Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Like pulling teeth.

Well I finally got that half tooth out of my mouth. It has been broken off for a long time now and I finally went in and had it removed. What a relief to have that old thing gone. It was essentially dead but because of my fear of dentists I kept putting off having it pulled out. I like this dentists though because he doesn't try to push you into crowning everything. He tells you the options and lets you decide what to do. The last dentist I went to wasn't like that.

When I went to see this dentist he even told me that the odds of a cap surviving on this tooth was unlikely. I explained my fear of dentists though and he gave me a little pill to take before I got to his office. Did that ever work. I staggered into his office around 3:30 last night and he got me right in the chair. After two quick shots and a few minute wait he returned to remove the tooth. He offered to give me gas but I told him I was already in la-la land and didn't need it. I love la-la land. haha

So the nurse held my face with her hands while the dentist got ready to pull the tooth. He was wiggling something in my mouth and I though he was trying to get a good grip on the tooth. About a minute later he said; "I got it" I thought he meant that he got a good grip on it and I should brace myself for the trauma but he said "no I got it out already" Oh how I love modern medicine. I was afraid for nothing. I took a little pain pill before I went to sleep last night and this morning I feel great. I just may have them all pulled out. Well maybe not quite yet.

Hey wait a second. Where was the tooth fairy last night? I've been robbed.

Have a great day,


Monogram Queen said...

I hate the dentist too, braces were sheer torture for me (at age 30+) and I need some work now that I am just.putting.off. *sigh*
Glad yours is taken care of now!

Susan Skitt said...

I'm cracking up again. You're too funny - pull all your teeth out!!! And I think the tooth fairy is a myth, really, it didn't work for me last time I put it under my pillow - ha, ha!

Glad your dental woes have become dental wins :) Speaking of such, I need to find a new dentist with our insurance. Have been putting it off for awhile!

Darla said...

i need a few of mine pulled, they are chipping away...i put it off until i just can't go any longer. i don't like the dentist!

Katherine Aucoin said...

My husband had oral surgery yesterday to remove two teeth and he's getting implants. He's had so much anxiety about this, maybe I should sent him to you and you two could, I dunno...go down the yellow brick road? lol

Heart2Heart said...


Dental work has always been a nightmare for me. Poor dentists have it rough because people truly fear them the most. So glad it went through without a hitch!

Love La La land too, some days I wish I would never leave.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

B His Girl said...

Who enjoys going to the dentist? You are normal. Sorry you missed your invitation to the retreat. It was fun! B

Rena said...

Skipped by the tooth fairy? Oh man, that stinks. Glad to hear you got it out.

Terri Tiffany said...

I hate dentists too! Glad you made it through so easily! When I had one pulled, they put me under and never knew a thing!

skoots1mom said...

congrats on beating your fear...just remember, fear is not of our Lord :)

i'll be glad to send you a quarter...if everyone else will, too, you'll make a killing :)

Mocha with Linda said...

No tooth fairy? What's up with that? You'd think she would have at least chipped in to pay your dental bill!

BTW, you went to the dentist an hour late. Dontcha know that the time to go to the dentist is 2:30?! (Tooth hurty)

Edie said...

The tooth fairy doesn't pay for bad teeth. LOL!

I had to have a tooth pulled once. I asked for gas and even then I was a bit on edge. It was very traumatic to me. Then I had an implant put in. More trauma. But glad I did it. Glad you got yours taken care of too.

Kelly Combs said...

I'm glad it was a non-event for you. It's hard for me to picture "Big Greg" being afraid of the dentist. I love the dentist. Really.

No tooth fairy? Maybe you were a bad boy. Or wait, that's Santa.

Heckety said...

Maybe if it doesn't hurt then the tooth fairy doesn't visit?
Or maybe because it was only a half tooth?
Or maybe she figured you wouldn't be interested?
Or maybe she figured the re-sale value on adult teeth is so poor that she wouldn't put herself out?
Or maybe there's cut-backs in the tooth fairy task force and they didn't get round to you last night?

somebody said...