Wednesday, July 22, 2009

All up in my grill(z)

For those that aren’t as hip as I am, “All up in my grill(z)” means “up in my face.” I will leave off the (z) for the rest of the post. (note: using the term HIP tells you just how un-hip I really am)

If there’s one way to turn me off, it is getting all up in my grill. The moment someone gets in my face, I immediately begin to resist and put up a front. It’s not the closeness that makes me push back; it’s the aggression or demanding attitude. I don’t like being pushed and getting all up in my grill is a sign that you intend to push me. Up goes the resistance and I fight back. Sometimes though I don’t push back, I simply ignore the person. (A trait I learned from dear old Dad)

It has been a pretty tough year for me as it has for many of you out there. On the whole I am still doing pretty well but there have been lots of setbacks for me and my family. We have had lots of financial setbacks and the stress level is at an all time high. The stress increase isn’t due to anything personal it is just that there are lots of stress factors around us all these days. Lots of people have gotten up in my grill and It has taken all I have inside not to snap. Someone else got in my grill though and I simply ignored them.

I am still trying to figure it all out but the events that have transpired this year could only mean one thing; God is all up in my Grill. That’s right, God is trying to push me or tell me something and I chose the ignore option. I know that sounds like a bad thing but I dare say I am not alone. Since the first of the year I have hit three deer, my son totaled his car, several of my nieces have wrecked their cars. And yesterday I find out about a dear friend’s accident. Before this year, accidents in my life were few and far between. In fact before this year, I only hit one raccoon in the 35 years I have been driving. And if that isn’t bad enough, every time I turn around something else breaks around our house.

So what is God trying to tell me? Slow down? Quit driving? Go into hiding? Rob a bank? Blog more? Or maybe just “Open your eyes Greg.” Like I said, even with this rash of setbacks, things are pretty good for me as compared to many people out there. I mean, I have a good job, a house to live in, cars to drive (some with dents), a great family (immediate)and a little change in my pocket. Life is still pretty good for me. Maybe God is just trying to let me know that life can change in a second so slow down, enjoy it and be thankful for the little things that I have. I will go with that for the time being and see if He has a bigger message for me. Yes I will stop ignoring you God so you can stop the deer attacks, anytime now. Please.

Have a great day and thanks for all the warm wishes yesterday,


2Thinks said...

I'll say a little prayer on your behalf. I have no idea why sometimes life attacks one person so hard. Definately unfair.

May the rest of 2009 be good to you, Greg!

Edie said...

"We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair;" 2 Corinthians 4:8

"Be still, and know that I am God;" Psalm 46:10

I will pray for you. I really can relate to the stress. I am feeling a lot of it myself just different stuff. We don't have deer near here. :)

Hang on and have Faith.

2Thinks said...

Hey, I'm back. Ta-da. Anyway, I like what Edie has to say over there. But I came back to tell you, at first when I posted my Idioms, I forgot to include the idioms- what an idiot. So, now you have to go back over there and catch the idioms that go with the pictures.

Cruella? It's Fash! You'll know when you read the idiom.

Valerie said...

Some years everything seems to go wrong in a huge bunch. I often wonder if it's a kind of test, to see how well we can cope. Hope the rest of the year is better for you.

My ADHD Me said...

First- "Using the term HIP shows you just how Un-Hip I am." HAHAHA

Second- This post reminds me of the prayer about thanking God for dirty dishes because that means I have food. And thanking God for sore muscles because I was able to excersize etc.

It has been a hard year but your post reminded me to try to keep on the positive outlook and remember to listen to God.


skoots1mom said... have had a rough year. You're very smart to correlate that something is being 'shown' to you during your various sufferings. Many lessons come in the 'valleys' and I pray His peace will show you His plan.

thanks for coming by and leaving a note...we surely enjoyed panama city beach while we were there

Debbie @Like a Rose said...

We're kind of in "what next" mode here too so I can soooo hear what you're saying.

Sometimes it's hard to figure out what God is trying to tell us. More than once I've asked Him to give me a clear sign - preferably a large billboard with neon lights so I can't miss the message.

Praying things get less stressful for you and that you will clearly hear anything He may be trying to say.

Heff said...

God has pretty much taken a dump on me this year as well.

Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

Hi Greg
I am so sorry to hear of all the awful, stressful things that have been happening recently. I think that God is certainly trying to grab your attention.
I can certainly relate to stress, we had a flooded house 2 years ago! Had to live at in laws for 6 months!
EDIE quoted very relevant verses you should cling onto.
Love Collette xxx

sara said...

I was sad to read what Heff said above...God does not "dump on us"!! We live in a fallen world where bad things happen and where we sometimes get hit by the shrapnel of other people's bad choices. But it is God who uses those things for our good, to bring us closer to Him, to (as you said Greg) open our eyes to where He is working.

Praying for you!! That things will go better, but also that you will be able to continue to see the many blessings God has brought to your life!!!

The Dental Maven said...

Greg! I was so excited thinking you were going to write about grillz! Anywho. In my view, things happen in our lives as a result of our own actions. We're responsible. If the Big Guy was controlling us, bad things probably wouldn't happen. Sometimes, we're in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Terri Tiffany said...

Maybe God is just trying to let me know that life can change in a second so slow down, enjoy it and be thankful for the little things that I have.

We learned this exact thing during this past two years. I keep asking the same thing you do, Greg, what are you trying to tell me God?

Keep focused on the blessings:) It's the only way to get through it all!

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm writing this comment from a safe distance, and I am NOT all up in your grill.
We've had our share of stress and tension and trouble this year too... and the previous year also, as well.
I haven't hit any deer though, so I'm glad about that.
I think you are right about needing to slow down and be thankful for the good things. Of course, you write your Thankful Thursday posts, so you are practicing thanksgiving on a regular basis.
I hope the deer stay out of your path from now on.
Keep being patient with those who get up in your grill. I know it's hard not to push or punch!!
You are a good guy, and I know God smiles at you and upon you.


Carmen said...

I laughed out loud when you wrote that God's in your grill. Yep, He does that...and it's usually for our benefit. Thanks God. ;)

Just remember that all things work together for good to them that love God and are called according to His purpose. On a personal level though...I am sorry for all that stuff, and I hope it gets better soon. Thinking of you!

Chatty Kelly said...

Greg, I am down with that my man.

Uh, I mean, I feel what you are saying. It tough to figure out what God is saying, but if we are persistant perhaps we can figure it out.

I pray you will have safe travels my friend! We like you, we really like you!

Holly said...

After my brother passes away, I made myself read the rest of the hospice care book that I was given. It was a sense of closure for me. One of the last things that is speaks about is this: God never works one side of the tracks. He allows us to endure things to teach us. Where we fail as humans is in the area of missing the message. God remains the same. WE are the ones that keep moving!

Have a great weekend!!

somebody said...