Monday, March 1, 2010

It's like a Christmas Miracle.....In March???

The Weather Channel is calling for a “wintery mix” on Tuesday night. Here in Charleston SC? I know what you are thinking;

I thought the same thing. I thought; "no way" and I stood there with that deer in the headlight look.

See I wasn’t kidding about the deer. This photo was taken a block from my house as I headed to work. At first glance I only saw one but the camera flash revealed more in the back ground. (click on the photo to see for yourself)Anywhoo, yes it’s true, we may get another snow here in Charleston making it the first time ever (well since I have been here) that it has snowed twice in one year. As you can see, our cat, Mr. T was all excited about the news.

His initial reaction was; Hey, can’t a cat get some rest around this place? But after the excitement wore off he went back to sleep. I doubt if we get as much as we did last time or even any at all but they are predicting it. This is what it looked like the last time it snowed here.

It seems like it was just last month. Wait it was. Once a year is enough in my opinion. Our plants are already starting to bud out and snow is the last thing we need. Well a Tsunami would be the last thing followed closely by snow.

Have a great day,



SeansArt said...

YO dad whats up? say can you do one to attract attention back to my blog?

Heart2Heart said...


You'll definitely need to keep us posted on the "wintery mix" and what you actually got.

Love Mr. T, being a huge "cat" lover myself. He looks like he would fit in fine with our three here. Perhaps they can be "Cat Pals"

Here is hoping that you are doing well. Miss you on the blogging world!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

skoots1mom said...

awesome post...
it's expected to hit here tonight...i'll post how we're doing

love the deer pic

Rena said...

OMGosh! That night shot is amazing! I love it! I just posted a deer pic on my blog too, but it's not nearly as cool as yours. I love the little eyes. Looks like something right out of a scary picture book! :)

2Thinks said...

That deer pic made me chuckle. Nice one.

We had a lovely March 1 with sunshine here in snowtown. I don't know what's up Willis with the mixed up weather patterns.

I tried to grab the Thankful button for my sidebar (the code). Didn't work. I'll try again.


Carmen said...

You're right...those deer are keeping an eye on you. Hope the weather's kind to you folks!

My ADHD Me said...

We have a "wintery mix" in the forecast too. Amazing!

The Dental Maven said...

Keep the wintry mix, I'll take the deer.

Jenny said...

And all we get is rain :( I love the cat, that is how Ginger would take the news as well :)

willson said...

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sanjeet said...

You'll definitely need to keep us posted on the "wintery mix" and what you actually got.
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Terri Tiffany said...

I'm glad we aren't getting that snow but the cold is enough to make me hate it here! Stay warm:)

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