Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Isn't outsourcing great?

Please allow me to complain but I promise it will be short and to the point. Is it just me or is everyone outsourcing these days? And I have nothing against talking with someone from India or Brazil but when I am trying to communicate with someone about something technical wouldn't it be better to talk to someone who speaks the same language? And I think it should be their primary language not a second language.

The other day I called a company that had the word American in the name. So when I called the 800 number I assumed that since it was American XYZ company I would dial through to someone in America. Wrong. The person on the other end was in India and we had trouble communicating. She kept saying; So what you are asking is......and I kept saying no. After about a half hour I gave up.

A few months ago I called a company in California and they had a Mexican operator. Now how smart is that? So the first person you talk to in California is from Mexico and doesn't speak English very well.

Now a friend of mine, actually two friends of mine have told me that I can ask for an operator in the United States and they have to connect me to one. Does anyone know if that is true. I mean I like talking with people from other countries but not when I am trying to do business. And that won't help with the California thing.

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Carmen said...

Hi Greg! :) Well, I sure hope someone can tell you the answer to that, because I'd sure like to know! So annoying!