Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Random Dozen, Easter edition

Here we go again. I am too lazy to copy the special logo that goes along with this today so I am using the old one.

1. How do you feel about the marshmallow Easter Peeps?
I love peeps….they taste like chicken.

2. Chickens are notoriously nervous creatures. When you are nervous, what is the best way to calm down?
Can I say drugs? Nothing calms me down like a Valium. Just kidding. Quiet time is what I need to calm down.

3. People say, "April showers bring May flowers." Do you enjoy Spring rains?
I do because they wash away lots of pollen. I have hay fever.

4. When I was randomly flipping through TV channels this week, I saw a show in which tattoo parlor employees received tattoos of a co-worker's face on their bodies. I can't imagine having a portrait of a colleague tattooed on me. But if someone forced you to receive a portrait tattoo (face only) of anyone, who would it be? Why?
How about the invisible man. Does that count? I don’t care for ink.

5. Would you rather have a tattoo (any kind) or a nose ring?
Nose rings are for pigs and cows. I am sorry if one of you has a child with one or God forbid you have one but that is the way I feel.

6. Do you have any special plans for Easter?
Not really this year. We haven’t even discussed what we will be eating and that is a first. I would like a nice salad.

7. Cadbury Eggs or Reese Eggs?
Buck buck buck buck….Do I need to say more? PS. I already ate mine. I snooped, I found, I ate.

8. What was the last thing/person you took a picture of?
Oh I love you Linda. I was hoping there was a way that I could fit a brag in here. My youngest son had his band contest yesterday. They ended up with a Superior. I am so proud of him and the other members of the band who got a Superior yesterday. Oops I already said that.

9. What book are you reading now, or what was the last one?
I read “Half Broke Horses by Jeannette Walls. I highly recommend it.

10. What do you think is the most difficult task when it comes to Spring cleaning?
Pulling weeds. My back is aching as I write this.

11. How many pairs of flip-flops do you own?
I think I have one pair but I can never find them because my boys are always borrowing them.

12. Which color makes you happiest?
Green, show me the money. LOL Seriously I just like green.

Bonus Joke (not part of the Random): Why did the Easter egg hide?
He was a little chicken!

So I guess we are supposed to add a joke here….

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To show the possums it could be done.

Have a great day,


Jill said...

Great, great answers! I love the peeps answer. Very original. Have a great Easter weekend!

Joyce said...

I loved your answers this week.


I forgot about pulling weeds-back breaking work for sure. Ick.

Congrats to your son! Happy Easter!

SusanD said...

ahahaha! Funny stuff. Congrats on the band competition. Easter Blessings, SusanD

Mary said...

Invisible man...hilarious! Congrats to your son's band for getting a Superior! My son's band is participating in a festival next week; hope it goes just as well!

2Thinks said...

Ha! Always the funny guy..
Don't suppose you'd like to read Sisterchicks in Wooden Shoes? A chance to win it is at my place today.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

You're so silly.

Tastes like chicken. Ha!

#4: agreed

And it doesn't surprise me in the LEAST that a gardener like yourself loves green so much.

Have a Happy Resurrection Day!

Pam Ponder said...

great answers!! chicken huh???

Thena said...

Never knew peeps tasted like chicken. LOL
I also forgot about pulling weeds, especially after getting stung by a wasp Monday.
My husbands cure for pulling weeds is round-up.

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Too funny - all of it. You always lift my spirits Greg and for that I am grateful!

I love peeps - I am the only one in my family who just adores them! I was so thrilled when they started making them on other holidays! How great is that?

Have a blessed Easter - may we celebrate our Risen Savior!!

Heart2Heart said...


I for one am grateful that peeps don't taste like chicken.

I too love the rains, it cleans everything up!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Cathy said...

Fun answers!!

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Wanda said...

Yes, yes....great and funny answers. I just love how clever you are!!!

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