Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm Overwhelmed

Is anyone else out there feeling overwhelmed? I know I am. Maybe it’s the Michael Jackson coverage or the Town Hall meeting coverage. It might be the “school supply list from you know where” that we got this year. Any one of those things would have a weak person reaching for the Prozac. But that isn’t what has me overwhelmed.

I never anticipated so much participation in a giveaway. I mean I am really impressed. Bloggers are the best!!!. My website visitor count went up by a factor of 10 and so did my blog visits. It looks like I need to get some really special items to put in that box. I may also have to get a really big hat to put all the names in but that is ok, I will do it. And it’s not too late to sign up or visit my website to get in the running. You may just find a riveting article on collecting rainwater.

As for the items mentioned above:

Michael J? Come on, enough is enough, bury the man. (rumor has it that the reason for the delay is that he had so many chemicals in his body that they have to bury him in a toxic waste dump) I didn’t make that up. I actually heard it.

Town Hall Meetings? Whatever happened to parliamentary procedure? I haven’t seen that much controversy since they discussed cell phone towers at our town hall meeting. I watched some of the coverage last night and I really expected some politician to jump into a chorus of; ”Yes we got trouble, Right here in River City…….” (gotta love The Music Man)

School supply lists? I’m sorry. I am not going to supply every child in the county with paper and pencils. I really think the logging industry is somehow tied to the public school system. I will know for sure when they offer to pay us cash to throw away perfectly good school supplies. Just FYI, the other day on Craigslist, I saw where a retired school teacher was selling “extra school supplies” I’m not sure what to make of this.

And one last thing overwhelms me; “Firewood” Check out how much firewood my family chopped/split over the summer. It’s going to be a hot time in the old greenhouse this winter. :)

Thanks everyone for your support and have a great day,


Terri Tiffany said...

What a bunch of wood! Brings back memories when we lived in PA and cut it for our two woodburners--before we had oil! Yup--the water froze in the toilet one morning. (This was a rental, thank goodness)
Glad your visitors are climbing!!

Susan Skitt said...

Oh my look at all that wood - think how many pencils you could make out of that???? LOL!

Hey, I'm heading to check out your giveaway, am I too late??? Just got back from the Jersey Shore with my family - fun in the sun!!!!

Darla said...

glad to know i'm not the only one wanting to grab the prozac! haha. Lord knows it would probably help me but i'm too afraid of it. been there done that, but on the brighter side, "that's alot of awesome firewood!" you will be nice and warm this winter.

Debbie @Like a Rose said...

Wow, that's a lot of wood - and a lot of work!

Soooo bored with the MJ thing - enough already.

Love the website.

2Thinks said...

I am an avid reader! How on earth did I miss a giveaway on your blog? I'm off to find it and sign up to win. Good grief, Charlie Brown.

As for the woodchopping- way to go! It's like the Waltons over there.

Jane In The Jungle said...

I remember the last year my kids were in school the teacher had so many supplies left over from previous years there was no place to put the new ones!!!!

Katherine Aucoin said...

Now that is some major wood! It's all for your greenhouse?

I love to sit out on the deck and light up the chiminey. We have a gas i really like to hear the wood crackle!

Jenny said...

Good Gravy look at that firewood... Ya'll will not be cold that is for sure.

I am with ya on the school supply list, I figure send him with what he definately needs and then when the teacher asks me for more stuff then I will send it ;)

This Michael Jackson coverage just needs to stop. I will not be watching TV on the 29th since I share his b-day and all that will be on is them trying to get a peak at the burial...Puuuuealse people let the man rest in peace.

Did not know about the giveaway, guess I need to go check it out :)

Jenny said...

I meant Puuuulease, can't type today...LOL

skoots1mom said...

i won't even watch the tv list channel anymore b/c all they do is feature mj...ho hum...
you got any hand sanitizer...i sent all mine to school.. ha ha!

Heart2Heart said...

I guess with all those supposed Stimulus checks they didn't factor school supplies in there for the schools right. Just get Joe Plumber to cough up the money because not only do we pay for all the politicians salaries that keep on rising along with our tempers while they just keep their hands out wanting even more.

Honestly, simple solutions, take a huge pay cut for everyone in politics, sell off your second and third homes, donate your extra vehicles to churches and schools and oh yeah how about kicking in and filling a back pack full of supplies for a child.

MJ ~ I mean can it get any more frustrating to hear what is going on with him. I think it's purely money motivated, they are still trying to see just how to get even more money for him now that he is dead. AMAZING!

Town Hall Meetings ~ What for? Who is paying for it? I know Joe taxpayer again. So we can listen to you tell us a bunch of stuff that isn't really going to matter anyway because you all are going to do what you want anyway and we get no say so it in at all.

You just want to make it look like we have a say so in it. Nice! Just what is the world coming too?

By the way, Greg, I'm getting headache from all my soap boxing now, could I borrow a few prozacs for my coffee???

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

The Dental Maven said...

Yup. That's one impressive wood pile there, Greg.

sara said...

man, that is a lot of wood!!! And that will be a lot of ash to scoop out of the fireplace! I always hated that job!

I put "overwhelmed" on hold today. the first and last day of school, I always go out and celebrate!!

My celebration will be over in about 10 minutes.....

Carmen said...

That's a whole lotta wood! I agree with you on the Michael J issue. Let him go already!

Giveaway? What giveaway?

School supply lists? Up here they give you a package deal. If you don't want the package, you can go out and buy everything, including staplers, pencil sharpeners, etc. Everything that is normally supplied in the classroom as well. Sick. Play nice or pay the price, I guess.

Anyway, I'm venting...going to check out that giveaway if it's not too late. Have a wonderful day Greg!

Kelly Combs said...

That's a lot of logs!

My daughter has to take 48 glue sticks to school. Are you kidding me? If she uses 1 a month, she'd need 10. Will she really use 1 glue stick a week?

sarah said...

with smart boards and computers do the kids really need that many pencils. Hope you didn't cut all that wood in this humidity.

ChrisJ said...

I don't know what more can be added to all that has been said. This world is so mixed up on its priorities and what is even realistic.

Edie said...

Wow that's a lot of wood! You're family must have some hefty muscles.

No kidding on the school supplies. Last year one of the items on my granddaughter's list was 2 packs of lunch sacks (100 ct each). Every time Em came home with a craft project made from a lunch sack, my daughter would say "that's ONE", "that's TWO". I don't think she ever even made it to five. It's greed I tell ya.

Anonymous said...