Thursday, February 3, 2011

I got the diet man blues.

When I was a child, I used to stand in front of the refrigerator and just stare into space, hoping that something good to eat would jump out at me. Well nothing good every jumped out at me. Of course I was never on a diet back then. But we are on a diet now. The only way we are able to stay on our diet is to remove all goodies from the house. I mean you can't snack on junk if there isn't any junk in the house.

I know it's a weak method of dieting but it does work. Because a box of cookies in our house would last about as long as a one legged chicken in Ethiopia. About two minutes I would guess. Not long at all.

So tonight my youngest son went to the refrigerator and did the open and stare routine. But guess what? He saw something. It was cold, sweet and not on our diet. It was an ice cream sandwich. I had fallen out of the box and it free for the taking.

Have you ever seen what chickens do when you toss a juicy worm in the midst of them? Well that's what it looked like in our living room but it wasn't chickens and a worm. It was starving people and an ice cream sandwich. I opted out of the frenzy, heading for another room. I figured that once you dissected that ice cream sandwich into 4 pieces it wouldn't be worth the struggle. So I gave up my share of that ice cream sandwich.

But then a few minutes later the same boy went back to the refrigerator and guess what? He found another one. By the time I came back into the living room both sandwiches were just a memory. Oh well I missed my chance. But tomorrow is weigh in day and I think I lost again this week.

Have a great day,


Wanda said...

HaHaHa ~ Been there ~ done that~~
We had a similar experience the other night when I was cleaning out the freezer for my trip to Costco. One little ice cream cup.. Who will have it....being the loving and selfless person that I am... I gave it to my dearest... then I went an ate the cookie I was hiding. HaHa

I've sung those blues many times.

The Bug said...

LOL! I've fallen off the wagon - you need to post more of these inspiring tales to keep me on the straight & narrow :)

Good luck at your weigh in.