Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Letter to the Editor and Chief.

Mr. President, Men and Women of Congress and Senators:

I know you are all busy these days trying to get the budget passed (IE: pouting, throwing temper tantrums and pointing fingers) which is why I didn’t bother sending this to you. Most likely it would be lost in the tons of letters that you already have and that you have no intention of reading. I am hoping however that those of you who follow my blog (and I know the numbers are great) will read this and take it to heart.

Coming up with a balanced budget isn’t that hard. Millions of Americans have been doing it for years and with less and less each year and some of us are making it. Yes many of us are struggling but we are still in the green which is more than I can say for your budget. So I thought I would go over some basics and maybe that would help you out.

For starters there are only three things that you have to consider; How much money you have coming in and how much you have going out.

Now some of you didn’t even catch the mistake I just typed because like the health bill you didn’t bother to read it. But let me break the going out into two parts and that will make three things. In the “going out” category we have wants and needs. To put it simply, I make X amount of money and I spend it on wants and needs. If the going out is more than the coming in part then we have a deficit. It’s as simple as that. Let’s say I make 100 dollars a day and my daily bills total 100 dollars then it doesn’t matter that I want a snickers bar, I can’t have it no matter how satisfying it would be. Are you still with me? If not, suck the lip back in and pay attention.

So let’s look at an example more relevant to our country’s situation. I will simplify it so even you can understand. Let’s say we take in 100 billion in taxes and other under the table money. (I’m just giving an example here) And that we have in the going out category; SS payments totaling 50 billion, military bills totaling 50 billion, 100 billion in financial aid to countries that hate us and 30 billion to save the blue winged dragon fly. Step one is to put these items in the wants or needs category. Come on, you can do it.

Hint; Just because someone put a little extra in the collection plate to help you get elected does not increase the importance of an item.

It looks to me like there are two needs; SS and military and if we do the math that leaves ZERO dollars so we can’t give out the financial aid to the countries that hate us and we may lose the blue winged dragon fly.

News flash: Those countries are still going to hate us and we may lose the dragonfly anyway no matter what we do so why spend the money.

So guys and girls in Washington, put your petty ideas and special interest items aside and get this budget thing done. If not, the economy isn’t the only thing that will be crashing down. Remember if the country runs out of money you won’t get paid either. And if you are thinking about raising taxes, I like that idea. But raise everyone’s taxes by an equal percent. Or maybe I should just go to my boss and tell him that I am out of money so he HAS to pay me more and see how that flies.

And have a great day,



Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Greg - you summed up my thoughts exactly! I don't understand why it is so hard for them to do what we little people have been doing for years! Living on the actual money that we make!

You need to really think about writing a book. I'll be the first to buy it!

Wanda said...

Greg, please run for President.

Finally, someone who understands!!!!

I would buy your book too.

Jenny said...

Love this. I really wish someone in Washington would read this.

I mean seriously they need to put on their big boy and girl pants. If we can do it so should they.