Friday, September 3, 2010

Fish tale

I took the day off and my wife, my oldest son and I went fishing. I hate to brag but I think we know who the fisherman is in the family. The weather was just about perfect and we found a great spot. My son caught a ton of speckled trout but they were all about an inch shy of the limit so they all went back. My wife and I each caught one keeper though so we are having fish for dinner.

Now since most of you think fishermen are liars I won't tell any tall tales. I have photos and photos never lie. And here they are:

My fish:

Diane's little fish:

And please disregard this photo. I think the angle makes it misleading. :)

OK OK maybe her fish was a little bigger but mine had spunk.

Have a great day,


Wanda said...

I knew we were having fish... I could just feel it.

Hey spunky over size anytime, Greg.

Tell your wife.....good job!!!

Edwina at The Picket Fence said...

I still see you are up to your great stories and humor my friend. I am going to start blogging again so I will be in touch and be checking in on you. I posted today for the first time in a year and a half. WOW can't believe how time flies. Take care

Carmen said...

Good for Mrs. Greg! My hubby caught 110 lbs. of fish in total this last fishing trip. He was so excited, I think we may be moving to the coast so he can take up fishing full time. As long as there's a craft store nearby, I'm game. I think your fish is cuter. Okay...I lied. ;)