Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday and Birthday Wishes

It’s Thursday again and truly another Thankful Thursday. I again have so much to be thankful for.

1. For starters, it’s my oldest son’s birthday. He turned 18 today and I am simply happy that he is alive. When he was born he was very ill. For the first three weeks of his life he stayed in the neonatal unit at MUSC. (Medical University of South Carolina). A few minutes after he was born, he quit breathing and was taken by Helicopter to MUSC in downtown Charleston. My wife was in the original hospital over in Mount Pleasant SC recovering from her C section. I had to leave her and drive to MUSC where I nervously waited for any news. It was several hours before I got any news at all. I spent that first night of his life praying in the waiting room. They had him in a drug induced coma with an oxygen tube in his lungs supplying him enough oxygen. My wife hadn’t even seen him yet and didn’t until the next day. It was the longest night of my life. I am so thankful that God protected him.

2. I am also thankful for the nurses and doctors at MUSC. They really are angels and saints. While we were there a number of children came and went. Most were healed but a few didn’t make it. It takes a special person to take something like that. Just hearing about the loss of a child that I didn’t even know made me sad. Those nurses sat up with and held my son every night until he was released.

3. I am thankful that I seem to be over my cold. (Finally) I went to spin class last night and managed to make it to the end with only a little wimping out. Truth is I had to slack up a little at the end but I did make it through. Next week I will do better.

4. I am thankful that I got my son’s car back together and it worked. I mean it really started and ran. I impressed myself on this one. It was way out of my comfort zone to take an engine down that far and repair it. In the end, I had no “extra” parts and all the plugs had a matching socket to plug into. Who knows what I will tackle tomorrow. Well God does but I hope He gives me a few days to rest before giving me my next assignment.

5. I am thankful for more free wood. They are cleaning up the lay down area here at work and my boss asked if I wanted all the wood that was left over from old projects. Of course I said yes so today I am bringing home the lumber. It will be a great start for the new greenhouse we are planning on building. Yes it’s another project but God knows I can do it.

Have a wonderful Thankful Thursday,


Gina Stinson said...

Happy Birthday to your son! What a great story! God's got a plan for him for sure! Rejoicing and thankful with you!

Heckety said...

I laughed at the 'no bits left over' on no.4! I'm so happy for you about your son- it seems to (as a mother) that I never knew what beseeching God meant until I had children to pray over. I just think that we are the lucky parents who have a God to trust in for our children's that too garbled?
Thank you for visiting today and your kind comment- would you like me to post you some of the chilli chilli soup???

Edie said...

Happy Birthday to your son! Wow that story is amazing! So glad for the way God worked to keep him with you. It is hard to remember that He is in control even when it comes to our kids.

No extra parts! Yay!

Glad you're feeling better.

Heart2Heart said...


What a great list! Love that your son turned 18! Now an official adult and so glad that he is around to make you proud!

Love that you were able to tackle the task of car repair, not only did you save your sons car but all the other ones that came to a halt in the last few weeks.

Many blessings are coming your way as is evident in your post this week.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Sonya Lee Thompson said...

Wow, I'm so glad God healed your son 18 years ago. He has great plans for him. Praying your son will find those plans and live them to their fullest.

Enjoyed your list. A greenhouse, how fun! I think you'd be bored if you weren't working on a project. Nothing wrong with that.

Wanda said...

Please give your son my best wishes for a great 18th birthday. We celebrated Marc (grandson) 18th birthday in Oct.

I know how it feels to wait in a hospital when your child's life hangs by a thread. Whether they are newborn, or 18 as our daughter life is so precious. After a month in ICU and 9 mo. in the hospital, she recovered. Praise God, she will be 39 this Christmas.

Greg... I so enjoy coming to your General Store... One of my very favorite places in Blogland.


sarah said...

I love reading your list Greg. I think you have a gentle heart for God. Have a great day. Sarah and happy birthday to your son.

Nana Jul said...

Praising God with you for healing your son and wish him a happy birthday! Glad you are feeling better!
Hope the rest of your week is Great!!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Greg - So thankful for your son and the miracle of his life!

Scarlet said...

Happy B-Day to your son!! Mine was born very ill as well and quit breathing a few times due to severe acid reflux (for an infant it can be deadly). He's all better now, thank God. I'm glad yours is, too. It's something to celebrate and be thankful for!

PS - I want to hear more about that greenhouse. Sounds interesting!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Re: the wig and Bambi

Greg, you are such a man.

You say you will never leave me, and yet you inquire about BAMBI.

Bambi is a real person. Click on the link to get the story. I think it's funny.

Jorge and I abhor the wig. It is hideous. Hideously funny.

It was part of our daughter's hip hop dance costume last spring. Ugh. She's not dancing anymore.

Monogram Queen said...

That is an awesome story about your son - God must have a very special purpose for him :)
Have a wonderful week-end my friend & Happy Happy Birthday to your sweet son!

Lori said...

Happy Birthday to your oldest son. Good story and u are very blessed.

Anonymous said...