Sunday, March 20, 2011

Saturday report

First off let me say it was a lovely day on Saturday. And I got what I thought was a great spot at the flea market. After that, things went south.

Yes Saturday I headed to the world famous Ladson Flea Market. In case you are the only one who has never been there, let me give you some of the highlights. They have the famous flea market restaurant which is famous for things like burnt bacon biscuits, cold coffee and something that sort of resembles sausage on a bun. Sometimes it is best not to know.

Now remember it is pollen season and the air was already yellow but add to that the dust from the cars racing by and you have an atmosphere worse than anything in Japan. I kid you not. It is bad. Real bad. I washed my face almost every half hour and I had to take a shower when I got home.

The vendors are special too. Next to me was a family that one would expect to see in a low rent trailer park. (not that there is anything wrong with trailer parks) I'm just saying. Let me just give you a description and see what you think.

It was a mixed couple, he was black and she was white trash and I had no problem with that. And then there was the child from her first boyfriend or should I say before her current boyfriend. I know this from the conversations I overheard. And I could tell that this young lady came from some good stock. I'm talking way back in the holler Kentucky stock. She had that deliverance (married to your cousin look) She must have been around 12 or 13 and already old enough to take an occasional puff from her mother's and her mother's boyfriend's cigarette. And yes they were not only smoking but chain smoking. There wasn't a minute during the day that at least one of them wasn't smoking.

Are we getting a lovely picture here?

Anyway, she weighed around 25o lbs she was wearing a tight stretch shirt and shorts. And that shirt was so tight it was not only riding down at the top but up at the bottom. On occasion it would quickly slip up over her round belly and expose her entire stomach and also the nice ink on her back. Hold on I just threw up in my mouth a bit.

She kept losing the "girls" too and having to re-stuff them back in her shirt. And speaking of ink, she also had ink on the girls and on her arms. The boyfriend was equally attractive, sporting some ink himself. At least the girl didn't have any at least not on her back or butt or breasts because she was happily showing them off to anyone who passed by.

Now they did have some quality merchandise that they were selling. They had some toasters and can openers and some other small appliances that were still in the original boxes. Of course the boxes had gotten wet but that didn't hurt the contents I am sure. And they were selling these items for only 15 dollars each. Not too bad considering this past Christmas, Target had them for 3 dollars. They also had some used clothing but I am sure it smelled of cigarettes or worse.

And then there are the people there buying stuff. To the girl with the "you know you want it" t-shirt.....No we don't. And to the girl with the "I'm too sexy for my shirt" t-shirt.....No you aren't. And finally hot pants, leopard print high heeled shoes with fur on them and a pink shirt with the words: "I know you are jealous" may work on the runway but never at a flea market.

Sorry no photos, I didn't want to break my camera.

I'm just saying.

Have a great Sunday,


Rusty said...

Wild! Good thing you left the camera out of it though. They were probably armed to the teeth too. (Very big grin). I think thats a flea market I would prefer to avoid - their open air restraunt does not sound too (ahem) great. Ah well, that full moon does tend to bring out the 'best'. ATB!

Monogram Queen said...

Honey I have BEEN to the Ladson Flea Market and I know what you say is TRUE. When does the downtown one start?

2Thinks said...

You just never know what you'll find at a flea market. ;)

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Ok, having to repent now because I laughed and i know I shouldn't! ha!