Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Three Little Birds, well kinda

If you didn’t know it, Three Little Birds is the name of a Bob Marley song. It is one of my favorites too. But it also goes along with what I am writing about today. First off I want to say high 5 to our military for getting you know who. I am not going to say his name because I don’t want to draw any attention to him or what he stood for. Let’s just say he got what was coming to him. When you sow death and destruction you reap death and destruction. More on that later.

Ok bird #1: On Saturday my wife and I, along with a friend were sitting on our patio. It was a really nice day with the sun shining through the trees and a humming bird began buzzing around our heads. He wanted to go the feeders but obviously he didn’t like the quality of the food so my wife washed the feeder and I got him some fresh hummingbird food. It was only a few minutes before he returned and this time sat and drank a bunch of food.

All of a sudden he sped off as if something startled him. And that is when his trouble began. Instead of going around our little screened porch, he ran right into the screen at full speed. I am not sure how fast they fly but it seems like it is very fast and this little guy was moving. However unlike other birds that I have seen run into screens, this guy didn’t bounce off. Apparently his long beak hit first and speared right through the screen leaving him stuck on the screen like a bug on a windshield. But he was still alive and he sat there buzzing or should I say humming.

I quickly jumped up and came to his aid. I gently put my hand around his body and then a finger on each side of his beak and backed him out. It only took a few seconds and when I opened my hand he quickly flew away. A short time later he returned to the feeder. At least I think it was the same one. This time when he left the feeder he headed in the opposite direction. Hmmm smart bird.

Bird #2: Ok this was actually the third bird and it wasn’t really a bird but it is worth writing about. While I was on my way to work yesterday morning, up ahead in my headlights I saw something on the edge of the road. No, not a deer but I did see a few that morning. it wasn'It was right on the white line so I had to swerve to go around it. It was a great horned owl and it was just standing there looking at me. I am not used to seeing them standing on the ground so I can only imagine that it had caught something and was about to fly away. Yes I know it was an owl and not a bird but there isn’t a song got goes; Three Little Owls. Or at least I don’t know about one.

Bird #3: This was actually the second bird story and it was actually three birds in itself but I want a big finish so I put this one last. Haha. I know times are hard but this is ridiculous. Someone killed a squirrel with their car in front of our driveway over the weekend. I was going to go out and move it off the road but before I could get there a buzzard flew down and got it. The buzzard was soon joined by two more. So here we have three huge buzzards eating one little squirrel. Talk about hard times. But I have a solution.

OK so back to paragraph 1. It seems no one wanted the body so they gave him a “proper” burial at sea. First off why did he deserve a proper burial and secondly; “No one wanted the body”….are you serious? Can you say redneck? Has no one ever heard of ebay? I mean come on. I am sure there is some fool out there that would have paid millions or even billons for the body. I can see it now…some big game hunter’s trophy room. You know. On the wall. Ok maybe not.

But of course there were those three hungry buzzards. I’m just saying…

Have a nice day,



B His Girl said...

Hmmm i need to look up the song. I have been thinking and praying for the birds...actually 3 of them. Your post is a natural picture of something spiritual happening. I know this does not make sense to you but it is amazing to me. B

Debbie said...

I have found that hummingbirds, while quite beautiful, really do have tiny brains! Not the smartest of the bird family. Good for you for being a bird saver!