Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday Special day edition

Well here we are again. Thankful Thursday. The day after St’ Patrick’s Day. March 18th. Hmmmmm Now what am I supposed to remember? I know there is something important about today. Now what was it? Drum Roll please…….

My wife. Today is her birthday. Happy birthday Diane. I am thankful that I have a great wife that puts up with my shenanigans. And she just happens to be part Irish. Now if we just had some of that Irish luck. I can’t say how old she is but as she puts it: She is always younger than I am.

I am also thankful for the rest of my family who also put up with me although I am almost a saint so how hard can that be. Well in my mind anyway. Yes I do have a few flaws but then we all do. We aren’t perfect but we can all be forgiven.

I am thankful for Great bloggers who provide me support, guidance and encouragement. Give yourselves a pat on the back today for being so great. I also want to thank and welcome my new visitors. I promise as the days get longer, and warmer, I will be doing lots more blogging and include more photos, stories and oh yes, more humor. I know that's what brings you here.

I am again thankful for having a job although my work joy has been running a little low lately. In addition to having the job I have a great amount of patients otherwise I wouldn’t have a job. I work with a couple of people who tend to try my patients daily. Sometimes it is all I can do just to stay quiet.

And finally I am thankful for the power of prayer. With all that is happening in the world today I keep hearing about miracles brought about through prayer. I think that God answers all prayers but sometimes we don’t see it.

Won't you please join us in giving thanks.
Have a wonderful Thankful Thursday,



Jewel said...

Happy birthday Diane! I hope you can enjoy a day with your wife. :)

Greg, you know what I did? I definitely posted Thankful Thursday on Wednesday because I woke up so thankful yesterday and had no idea what day it actually was! HA.


Kelly Combs said...

Yay! I am finally playing today! I was planning on doing it last week, and my computer crashed. Greg, it was BAD! But now I am up and running again, so thanks for hosting!

Kelly Combs said...

Your code box doesn't work for me. Is anyone else having problems with it? I wanted to put the icon on my post, but can't.

Heckety said...

Happy birthday to your it at all possible that she's the saint???? I laughed at most of your're daft! I see you are up to 100 followers- congratulations la la la etc!
And your ending is very valid- when we hear about disasters, mishaps, things over which we have no control, its so good to be able to pray for the people involved.

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Diane :)

Great list.

I will have to link up, I did not know you started hosting this.

Jane In The Jungle said...

Happy Birthday Diane...and Greg I'm sure you have something absolutly wonderful planned for her....right????

Great list!


Sandy said...

Greg, Happy Birthday to your wife!
Thank you so much for hosting Thankful Thursdays and for your beautiful pictures!
I am thankful for the power of prayer and for fellow bloggers, too, and of course family and my job!

2Thinks said...

Thank you so much for continuing this meme. I am very thankful to finally get back to participating in it. I had almost decided meme's were becoming a scapegoat for blogging original ideas, so was thinking of giving up on them, but not this one. This one is too important. I need to focus on what I am thankful for. Otherwise it is too easy for me to get feeling down and out. I also get a boost from hearing what others are thankful for.

I didn't write it in my Thankful post, but I sure was thankful that behind a bunch of other stuff in my cupboard today, I found hiding, a packet of Ceci Cela's French Roast!! I was soooo thankful, because my container of half caff was empty and I didn't know what on earth I was going to do...yum, the Charleston Coffee Exchange saved me from a big headache this morning. Thanks!

Happy Birthday to Diane!

And, for Kelly Combs above- I had trouble with the code at first, but today it worked just fine and the button is now in my sidebar. I love that.

Tracita Linda (Tracey) said...

Hi Greg, Tracey here. Happy Birthday to Ms. Diane- what a beautiful day to celebrate (at least here in NY anyway).
I am also thankful for supportive bloggers, I'm proud to be a part of a network called 20something bloggers ( and they have been truly helpful and full of information.
I wanted to reach out to you to pitch an idea my boyfriend started. He just started a blog that's almost 2 weeks old ( Please send me a message through my profile and I'll let you in on the details. I'll be back tomorrow to read everyone else's TT!
For now, I'm out to enjoy the sun!

Wanda said...

Well a Happy Birthday to Diane!

You have given a wonderful list of things to be thankful for...and yes, I'm thankful for your post and your sense of humor....

Love these longer days....

Heckety said...

Thank you for your encouragement...and I'm off to figure how to add you as a friend on facebook!

somebody said...