Monday, August 22, 2011

Ilene go away

Well the latest storm track has Ilene missing us. But the bad news is that it has the eye only missing us by 15 miles. That means if it stays on track, it will pass right over us. Just pray that it stays relatively small and that it passes at low tied. The storm surge is what we worry about here in "The Low Country". Our house though is about 15 feet higher than the houses in the City of Charleston so if we flood then Charleston will be under water.

I am not too worried about this one but then I was going to ride out Hugo in Ga. if it had hit there. And I was living in a trailer at the time. I know not too smart. Lucky for me it turned at the last minute but not lucky for Charleston. Right now I also have friends in the Bahamas so I am sure they are scrambling to get out.

We could use the rain and all but the wine festival at Irvin House Vineyards is supposed to be next Saturday and it is supposed to hit on Saturday. It doesn't look good so if you are here looking for festival information please come back in a few days and I will update you on what is going on. And for the rest of you....

Have a great day,

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