Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Be Very Afraid!!!

Stephen Hawking says:

I have to ask, who is Stephen Hawking? How on earth has he figured out that there are aliens out there and how does he know that they aren’t friendly? I have been hearing a lot about this man in the news lately. Apparently he has figured out things that other scientists have been unable to. Is it possible that the aliens have been talking directly to him and that is how he knows?

I am not trying to belittle this man. And I am by no means poking fun at him for his physical impairments. I mean apparently he has some smarts since he does have a college education.(I do however work with some morons who have one of those college degrees….I’m just saying) But where does this guy get his ideas? Since he spends most of his day on the internet I can only assume he gets his information the same place I get mine; Google searches. And if my assumptions are correct then he will most likely find my blog and this post. So I am sending this message out to him just like we sent those spacecrafts out there for aliens to find. (sorry I am not including a photo of a naked man and woman like we did in those spaceships)

Dear Stephen

I know you have your theories but I have mine. And mine are in my opinion as valid as yours. So let’s just assume that there are aliens out there. Since the universe is "billions of years old," what are they waiting on? Why aren’t they here already? Maybe they are? Maybe we are the aliens. Wouldn’t that be a hoot. Maybe we are aliens and dogs were here first. We took over and now they have to obey us.(Insert evil laugh)

So what are you basing your assumptions on? From what I read, you are using calculations based on probability and statistics. Since there are so many stars and planets out there, chances are there must be life somewhere out there. That makes sense. Using that same analogy, since there are 10 billion-billion sand gnats in our state, one of them just may be intelligent so we better stop slapping them. (That aint going to happen.)Swat, there goes another intelligent sand gnat.

Ok where was I? Aliens. So you think that there are aliens out there and it is a bad idea for us to try to contact them because they are mean and will kill us. You think they are more like the one on the movie Aliens and not like Alf, ET or Mork from Ork. Nanu nanu According to you, we should be very quiet and very afraid because they want what we got. Should we hide too? Is it time?


Now I don’t believe a word of this violent alien thing. Remember my previous post about aliens and how they frequent trailer parks? And remember when I discussed the destruction they left behind in the form of tornadoes or after wake as they say in the aircraft biz? Well as I stated before this destruction isn’t intentional. I mean who could harm someone like this:

Or people like this:

But I will say that he most likely knows more about the subject than I do. After all, he is an astrophysicist. Heck I have trouble even spelling that word much less knowing what it means. If I had to guess I think that means he studies physical growths in space dogs.

Phys which is short for physical, cicist which is how I would spell cyst since I can’t spell and Astro which is a space dog owned by the Jetsons;

So that is why he is an expert on space and aliens. Of so it seems. But that would also make me think he would go with the Alf alien. But whatever.

Anyway I am not buying this whole mean alien thing. We all have our ideas of what aliens really look like and I found mine the old fashion way; Google.

Oops, I should have searched for space girls not spice girls. My bad.

Have a great day,



Heart2Heart said...


Finally an intelligent post about life in outer space. I am referring to yours and not Mr. Hawkins.

Just where do people get this stuff, oh yeah, the enemy is whispering all this stuff in the dream world then they wake up thinking it's real.

Most of the time, its like when I fly in my dreams and it's so vivid I think it's real. However I am not about to climb to the top of my two story home and jump off because I've been told I can fly. I mean that's just silly. Right?

Great post Greg! As always right on target.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Wanda said...

I agree...this was a great post, and I loved the tour of pictures you shared... those "space" girls... from another world..... :)

ChrisJ said...

Mr. Hawkins has a fine brain and has long been honored by the scientific world. But he has fallen into the trap of all scientists who see no creator or purpose to the universe. We are all at the mercy of someone else's opinions. After all if there are aliens out there, they could all be butterflies, or sea crabs, or something that I could create out of my own head that no-one has ever seen before. My brain may not be as good as his, but my opinion is.

Anonymous said...