Monday, November 23, 2009

Dejavu, another near death experiance.

Well the trip was going well for about the first hour anyway. Other than passing two deer, one bunny, two coyote and one drunk things were going pretty well. It was about 430 am, really foggy and I got to a really dangerous road. It is the stretch of 17 south that goes between Jacksonboro and Yemassee SC. For anyone who doesn't know about these two places, Yemassee is where the African village is and Jacksonboro is where the white trash village is. I'm just saying and no the African reference wasn't a racest comment. Look it up. It really is an African village. Anywhoo.

As I said, this is a very dangerous stretch of road. So dangerous that the governor (when he was here) posted the speed limit at 50 mph. More people have died on that one stretch of road than anywhere else in the state and I couldn't count the animals that have died there. So I am going along with the cruise control set at 50 mph which I think was still fast considering the conditions.

Well this little sports car comes racing up behind me and gets so close that I can't see his headlights. Now there was a passing zone less than a mile up the road but he wanted to try to push me. So as luck would have it, up ahead I see a deer and that's when I get Doe-ja-view. I am thinking oh no not again. This time though I was driving my wife's car and I was more worried about what would happen if I crashed her car. So, I see this deer and it is right up beside the road. Now the moron is so close that he can't see the deer but I felt the need to slow down.

I tapped the breaks to turn off the cruise control. Well tapping the breaks is tailgater lingo for get off my butt but that isn't the message I was trying to convey. I wanted to slow down. Well the guy gets angry and moves to the left so that his left headlight is blinding me in my left mirror. He thinks I am being a jerk but I am just wanting to slow down. Next I see the deer starting to run up into the road. Again the guy behind me can't see it because he is literally less than 4 feet behind my car and off to the left.

The deer keeps coming and I am thinking I am going to hit it so I apply the breaks rather quickly thinking I will just take my chances with being hit by the car behind me. Well I begin to swerve because I hit the breaks so hard and the road is wet. The deer was only a few feet from my car at this point. So the guy decides he will show me and pass me on the right but when he does guess what was waiting there for him? That's right, the deer. He gets a direct hit causing him to swerve off the road, and almost wreck but he manages to barely miss the ditch and the on comming traffic. It was so loud that I thought I hit the deer. I made it to a gas station and then stopped to see the damage and there was none.

Oh and the guy quit tailgating. I think he learned an expensive lesson. And on the way back home I saw where the deer didn't make it. It was really bad.

Well I am back home now and all is well. Mom is fine for now and everyone here is doing well. There's no place like home. I will tell more about my trip tomorrow.

Have a great day,


Carmen said...

WOW...UNBELIEVABLE!!! Why do people always assume the worst? I'm so glad you're okay Greg (and your wife's car too). Hopefully "Mr. Impatience L'extraordinaire" learned a valuable could have been much worse for him. Like death, for instance!!!!

Jane In The Jungle said...

Whoa...there's more!!
So glad your mom is doing good and that you made it back home...barely safely!!

Wanda said...

Greg, you keep the guardian angels in heaven busy don't you.... I think they were with you on this one again.

Is there an alternate route??????

Glad Mom is doing better.


Loren said...

Wow Greg! That is glad you and your mom are doing well and so sad the deer didn't make it!!

Hopefully the sportscar dude DID learn a lesson....I hate people who drive like that!!

Bless you

Kim said...

Glad you made it through unscathed! It's late and I'm sleepy (which translates silly) and this song popped into my head, only with a twist on the words. Remember that song, "I met the law and the law won"? Well, you can bet if we were driving our Fiat Uno it would be a case of "We met the deer and the deer won" since I'm pretty sure a deer would be bigger than our car. lol

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Glad that everything turned out OK. That stretch of road is our regular route down to the summerhouse and I've seen some monumentally stupid drivers along there over the years. Can't wait until they get more of the four lane completed.

Peggy said...

When i saw the heading on your post, I came right over to see if you and yours were all right.

Thank God you are! keep the Guardian Angel on your shoulders, cause there are idiots out there driving all around us!

Kelly Combs said...

Ah, that guy is probably so mad, and because he'd never blame himself is probably directing it at you. HA! Well, I'm glad you're okay.

You always have a wild time of things! Keep this blog going man, because your stories are great. They either are exciting or funny and make me laugh out loud.

Glad your mom is improving.

Patrice said...

Goodness...I am so glad that you are okay!! I have been seeing lots of deers on the way to work each morning and I always think of you!! :o)

The Dental Maven said...

I'm glad you're home safely, Greg. I'm so sorry for the deer. As for the sports car driver? Well, just remember, you can't fix stupid.

Monogram Queen said...

Wow I am sorry the deer was killed, that always breaks my heart. I'm glad the mules hindquarters (see - i'm polite!) tailgater the pee turkey scared out of him!
My husbands family live near Yemmassee that is where we'll be the week-end of the 19th of Dec. Glad you are home and all in once piece!!!!!
Hope your Mom is doing okay and other things sorted themselves out as well.

Amy said...

Wow Greg...I just hate "those" kind of people. We in our family have a favorite story about a guy just being a jerk like that and ended up passing us (and other cars) on the shoulder to a police officers awaiting glare. We hooped and hollered all the way home about justice and karma.

Glad you are home safe!!


Terri Tiffany said...

Wow-- you get into situations! I had to laugh about that deer though--another after all you've been in!
I'm glad your mom is doing well and that you are safely out of here and back home!

Edie said...

I'm so glad you didn't get hurt. I can't stand when people try to push me out of their way like that. I hope he learned a permanent lesson about tailgating.

somebody said...