Friday, June 5, 2009

One RingyDingy

Well it's Friday and you know what that means? Well normally only that tomorrow is Saturday but today is a special day for Greg and Mrs. Greg as you all like to call her. Actually her name is Diane and today is our 28th Anniversary. That's a big Whoo Hoo. So this morning I went to the gym to work out and although it isn't right to brag, I just had to brag about my anniversary to one of my friends. His name is Frank and he is a preacher so I thought he would be impressed with the 28 years. He was but he informed me that he and his wife had been married for 49 years. Way to take the wind out of my sails.

So what do you get for someone who you have been married to for 28 years and already has everything? Well she has me and I consider myself a diamond (in the rough). So I started shopping around and came across a few ideas:

Chain saw.... Practical but not romantic.
Cast net.....Been there done that. (long story)
New tool set....I may be on to something here (or maybe not)
5 carrot diamond ring....What she really wants but way out of my budget at the moment (thinking about #30 though)
New wedding band for me......Eureka that's it.

Right after we got married, I was out fishing and when I went to throw the cast net, my wedding band came off and was lost. Well we bought a new one but when I wore it on the submarine I got a rash even though it was 14K Gold. The atmosphere on a submarine is conducive to getting rashes due to the heat and sanitary conditions. A congressman once told me that prisoners couldn't be subjected to living conditions like that but it was good enough for our servicemen. But I digress. Anywhoo after not wearing it for all those years, it sort of got lost.

In a recent discussion between my wife and I, she expressed that she would really like me to get a new wedding band so I have ordered one and will have it in a few weeks. I did a lot of shopping around and the prices varied drastically so I am glad I didn't just buy the first one I saw. So there you have it. I am buying a new wedding band and will wear it since it means so much to Diane. Wow this communication thing really works.

And speaking of communication and RingyDingy, it reminded me of an old skit that used to crack me up. And through the miracle of modern Internet, I was able to find it. The scary part is that it is applicable today even after 40 years. For those youngsters that have never seen this before, it is a classic, kind of like me, Haha


And have a great day,


Debbie @Like a Rose said...

Good for you on the ring. I would, however, come up with a little something for her too. :)

Personally, I'm all about the tool box. Hubby got me my own Kobalt box and some tools for Christmas and I was thrilled - really! Maybe I'll post that story and pictures sometime soon.

Jenny said...

Happy Anniversary :)

Brad lost his wedding ring in February and I need to go get him one too.

That sketch is hilarious.

Darla said...

hope you have a wonderful anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Greg.

Jenny wren's nest said...

I love the skit, LoL,
It's a good thing that you are getting a wedding band, after all you do have 40 ladies following your blog and they need to know you are a happly married man. ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary!

skoots1mom said...

being a telco retiree, i soooooo enjoyed that video.
my cousin was an operator and she tells some gr8 stories
great idea with the ring!
happy wedding 28years later :)

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Greg! :-)
28 years is certainly nothing to sneeze at, especially in this day and time!

I think getting your wedding ring is wonderful. Maybe you could put it among a bouquet of roses, or something? Tool box may not go over so well. Just sayin.


2Thinks said...

Great gift and loved the video.

Suzanne Casamento said...

You ARE a classic! Classically funny. : )

Your anniversary gift is lovely. Happy Anniversary to you both. Enjoy the communication! ; )

Patrice said...
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Becky said...

Great idea. I haven't worn mine for awhile cuz I grew out of it :-0

I bet Diane would like a back rub too, while you are wearing the ring... and maybe a poem. Us chicks eat that stuff up.

Congrats on 28 years!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

What is it with men losing their wedding husband did the same thing a couple of years after we got married. Luckly we had my daddy's ring and he's worn it every since. Happy Anniversary...we're right behind you...26 years coming up on July 9.

Playwright Chick said...

Wow - HAPPY 28TH! Quite an accomplishment by today's standards. I hope you'll have something lovely about Mrs. Greg inscribed on the inside of your new band of gold. Cher

Peggy said...


Our anniversary is coming up and I would really like my husband to get a new wedding band. His first one got mangled when he was redoing our apartment many moon ago!
Happy Anniversay to both you and Diane!

Angie said...

Happy anniversary. Hope you had a great day.

I used to do a good impersonation of her when I was a little girl.

Chatty Kelly said...

So glad you are honoring your wife by doing this. I know she must be thrilled. And I hope in 2 more yrs I hear about this 5 carot diamond ring. It's in writing, you know?

Sandy said...

Happy anniversary. I remember 28 years, long time ago for me and who ever thought I'd still be with the goof..ha.

great present...that is one cool band.

Wanda said...

Happy Anniversary, and congratulations on the decision to get a new wedding band.

Your "One Ringy Dingy" is a all time favorite of mine....

Ha Ha Ha.....

Thanks for a laugh or two.


Scarlet said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you!!

I love Lily Tomlin. Great skit!

Edie said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope your wife loved your ring! And those flowers, dinner, and chocolates you got her. :)

I would love to have that chain saw myself.

I love Lily Tomlin! Kind of scary that she understood the direction of the nation so well. Clearly the operator skit was a warning and we all missed it!

Anonymous said...