Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Blame it on the Greens (or) Why they hate me at work.

As is the tradition here in the South, I started out my New Years with a generous portion of Hoppin Johns and Collard Greens. For anyone unfamiliar with the theory behind this traditional meal, let me fill you in. The hoppin Johns bring you luck and the Collards bring you money. (two things that I could really use right about now) Anywhoo, Hoppin Johns are black eyed peas or field peas along with rice. And Collard are; well just Collard greens. I actually never ate them until I was an adult because I couldn’t get past the smell of them cooking but now I love them.

Well this year I had them twice on New Year’s Day and then once more the next day. “Why tempt fate” as the saying goes. Or “I would rather be lucky than good.” I don’t know if either of those sayings apply but “Whatever.” And now the rest of the story;

So around Christmas time, I had a few extra dollars in my pocket and someone asked me if I wanted to be in a football pool. I don’t usually enter many of those things because to tell the truth I haven’t watched but maybe one entire college football game in the last 5 years. I don’t even know who most of the teams are but I decided to give it a go anyway. Besides it was only a few dollars and I was in a giving mood so I agreed to do it. The amazing thing is that up until New Years Day we were all about even. There were no clear favorites in the pool.

Now the other sports buffs were using the old "statistic" methods like comparing scores, players, coaches, grudges and other stats but not me. I sat down using the most scientific methods available to any sports enthusiast and made my picks; Let’s see I was born in Florida so pick all the Florida teams. I have been to Idaho so pick their teams. Texans are usually pretty big guys so pick their teams. Pick southern teams over northern because of my heritage. Next go with names I know like big red something and some kind of razor thingie. Like I said; Totally Scientific. But I ended up with a tie in one of the games. It was Boise State against TCU (Texas Christian University) Hmmm decision- decisions.

This was going to take some more in depth reasoning. Boise is in Idaho (I think) and I did once dance with a girl who was from Boise.(it was back in the 70's Honey, before I knew you) TCU is a Texas team and they are usually cowboys but the girl from Boise was a Blackfoot Indian. And didn’t the Indians beat the cowboys at Custer’s Last Stand? The choice was obvious. I picked Boise State even though everyone else picked TCU. And last night Boise State beat TCU and now even with three games to go, I am so far ahead that no one can beat me. And now you know why all the jocks where I work hate me this morning.

Have a great day,


Monogram Queen said...

Ha ha you are too funny with that logic! They say women always go for the prettiest color when picking sports teams, that or the names.
Good luck, I hope you win it all!

I didn't get any hoppin' john or collards and I LOVE collards.
Now i'm craving collards. Thanks alot!

Kelly Combs said...

I would have had to go with the Christians, so I would have lost against you too. hahaha.

I'm off to go eat some collards. Never mind. I think I'll just be poor rather than eat that stuff!

April said...

Somehow we were separated at birth!! I have the same logic to when it comes to picking the winning sports team! Works for me, obviously working for you!! HA!

As for the greens & bean, I had my big helping this year as well!

Patrice said...

Sorry the comment from April is actually from me....she was signed in on my computer!!

Patrice said...

Also, instead of collard greens, we do turnips green...we like them both, and actually I think as long as it is something green it's okay, but in the south it is usually collards or turnips!

Jane In The Jungle said...

ROFL!!!!!! LOVE the logistics!!

Heart2Heart said...


Sometimes those old fashioned folk stories are to be taken with the wisdom from which they were born. Great news to hear that you are in the GREEN so to speak!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

skoots1mom said...

what fun...glad you're getting some gree...i thought you were going to elaborate on the "other" side effects from greens, hee hee...so glad it wasn't that

The Dental Maven said...

Go get 'em, Greg!!!

Terri Tiffany said...

Some interesting methods! I was shocked that you don't watch college football. I haven't been able to even pick up the clicker here and change it due to so many games that "must" be watched. Your wife is blessed.

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