Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thankful Thursday, Greener Grass

I just spent almost three days in a class up at our new campus. It is brand new and my initial though as I walked across the babbling brook and down the walkway that was lined with lush green grass was; I wish I had it this good. But after getting inside and taking an full look around two other thoughts come to mind; Don't judge a book by it's cover and The grass isn't always greener. Although the condition of the interior was immaculate, the offices were all tiny little cubes and there were row upon row of them. The food was overpriced and no one could see that beautiful view from their office. I will keep what I have.

So the first thing I am thankful for this week is my old shabby office. I only share my office with three people not two hundred and I like the people in my office. That wasn't the case in the big new building.

I am also thankful that the three of us don't constantly complain. Some of the people in the class did nothing but complain about everything under the sun. Again I have it pretty good.

I am thankful for clean water. Since the bottled water in the new campus was $1.25 a bottle, I decided to just drink tap water. YUCK. Talk about nasty. Then on our way back home on Wednesday we stopped at a restaurant (see tomorrow's post about that) and I got water with my dinner. Again the lemon in the water couldn't cover up the bad taste. I will stick with my water.

I am thankful this morning for some aches and pains. At 55 I am still able to work in my yard and get around pretty good. I know these pains will go away but they do remind me to be thankful I am still able to work.

I am thankful that I have a job that allows me to take time off. I plan on taking Friday off to get a few things done around my house. Of course I will throw in a little fun along with the work. I may even go to the gym to work out some of these kinks.

So be thankful for what you have and quit looking over that fence. Have a wonderful Thankful Thursday,



sarah said...

HI Greg....I love your list....I love your heart that really shines.....☺

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

i always enjoy your list, Greg. You indeed have a thankful heart and I am thanking God with you for all your blessings of the past week.

had a hard time online getting my post done and couldn't get the TT picture to load...

Christian Magoncia said...

I totally agree to you greg! thanks for sharing! =)

Wanda said...

Those are great things to be thankful for. Very interesting that the exterior and interior of the new office building were deceiving.

I wouldn't do well in a small cubical.

Think of you often, love your blog!!

Heart2Heart said...


What a great post and I could so relate on many levels.

We are thankful that our tap water is some of the cleanest and purest in the state. Even the man who came to sell us water treatment devices walked away disgruntled. No sale here!

Can't wait to hear about the water tomorrow!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

2Thinks said...

You know what I love about your blog, especially Thankful Thursday posts here? You always find the bright spot and point it out, so that the focus can go there.

I'm thankful for clean water too. Though I do suspect it has too many chemicals in it to be safe. Still drink it though. I'm cheap.