Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Random Dozen, Unknows theme edition

I don't know if there is a theme this week for the random dozen. I don't know if there has to be one other than being random. If I had to guess I would say it was high school memories. So here I go with my answers;

1. Please share one memory of your high school graduation. Pics would be great!

My high school graduation was pretty uneventful. It was very formal and the participants and guests all dressed up. No one did anything “funny”. The other day we went to a college graduation and that wasn’t the case. I saw one lady with cut off jeans and there were more babies there than in a maternity ward. People blew horns and others shouted and screamed. We couldn’t even hear the speaker over all the babies crying. What’s up with that?

2. What is one "emergency use" item you keep in your vehicle at all times?

The only emergency use item in my car is the spare tire. I would however like to get one of those cattle gates to keep the deer off my car.

3. In your region, do you celebrate graduation open houses? Addendum: (If so,) how many open houses/bridal showers/weddings are on your upcoming events calendar?

We are having a little get together for our son for his graduation but other than that we have nothing on our social calendar. We are considered boring.

4. Tell me one truth you believe about motherhood.

It doesn’t take much effort to be a mother but it takes a lot of work to be a good mother. Just my opinion based on personal observation.

5. What was the last thing you broke?

That would be a little electrical sensor plug on my son’s car. When we were putting it back together I noticed it was broken so I am assuming that I did it. It may have already been broken though.

6. On average, how many pieces of junk mail do you receive daily?

Usually I get between 40 and 60 emails a day but sometimes it is as high as 80. Of those about 10 to 20 are junk and the rest are just things that don't interest me.

7. Do you like to shop by catalog?

No but I like shopping on line. Of course there is the ever popular VS catalog. :)

8. Is lawn maintenance at your house a "his job," a "her job" or "his/her job" or "that's why we have teenagers" job?

It is mostly a her job but we are trying to turn it into “that’s why we have teenagers” job.

9. Which room would you like to redecorate in your home?

The dining room but we would have to make it larger to do so.

10. Do you read a newspaper regularly, or do you read most of your news on line?

All on line for me. I read whatever pops up after I read my email and that’s about it. Right now they are saying the environment is almost at the point of no return. Imagine that.

11. Do you believe everything happens for a reason?

Yes but sometimes it just isn’t very obvious. Take the oil rig disaster for instance. I think it is telling us not to drill off the coast.

12. Are you more worried about doing things right, or doing the right things?

That’s a good question. I used to be more worried about doing the right thing but I am changing my ways and now trying to do things right. Doing the right thing for you isn’t always doing the right thing for someone else. It gets really complicated. If you do something right who can argue with that?

Have a great day,


Jill said...

#4 is a definite truth! Enjoyed reading your answers. Have a great day!

Heckety said...

These answers are interesting, and no.12 is a teal thought provoking one alright. Here Graduation is a very formal event and the students all doll up very poshly (is that a word?). In the school out girls go to a 6th former is pregnant, first time in 30 years or somesuch, and the students are pretty appalled. I guess we're lucky that the school still holds pretty strict notions on morality- I sure can't imagine the scenario you described!

Joyce said...

My daughter just graduated from college and they made an announcement asking you to hold all the craziness to the end so that parents could hear their own child's name called. It made the whole ceremony so much nicer. Course there were one or two who had to shout/whistle but for the most part everyone went along with the request.

Funny-on the mail question I only thought of snail mail, not email. Hmmm....my answer might be a higher number than I thought.

SouthLakesMom said...

Hey Greg - we're boring too. And counting my e-mails (on 5 different accounts!), I'm even more boring than you there, too! I've gotten to where I unsuscribe from most things, so it really cuts it down! Oh...but now that I'm thinking about it, my spam folders show a pretty high number.

At any rate, great answers. And good luck with that teens-yard thing. Hasn't worked here yet.

The Bug said...

I would like to BORROW a teenager to do our yard - but then I need to give them back. Me & a teenager wouldn't be pretty. We'd either kill each other or get arrested together.

I agree on the oil drilling. I feel so stuck since I work 40 miles from where I live. Hope to change that within the next year or so - I'd like to cut down on my gas consumption.

Monogram Queen said...

Always enjoy reading your answers to stuff like this.
Might see you Sat. - I probably jinxed it by mentioning it LOL

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Ah, the random dozen never fails to amuse me and today was no exception. I think I laughed out loud at at #1 - you should experience some of our graduations here in the country. Oh, man - do some people get really excited! I'm thinking they have never had a family member graduated before!

And keepin' those pesky deer off your car - that one made me really laugh out loud...

Great post Greg - don't knock boring - it's worked for us for many years now. Beats what a lot of people think entertainment is.

In Him,

Heart2Heart said...


Loved learning just a little more about you each week through reading these. I still need your mailing address so I can get the book out to you that you won on my blog, Green Like God. Hope to hear from you soon.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

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