Tuesday, February 1, 2011

On the edge

I have never been much of a trend setter. I mean I still wear bell bottoms and sandals. The only good news is that those things are coming back into style. So when I heard about this thing called a droid, I decided just to wait.

I mean why rush into anything that involves technology. Before you know it, it will be obsolete and you can get it for free. And I was right. Well it isn't free yet but it will be. Before long, out came the Android. And that is quickly becoming passé.

So I decided to come up with my own idea…something cutting edge….something so “far out” that no one else has even thought of it. And it came to me. It is kind of a cross between the Android and a pet rock. I call it an Asteroid.

Not that kind of Asteroid, this kind of Asteroid:

See how easily it fits in the palm of my hand? I have the first one I am happy to say but I am willing to go out and get more for you for a small fee. So what does the Asteroid do you might ask? Well before we get to that let me tell you a couple of other things about this wonderful device.

First off it doesn’t need batteries. That alone is worth a fortune.

And it doesn’t make that annoying ((((((((DROID)))))))) sound. In fact it doesn’t make any sounds so it will never wake you up if you are sleeping. It also won’t interrupt any business meetings or disturb you while you are on the phone.

It also comes with a 100% money back guarantee that it will never go bad, so you don’t have to buy a warranty. See how much your savings are adding up?

Asteroids are pretty much indestructible so if you drop it you never have to worry about breaking it.

And finally no two Asteroids are the same. (it’s a scientific fact) so you will never get yours mixed up with someone else’s.

So what does it do you might ask. Well not a whole lot to tell the truth. It does look good and it can be used as a paper weight when you aren’t trying. And you could be the first person you know to own one and isn’t that cool enough?

So send me your money and I will send you an Asteroid. Don’t wait too long or you won’t be the first to own one.

And have a great day,


Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Thanks for this laugh today Greg - I needed and it and you always deliver.

The Bug said...

LOL! We just got new cell phones - we went BACKWARD in technology. I never use my phone - five minutes a day to tell Mike I'm on my way home from work & that's it. So we decided to quit paying for a contract & get pay as you go phones.

But I'm intrigued by this Asteroid you speak of... :)

Rusty said...

I think I read somewhere they have a lifetime warrenty - lifetime being around 13.8 billion years, give or take a few. ;))