Monday, August 31, 2009

Totally Awesome!

What can I say. I had a totally awesome weekend. It all started on Friday when I took the day off. I slept about an hour later than normal and got up at 430 am. I then headed out to the gym to take a spin class. I have really been pushing hard to lose some extra weight and the extra class was just what I needed. It was a super class and I got a really good workout. After that, I spent the rest of the day, working in the garden, pulling weeds and getting plants ready for Saturday.

Saturday morning it looked like rain but by 8 am they skies began to clear and we got a really good crowd at the market. I met some really nice people and sales went well. Meanwhile, my son was doing well at the Wine Festival, selling his plants. When I got home from the market I had a really nice surprise waiting for me in the form of a package of goodies. It was from Edie and It was jammed full of nice surprises. There was everything from candy to a shiny new car. That’s right. Edie bought me a red Ferrari convertible. She sure knew what I wanted. Ok I did hit just a bit.

There were also some nice business cards (we need to talk business Edie, I love them), and my favorite thing a refrigerator magnet with Genesis 2:15 and a pretty flower on it. Of course I am not putting it on my refrigerator because I want it here at work where I can view it all day long. I placed it on the metal cabinet over my computer screen so it is eye level and right in front of me. In case you are wondering what Genesis 2:15 says; “The LORD God took man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.” That suits me to a T. Thank you so much Edie. You are Awesome!

So at the festival, my son met a man who had a friend who needed lots of plants. The guy couldn’t take them with him though so he asked for our card. Well on Sunday afternoon this guy called and asked if we could take a look at his place and give him some plant advice. We just happened to be just around the corner from his house when he called. He is in the process of landscaping and wanted a tropical look. So we took a ride to his place and talked with him and his wife and he ended up putting in an order for a bunch of plants. How awesome is that? And he put the plants right in the ground and now it is raining so I am sure they will all live.

Also over the weekend we did some work on my son’s car. He was having some alignment and steering problems. He also needed new tires. Well we looked on the internet and discovered that the tires on his old wrecked vehicle were the same as the original tires on his new car. If you recall he had just bought new tires for his old car just before he wrecked it. So we changed out the tires, and all the alignment and steering problems went away. So along with the huge plant sales we also saved hundreds of dollars on his car. Talk about a WIN WIN weekend.

Isn't God Awesome!

Have a great day,


Kelly Combs said...

WOOOO! What a great weekend. Isn't Edie THE BEST! I love the verse she picked for you. That is so cool.

Glad it was a GREAT weekend!

Edie said...

So glad you had a great weekend. I love watching the direction that God is taking you and your son. It is encouraging to see as He orchestrates our circumstances like that.

The flower on the magnet is one I took from your examiner article. So isn't that one of your very own flowers? I thought it was anyway.

Glad you liked the little trinkets.

Have a great week!

Edie said...

Oh, you really didn't hit me but you did hint a little. *wink*

B His Girl said...

So great to hear you smile! I have no doubt Edie's package was a blessing. I would love to tour your garden. I used to b :) a big gardener. One week as I was gardening at my church two older, very older people at different times and sang In the Garden to me. It make me cry. I knew God was telling me He was walking there with me. Blessings, B

The Dental Maven said...

Great new's all around, Greg, and expecially about the tires! :) May the trend continue!

Heart2Heart said...


Well I guess God wasn't fooling with you when He poured out his blessings in all kinds of forms. Perhaps it was all the smiling and new attitude at the office?

SO glad that everything came up roses for you! God is really and truly amazing in His timing!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Katherine Aucoin said...

So glad to read what an amazing weekend you had. the only way you could have gone to work this morning was with a great big smile on your face.

Your cup does runneth over Greg. God has truly blessed you and your family!

skoots1mom said...

i know you were pleased...great verse!

Jane In The Jungle said...

What a weekend!

ChrisJ said...

Great weekend Greg! Your happy attitude does rub off. Glad to see you've been in touch with Wanda and the fires near her.

You are blessed.

Jenny said...

Glad you had a great weekend. Congrats on the plant sale :) Our lilies are doing so great with all the rain we are getting.

Gotta Have Faith said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! I think we need to get out and have a road trip somewhere! We used to just point in a direction and just drive! We have to kind of stay away of the L.A. area form all of the fires we are having right now.

Oak Glen is being threatened by one of the fires and I am praying that it won't hit any of the Apple Orchards we visit every year. We always go up in late September to pick Arkansas Black Apple and get soem good old fashion Apple Cider.

Well that is one for me to blog about.

Take care and glad you had a great weekend!


Anonymous said...