Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thankful Thursday, Easter edition

I have so much to be thankful for this week but to get to that thankful point I had to exhibit a trait that sometimes gives me a lot of trouble; Patients.

Remember last week. I struggled with a decision between doing what would have made me feel good at the time and doing what I knew in my heart was right. Well I chose the latter. I let not one but two people I work with run off with their mouths trying to take credit for work I did. To call them down in front of our boss would have made me feel better but it would have also made me look like a pretty petty person.(say that three times quickly) So I remained quiet. Well not being content with their own pat on the back, both men tried to put me down a bit to make themselves look even better. They both went to bosses boss to point out how great they were and how off the mark I was. The only problem was that I was right all along and they both ended up exposing their own lack of abilities. That’s what greed does to you.

Psalm 37:7

Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him; do not fret when men succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes.

I am thankful that I was patient and that I didn’t let these guys drag me down with them.

As some of you know I struggle with allergies. Mostly it is hay fever but this isn’t just any hay fever I have it worse than anyone I know. I will have sneeze attacks where I sneeze 20 times in a row, get dizzy and pull the muscles in my ribs. It isn’t a pretty site. I have also been known to get hives on really bad pollen days. I have taken every medicine known to man and nothing works for me. All the medicine did was make me very sleepy and raise my blood pressure. But I still had the allergy attacks.

So my wife’s Chiropractor who went through medical school by the way suggested that I get off the meds and start taking fish oil tablets daily. I had my doubts but I went for it anyway. OK he threatened to tell my regular doctor I had high blood pressure and needed more meds if I didn’t give it a try so I did it. And guess what? I am no worse off and my blood pressure is dropping. In fact I have discovered that my allergy attacks were only temporary and if I simply relax for a few minutes when I have one the attack goes away on it’s own. Again more patients.

I am thankful that I am coping with my allergies in a more natural way now.

This week I am also thankful for all the new followers that I have. I have actually been posting less but gaining readers. If anyone can give me a logical explanation for this I want to hear it. There was a time when I tried to post every day just to gain new readers and now they are coming on board all by themselves. So welcome new readers and please join in if you feel the urge to do so. Ok I am not above nudging if I need to that too. Remember that line from the movie; Field of Dreams? Well here is my take off; “If you write it, they will come.” You may quote me on that.

I know I posted a similar photo yesterday but I wanted to do another today. I am so thankful that I Have two great boys at home. Even though they occasionally give me grey hair and drive me nuts they are both great. I am thankful for both of them. The youngest had his first band competition on Tuesday and they scored Superior. Not too bad for their first competition. In addition to playing the trumpet, he also plays the guitar and plays a pretty mean video game. Sorry about the photo quality. It was hard taking a photo in a dark room with no flash.

And finally I am thankful that the market starts this weekend. Money has been tight this past winter but we somehow managed to squeak through. In addition to enjoying my time at the market,(meeting new people and seeing old friends) I make a little extra money which helps us afford a few luxuries like movies and dining out. We could make it without this but it is nice to have a little extra cash for family fun. I may even splurge this weekend on a nice ham and fix a big Easter dinner. As you can see we have a few plants ready for the market.

Have a great day and have a wonderful Easter everyone,



Terri Tiffany said...

I know a lot of people who take fish oil tabs but I haven't found any small ones yet--suggestions? And as to keeping up with blogs and working--I haven't figured the secret yet!

Heckety said...

Your Thankfuls are very encouraging! I'm glad your work 'issue' resolved itself!! Where's the verse that says about all things coming to he who waits? Or is that Shakespeare?Regarding your Market Enterprise, I think that when the better weather comes we have an internal sensor which sends us out to re-connect with folks!
You have a good Easter too!

Mary said...

The hardest thing to do sometimes is to do nothing and let God handle it. Sounds like that's exactly what happened! I'm a new follower and am enjoying your posts!

Carmen said...

I often explore natural remedies instead of pharmaceutical ones. They often work but just take a bit longer. They also seem to cure the problem rather than the symptom. I enjoyed your post today! So glad those boys got what was coming. Tsk tsk to them! Love how clean and organized your plants look. Have a good day!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Psalm 37 has been a comfort to me in some very difficult times in my life. It's amazing to me how one passage of Scripture can minister to so many different situations in different peoples' lives. It really is alive, isn't it?

I need to jump on your Thankful Thursday bandwagon. Even though you never come see me anymore.

April Fool.

I know why I haven't seen you.
It's all those fans you have now.

OH, you know I'm teasing you!
Have a Happy Resurrection Day, my friend. :-)

Leslie said...

I love that scripture quote. It tells us that He knows how it goes here on Earth! If we follow Him, then He'll take care of matters.

I feel badly for you with your allergies. I've had a bunch of odd ailments involving a rash on my face & neck and one involving dizziness. It is NOT fun! My husband just told me that he's made an appt. for me with a chiropractor he knows so we can see if he can help with the dizziness.

Your plants look great! We just recently planted seeds indoors and will transfer them to our garden in May. Wish I still lived down south so that we could transfer them sooner!

Happy Easter!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

I am thankful that you were still before the Lord. You obtained the victory through Christ and He can move mightily due to your witness!

Happy Resurrection celebration!


Wanda said...

My husband and I both take fish oil. Dr. has us taking 3 a day.

Very good Thankful Thursday. Love the picture of your son...

Your plants are great....Spring is really here! I have Iris ready to burst into bloom.

Suzanne Casamento said...

Hi Greg. I'm having a pretty bad day and couldn't think of a question to post. I thought about you and Thankful Thursdays and remembered that when we feel bad the best thing to do is focus on what we're thankful for.

So thank you for inspiring me to concentrate on the positive.

Kelly Combs said...

Yet again you brighten my day with your attitude. I went to the chiropractor today. My back is giving me a fit! But I am feeling better, and your post certainly cheered me up.

I am thankful for Jesus! He died on the cross for me, rose again, and is holding my place in Heaven. I will meet you there!

(that may sound like some weird death threat, but I mean when we both die at the age of 99 while water skiing, or ski diving or something. *grin*)

Happy Easter!

skoots1mom said...

as a fellow trumpet player...alright!!
i used to love competitions :)

May you and your family have A VERY BLESSED Easter :)

Heart2Heart said...


You know its just God. He is in the details of everything going on in our lives from bringing us readers to our blogs to wonderful new friends to lift us up and encourage us when we need it the most. I for one am always thankful for you and the marvelous way you look at life.

Hope you stop by as I am hosting weekly giveaways now on my blog.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

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Lori said...

I'll try and get involved with Thankful Thursday next week. Always love what you have to say.

Ily said...

Happy Easter, my friend!! :)

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