Thursday, April 5, 2012

I'm not complaining, I'm just saying....

These days, like most people I have a lot to complain about. Things haven’t been going well for me in a lot of areas for the past few years. I take the blame for some of the negative things that have happened in my life but many of the events were caused by external sources beyond my control. Still through it all, I have, for the most part been able to keep my head high and keep a smile on my face. Notice I said for the most part. There were a number of times in there where I lost my temper, gotten angry and even in one case shouted obscenities. Yes I totally lost it one time. I also still have a lot to be thankful for so I won’t complain too much. But there are a few things I need to get off my chest:

Is anyone else sick and tired of the media bias? I know I am. They take a story that would be just passing news, put labels on people and then make it out to be good VS evil and get everyone all riled up. Then they come out with; “we were the first one to report this”. The problem is that the media isn’t required to tell “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth”. In fact they sometimes publish or report out and out lies with lead-ins like: Could it be that…. Or Some people are saying…. Or follow up their lie with “Fact or fiction?” The media is run by a Middle Eastern Extremist group…, or at least this writer thinks so. Enough about that.

So where have I been? Well I have had a lot to write about but to tell the truth, my computer hasn’t been working very well. In fact it hasn’t worked that great since I got it. So a friend told me that maybe I had a memory problem. I forget his name. Anywhoo, the memory problem was with my computer. So I did a google search to find some new memory. When I typed in the name of my computer and the word Memory a page came up saying that my computer had been recalled for of all things, bad memory cards. Well it would cost me 20 dollars to send my computer in to have it fixed for free or I could just buy some new memory and upgrade it for about 10 dollars more so that is what I did. If you are reading this then It solved the problem.

Health care…I am not for it but if they would just make it equal across the board then I might be persuaded to go for it. I mean if I am in the emergency room trying to get seen and Michelle Obama comes in, she should have to wait her turn just like the rest of us. And everyone should have to take a drug test to get healthcare. If you fail the drug test (for anything that you don’t have a prescription for) then no health care….EVER. And speaking of Michelle, or should I say Mrs. President, did you know that she has more friends on Facebook than the President? What’s up with that?

Wadmalaw Island has become a dumping ground for dead bodies. For some reason this has become trendy to drive into the country and drop off dead bodies. May I make a suggestion? Try Johns Island. I mean it is closer and will save you gas if you stop there. Johns Island should come up with a slogan, something like: no roadside dumping…except bodies. I may put up a sign on the road leading to Wadmalaw Island that says; No body dumping. Anyway stop it people.

The obscenity story: I ordered some parts and they came by German Sheppard Express. (not the real name, I don’t like mentioning names) I called when they were supposed to arrive and asked if they had my package but the man, who was from a country that rhymes with Mindia (again I don’t like mentioning names)said my package wasn’t there. However he kept repeating my name wrong even after I spelled it. He was having a problem with a little thing called English. Anyway this went on for days. I called, dropped in and called again. Finally about a week later, someone else answered the phone when I called and said that my part was there. When I went to pick it up, he said that I had a storage fee because I didn’t pick it up in time. Apparently, the package had gotten there about a week earlier but the man who didn’t speak English very well couldn’t find it since he couldn’t spell. They also had the wrong phone number to call even though I verified it with the company that I ordered the parts from. So now I have to pay the storage fee or not get my package. And If I waited to clear it up, my storage fee would keep growing. Grrr. An argument ensued in which I lost my temper and said some bad things. So here is my gripe; You wouldn’t put an American that couldn’t understand English or couldn’t spell in the customer service department so why is it ok to put a foreigner doing that job? I’m over it now.

Did you know that I have been making bird houses? Yes, it’s true. Not only that, but bat houses and owl houses as well. I make birdhouses because I love birds. Someone asked me to make owl houses and they said they didn’t want them. Same thing with the bat houses. But here is the funny thing about the guy that wanted the bat houses. He asked me to make them and I did and they he started asking questions about them. Like was I sure they were big enough? How do you hang them? What kinds of bats do they attract? Then he came back with; You know you can buy them on ebay for less than what you charge. So I said, sorry, that is what I charge so he said no thanks. Well about three weeks later, I realized that I had bat houses just sitting around so I lowered the price just to get rid of them. So I get a response from the same guy (he didn’t know it was my post) saying that he wanted some. I never responded to him because I had other people who wanted them.

Well that’s about enough for my first post back. I hope someone is reading it.

Wait, wait, I almost forgot....It's Thankful Thursday and I am so Thankful to be back blogging again. More on Thankful Thursday next week.

Have a great day,



Terri Tiffany said...

someone read it:)) Hope this is a better year for you!

ChrisJ said...

You've been gone a long time, but I'm another one who has read your latest blog. You did have some cause for your rants, I think.