspire me to get into gear in my own garden. Have a great day!

AirmanMom said...

Amazing photos! I look forward to seeing the photos of the freshly picked tomatoes! Yummy!

Terri Tiffany said...

You are near that spider! Ugh--I didn't know that's what they live in!
I particularily love the chair that sits on the side of your garden. That's where I would be:)

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Are you what they call a "master gardener"? It sure seems like you are. I am so impressed day after day seeing what you grow.

I don't think I've ever actually seen a black widow before. Shudder.

skoots1mom said...

anybody else remember Jim Stafford singing, "I don't like spiders and snakes--
And that ain't what it takes to love me--
You fool, you fool"?
loved that song as a kid, but i STILL HATE SPIDERS...kill 'em whenever i can.

i love all your plants...you'll get some good sales from those.
And, I'm thoroughly jealous of your veggie garden...you're going to have the best time eating all those wonderful veggies!

Carmen Gamble said...

Wonderful looking garden, Greg. Awesome pics! We used to collect black widows and give them to the local hospital to milk for making anti-venom. Once I just about walked into one with my FACE!!! He was hanging in the laundry room, about 3 feet in from the door. C-r-e-e-p-e-r-s...shudder shudder!

Bardouble29 said...

Love all the plants. I am growing my day lilies too. One of my favs.

Monogram Queen said...

Just poking around on your blog, I love your garden! I can't wait until we can plant one!

Debbie @Like a Rose said...

Yikes! I hate spiders. In the Spring at our house (in the woods) we have a 3 spider limit. Once we see 3 spiders in the house, nickel size or larger, we call the exterminator. He has already visited this year, much earlier than usual. I must say your spider makes the garter snake I "battled" in the backyard seem pretty tame.

Can't wait to see your sunflowers when they bloom - be sure to share photos.

ChrisJ said...

Oh we have black widows over here. Can't tell you how many I have seen and just missed touching by accident. Glad you ended on a positive note.

ChrisJ said...

That star jasmine has such a strong perfume. We have a large bank of it too. It will always remind me of this house because it was in full bloom the day we first moved in thirty six years ago. Love the orange sherbert.

Anonymous said...