Monday, November 2, 2009

Be very afraid!!!

Guess who? Yes that's yours truly dressed as Uncle Fester. I bit the bullet and had my head shaved on Friday just for the occasion. The weather forecast was calling for 85 degrees and since I had already made my robe out of fleece that bald wig was totally out of the question. I couldn't get it to look good anyway. I think about a hundred people took my photo and some said I looked just like the original Uncle Fester. I think I looked pretty good if I do say so myself.

"Thing" was really popular with the older kids but the younger ones were afraid to grab any candy. I Had the hand rigged where it would pop up when you opened the box and it kind of shook for a few seconds after that.

This is me and #1 Son. He was a hippie and his pants were designed by his friends Erin and CeCe. The scary part is I used to actually dress like that back in the day.

Even the dogs got into the act but obviously this one was "chicken." haha

And speaking of chickens does anyone know what this guy is supposed to be? Anyone, anyone, anyone.... A chick magnet. Get it? Chick magnet. Yuck yuck yuck.

This is me with my good friends and trusted neighbors Mary and Ron, otherwise known as the grim reaper and witch Mary.

Believe it or not these are a couple of our neighbors. I hate to say it but they are real "railer trash."Pregnant at 16. (not really but it was a great costume)

All I can say about this costume is "Meow" I don't know this girls name but she always has a big smile on her face kind of like the cat that got the canary. Sorry I couldn't resist.

This wonder of a woman actually got up early just to dress up for the occasion. She said that one of her children woke up and said; "Mom what are you wearing?"

I put a slide show of some of the other costumes on my Examiner web page. If you have time, check them out.

Have a great day,



sara said...

those are GREAT and you make a terrific Uncle Fester!!!

Deb said...

You make an amazing looking Uncle Fester my friend!!!!!
You shaved your head????!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monogram Queen said...

You looked GREAT!!!!! I love Thing too and I love your son's style. A was stuck w/ 70's plaid and rust colored pants. Ha ha!

Looks like a fabulous Halloween Greg!

Kelly Combs said...

Love your costume! I'm so glad you put up a picture. Very clever!

Heart2Heart said...


Your costume looked amazing. I couldn't believe how much fun it is on Halloween to see what people will dress as. The kids costumes are simply adorable and so cute!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

How amazing! You look good bald. That's a definite compliment.

B His Girl said...

I'm hearing the snap of the fingers in my head now. You've got the look alright! B

Daisy said...

I LOVED your pictures!!! i bet you had a great time!!!!

The Dental Maven said...

Greg, You do Fester PROUD!

Great pix!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Oh good heavens!!! You DO look like Fester. Bold move, Greg...bold move!

Edie said...

I can't believe you shaved your head!!! You make a very good Uncle Fester. Honestly though, Thing was much prettier than that. LOL.

Jane In The Jungle said...

Oh you outdid yourself with Uncle Fester!!!
What a great time!

Susan Skitt said...

Oh you look truly kind of "freaky". LOL! Love it - you went all out!

Beverlydru said...

You look amazing and I'm not a bit surprised that you took the fun to a whole new level. Totally enjoyed this post!!

Heckety said...

And we'd really recognise Mary and Ron next time we see them!!!!!!

somebody said...