Wednesday, January 27, 2010

All we want to do is pump you up.

Remember that skit from Saturday Night live? It was a favorite of mine. At least until this morning that is. Now it just reminds me how sore I am. Last night I decided to try something different. Instead of going to spin class like I usually do on Tuesday nights I made a right turn into the Body Pump class. It is an hour earlier than spin class so it is much more convenient timing wise and I really needed to try something new.

I was the second one in the room when I arrived and I asked the person in the room what to do and she told me. I got all my equipment ready and this girl told me to go easy on the weights for the first time because it is harder than most people think. So instead of loading on the weights I decided on 25lbs including the bar. What this class involves is weight training to music. It sounds easy enough but the intent is to use low weights and do lots of repetitions. After the first set I was already sweating and breathing hard so I was glad that I didn’t go all out on the weights.

By the end of the class I was a little sore but the workout was much better than I had been getting at spin class. Spinning was only working my legs, lungs and heart while Body Pump gave me a total body workout. I would recommend it to anyone. It takes the boredom out of lifting weights but you get the same benefit. I am thinking about doing the Thursday spin class occasionally in addition to the Body Pump but not every week.

I woke up early this morning because my arms were aching. I knew I was out of shape but this is ridiculous. I ended up getting up around 315 because I just couldn’t sleep. I used the extra time to check on the fire in the greenhouse and also to take a nice hot soak to relieve some of my pain. It helped but I am still aching just a bit. For those who don’t get up before the sun, this is what it looks like at 3:30am.

Yes that's the moon in the photo. I took my camera along with me to work in hopes of catching a photo of the deer that has been beside the road all week but this morning she wasn’t there. Instead there were 8 standing beside the road but they were in a different place and on the other side of the road so there is no photo.

I hope everyone has a great day,


SusanD said...

ahahahaha....pump you up! That was a great skit. I so feel your pain. When you said you were working w/25# weights...I knew how this would go. Stretch those muscles every chance you get. You'll be ok in a day or so. Blessings, SusanD

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

That picture made me smile. :-) I remember those skits.

I had a friend who used to do the roller coaster work out. You know, work out like crazy, nearly kill herself, and then NOT for months on end.

She would always START with the Body Pump or Body Combat classes. Then she could hardly walk for days. Crazy.

You must have been in SOME kind of shape if you can still walk!

Patrice said...

Ha ha, well I am glad that you survived!! It would of killed me...or at least I would of wanted it to kill me after I woke up at 3:30 am in pain! HA!

Wanda said...

Will be looking for a shirtless picture in a few weeks showing off your PUMP!!

I take my hat off to you, Greg. You have been so consistant with our exercise routines.

Those skits were too funny!

skoots1mom said...

you workout beast, you!!
way to do it...
PUMP u UP was one of my favs too :)
great shot of the moon

Carmen said...

LOL! Do they have 1 lb. weights? Hope you're feeling better soon! Tsk, tsk. Those early-in-the-morning deer! Such opportunists!!

Monogram Queen said...

Interestingly enough I don't remember that from SNL...

You know i'm a lazy slug so I know not of what you speak LOL

I have never ever been able to take a decent picture of a moon.
I'm jealous!

Jenny said...

I hope you are feeling better tonight. I had to laugh because your severely sore, but still highly recommending the class;)

Edie said...

That picture was distracting me as I was trying to read. I couldn't figure out what it was. Made me LOL when I got to that part. :D

I never watched SNL. Glad you're enjoying your workouts! I'm thinking you must be in pretty good shape. I admire your self discipline.

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