Monday, July 13, 2009

Day and Night

It was a busy weekend for me. I not only went to the Farmers Market in Marion Square, I also went to the Flea Market in Ladson. I did both locations because I had some items that I needed to get rid of and yard sales just don't work out where we live. These two locations are as different as night and day. I decided to take Photos at each location and let you decide which one you like best.

These photos are at the Farmers Market in downtown Charleston:

Canned Fruits and vegetables. They make the best salsa and jams.

This place makes all kinds of breads. I could gain some weight here.

These are local tomatoes. Some are heirloom varieties.

I thought these squash were really unique.

Just down from us is this booth called my My Big Fat Greek Restaurant. If you like Greek food this is the place to go.

Carolina peaches are said to be better than Georgia Peaches. I think they are.

More fresh SC produce.

Now onto the Flea Market:

There is something for almost everything at the flea market. You just have to find it.

If there isn't enough room on the ground, just hang the items up.

The worst thing about the Flea Market is the location. It tends to be a little dusty when the wind blows. Well that may not be the worst thing. :)

I was lucky this week to get next to someone who was nice. They were selling these ceramics that the girl had made. (note to self; don't assume that a 25 year old woman and a 50 year old man are father and daughter.) Oops.

Now right on the other side of this couple was this pile of rubble that someone was going to sell. Imagine our surprise when the owner of this valuable stuff came climbing out of the pile around 6:30. I am guessing he lives here. Home sweet home. After a quick trip to the bathroom to wash up, he was ready for the day. Talk about convenience.

Ok I am feeling that it is a toss up at this point, so let me leave you with a comparison between two vendors.

This is one of the vendors from the Farmers market:

And this is one of the vendors from the Flea market:

No comment.

Have a great day,


Jenny said...

I am lovin the Farmers Market more ;) By the way I like your note to self..LOL

2Thinks said...

Farmer's Market. I'm seeing Brandywine tomatoes there- my extreme favorite.

The convenience of living in the rubble that is your livlihood- hmm. I'm reading a book right now called Breakfast at Sally's by Richard LeMieux. It is about living as a homeless person- an autobiography- true story. So, my perspective on this right now is a little different than it was, say, last week.

Loved the peaches. Mmmm.

Terri Tiffany said...

LOL Love the comparison!! I also love flea markets--we have been to all of them around here--the produce is the best part.

I keep thinking how you mentioned your dad saved everything and here you sell everything:)

Darla said...

nice produce pictures! and that last shot you got is priceless.

Katherine Aucoin said...

I always say nothing says home like a giant fork and spoon hanging on the wall! ;-)

Greg, how is one to choose between the Farmer's Market and the Flea Market? Decisions, decisions...

It's all in the name, right?

Monogram Queen said...

Hey Stranger!
You know I can comment because I have been to the Ladson Market many, many times and I promise next time i'm down S'ville way I WILL COME TO THE MARKET! That will be in a few weeks though. Trying to get the house whipped into shape.
I liked the old Ladson Market, before it burned. It had some unique people but not um, trashy as they now seem to be.

Holly said...

Oh the luxury of living in the South. There is a little someone for everybody. My choice: The Farmer's Market.

Anonymous said...

OH my gosh, I want those breads & peaches!!

And the dude in the last pic is hilarious!

Carmen said...

I'd rather go to the Farmer's Market...but I've been to Flea markets, and you can get some good deals there sometimes.

Another hilarious look at life! You must be an enjoyable person to be around. You like to make people smile.

Edie said...

I would love to see your Farmers Mkt first hand. There seems to be a spot for everyone. :)

We have Traders Village near here but there is only one entrance so it takes hours to get in.

The Dental Maven said...

Oooo. Now that's a tough decision, Greg.

kosekcasa said...

YUMMY! I'm heading to my kitchen to eat some homemade tomatos that a friend brought over!

Chatty Kelly said...

Okay, Greg, you are treading on thin ice with me on this one my friend. 'Cause when I was 25, my husband was 49. So you are correct, you shouldn't assume daugther & father. ;-)

I liked the peanut pumpkins. We have those in VA. The Farmers Market was gorgeous, but if you didn't attend the Flea Market we wouldn't get all these funny stories out of you, would we?

ChrisJ said...

Considering peaches are my favorite fruit of all, and the round jars on a chequered cloth makes for a nice combination, I'd have to say the Farmer's Market.

Suzanne Casamento said...

LOL! Oh Greg, you're so funny. Great pictures! I love the visuals of your market days.

I hope you did well this weekend. Looks like quite an interesting time. Certainly gives you great stuff to write about! : )

Debbie said...

Did you really take that last photo? Too funny.
Everything at the first place looked so incredible. I could spend a fortune there.

Debbie @Like a Rose said...

Definitely different crowds, probably different customers too?

I think I could almost smell those baked goods at the Farmers Market.

Love the comparison at the end.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Greg! Stop that man! He is my soul mate!

Love the pics. They make me envious, but keep posting them.

sara said...

those pictures are great!! I would actually enjoy both.....i'm just adventurous that way! ha!

seriously though, that guy just got out from under that tarp?!! yikes!

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