Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It’s all Free

It was business as usual at the gym this morning, however when I got to the locker room, the TV was tuned to the religious channel. I think they call it the Christian Channel but from what I saw the infomercials were anything but Christian. The one that was on when I first got to the gym was all about something called “No Sin Oil” This stuff was truly amazing and so was the preacher that was selling it. As luck would have it, Pastor Frank got to the locker room at the same time I did and he just rolled his eyes at the TV and we both shook our heads in disgust.

So this preacher was selling “No Sin Oil” He quoted out of the Bible some passage about keeping sin out of your house and then went on to say that this “Miracle No Sin Oil” could do it for you. Wow a shortcut. I like that. I guess he forgot to read the part on HOW to get sin out of your life. So he said that by just taking a little of this precious oil and putting a dab on you, all your sins would be gone and not only that they would be forever removed from your house. Awesome, I want some. I wonder if it works if you put some on someone else. I’m just asking…

Unfortunately, when I came back in to the locker room after working out, that preacher was gone. But luckily there was another one on and he was selling something even more amazing; The “Miracle Green Prayer Cloth.” Now I have to tell you I was skeptical at first but after hearing the testimonials, I was sold. One lady bought one of the green hankies, and within one week, her salary went from 10 dollars an hour to over 30. So the preacher stood up and promised everyone in the crowd, that if they bought one, they could expect to triple their salaries. In fact he guaranteed it. I’m gonna get one and be rich. NOT!!!

Another woman told about how she had cancer but after buying one of these green cloths and sleeping on it, her cancer went away. Yet another person told about how she was down to her last dime but she called for a Miracle cloth and within days her life was turned around. She and her husband both got good paying jobs. They bought a house and get this: They were now driving a “Brand New White Cadillac” and in fact drove it to the studio that very day. Everyone there was impressed too and gave them a standing ovation.

Sort of reminds me of another Miracle product:

Of course there is some fine print that goes along with this “Free” offer. Even though the green hankie is free you must follow the instructions completely in order for your prayers to come true. And the first instruction in order for your prayers to come true is that you must send lots of money to the guy that sent you the “Miracle Green Cloth.” If you don’t send in enough money he won’t bless the cloth and you won’t get your Miracle. He really is a saint for doing this.

Many years ago some of our neighbors were into a religious club that was on TV. They had a nice house on several acres and lived a really simple life. But they wanted to be a part of this TV family so they sold everything they had, gave the money to this guy who's name I won’t mention and then went there to help build HIS temple and their new home. Within a few months of our neighbors moving, the entire thing collapsed and they were left with nothing. Their dreams were shattered and I don’t know what ever became of them.

With all the laws concerning truth in advertising these days why are these people allowed to continue to prey on the desperate and needy? Why isn’t this a crime just like saying that a medicine does something that it really doesn’t? It really makes me sick to hear their false claims, knowing that somewhere out there is a little old lady who will spend what little money she has on "magic beans". Especially when what they have to offer is already paid for. Sorry I had to vent. But then I did post today. :)

Have a great day,


Katherine Aucoin said...

There is a special place in hell for people so called preachers and churches that dupe people.

Chatty Kelly said...

Amen Greg!

Terri Tiffany said...

How awfully sad for that family you knew who did that!
Now if I thought buying a green cloth would make me rich--gee--I'd buy one for everyone:)
Yes--at least you blogged today--as you can see, I didn't. I played hooky but will get back at it tomorrow:)

Suzanne Casamento said...

I totally agree, it should be a crime. It's bad enough that there are scams like those spam emails that say you've inherited a million dollars and all you need to do is give the sender your social security number and bank account number and they'll deposit it for you.

If you're not so internet savvy or really desperate you could fall for it.

But to scam people in the name of God is really messed up. To claim that a magic prayer cloth will cure cancer or that by buying something, God will give you good luck is down right evil.

2Thinks said...

Can we check out the oil and cloth claims on Snopes? Or is that just for computer scams.

This is why we all need to be like the Bereans and put on our thinking caps.

btw, Greg- about your comment on my Vicks post- it must be, since you just celebrated all those years of married bliss that you haven't worn the rub to bed very often. Now that was good thinkin'.


The Dental Maven said...

Are you sure it wasn't "snake oil?" So many of these nutjobs exist and it's disturbing that so many fall prey to their shenanigans.

Patience said...

Hey, I've got some scraps of green cloth!!

And, hey, I've got some old baby oil in a bottle in the back of my cabinet!!

Maybe . . . if I soaked the green cloth in the baby oil, no telling how much $$$ I could scam people out of!!!

Jenny said...

That kind of advertising totally makes me sick to my stomach.

Kristen said...

As I was reading your post, I kept waiting for you to say that you had made the oil and green cloth up. I can't believe it's real! It makes me sick, too.

Edie said...

You're allowed to vent. That stuff gets under my skin bad. If that *preacher* used that no sin oil, would he tell the truth about it not being able to take sin away?

ChrisJ said...

UGH! Being in the 'preacher' business,(my husband is one), that stuff makes my skin crawl. There's so much good in the Gospel and so many Bibles to guide us -- not to mention the Holy Spirit, you just have to wonder why people believe that stuff. Good for you, Greg. Preach it like it is!

Debbie @Like a Rose said...

It's so sad that greed causes someto prey on desperate, scared or confused people, let alone when they try to bring God into it. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...